17 Poems For Kids

Let these poems for kids be ones that you read to your children. Written by famous poets and written by children these verses are ones that children of all ages will enjoy. Kids love reciting rhyming verses and these poems have either a smile to bring to a child's face or a positive message for kids. They are great to send to that special child in your life!

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  1. The Letters At School
    Poet: Unknown

    One day the letters went to school.
    And tried to teach each other.
    They got so mixed, 'twas really hard
    To pick one from the other.

    A went in first, and Z went last;
    The rest were all between them —
    K, H, and M, and N, O, P,—
    I wish you could have seen them.

    B, C, D, E, and J, K, H,
    Soon jostled well their betters;
    Q, R, S, T— I grieve to say-
    Were very naughty letters.

    Of course, ere long they came to words —
    What else could be expected!
    Till E made D, J, C, and T,
    Decidedly dejected.

    Now through it all the consonants
    Were rudest and uncouthest,
    While all the pretty vowel girls
    Were certainly the smoothest.

    The nimble U kept far from Q,
    With face demure and moral,
    Because, she said, " we are, we two.
    So apt to start a quarrel!"

    But spiteful P said, "Pooh for U"
    (Which made her feel quite bitter).
    And, calling O, L, E, to help,
    He really tried to hit her.

    Cried A, "Now, E and C come here!
    If both will aid a minute,
    Good P will join in making peace!
    Or else the mischiefs in it.'"

    And smiling E, the ready sprite,
    Said, "Yes, and count me double."
    This done, sweet peace shone o'er the scene.
    And gone was all the trouble!

    Meanwhile, while U and P made up.
    The cos'nants looked about them,
    And kissed the vowels, for, you see.
    They couldn't do without them.

  2. Love YOU More Verses
    by Catherine Pulsifer

    A good day we wish for you
    I am a little bit late that's true
    But I would never forget you
    So this poem is written just for you
    We love you more and more that is true.

    We hope this day is full of fun
    We hope that you see the sun
    We hope you are happy too
    We love you more our little boo-boo

    I write these poems just to say
    I love you more and more each day
    I love you more in every way
    That's the end of the poems for the day

  3. Up to the Ceiling
    by Edgar A. Guest

    Up to the ceiling
    And down to the floor,
    Hear him now squealing
    And calling for more.
    Laughing and shouting,
    "Away up!" he cries.
    Who could be doubting
    The love in his eyes.
    Heigho! my baby!
    And heigho! my son!
    Up to the ceiling
    Is wonderful fun.

    Bigger than daddy
    And bigger than mother;
    Only a laddie,
    But bigger than brother.
    Laughing and crowing
    And squirming and wriggling,
    Cheeks fairly glowing,
    Now cooing and giggling!
    Down to the cellar,
    Then quick as a dart
    Up to the ceiling
    Brings joy to the heart.

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