The Life School

Nixon Waterman's poem is one in which the excitement of a child is expressed about learning to write with ink rather than a pencil. But, if offers wisdom using this analogy about life and about as we grow older we can not erase the mistakes we make. The poem is about realizing that youth is one of the best times in life as when you get older life gets more complicated and full of responsibility.

The Life School
by Nixon Waterman

My little boy came from his school today
With his heart in a flurry of glee.
"Oh, papa! they've taken our pencils away,
And I'm writing with ink!" said he.
And his breast is filled with a manly pride,
For it joys him much to think
He has lain his pencil and slate aside,
And is writing his words with ink.

Oh, innocent child! Could you guess the truth
You would ask of the years to stay
Mid the slate and pencil cares of youth
That a tear will wash away:
For out in the great big world of men
The wrongs we may do or think
Can never be blotted out again.
For we write them all in ink.

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