10 Nixon Waterman Poems

Born November 12, 1859, in Newark, Illinois, Nixon Waterman wrote many inspiring poems. Many of his poems were turned into songs, Waterman was also a newspaper man and through that experience, he saw many of life's issues which he expressed in poetry. He died on September 1, 1944.

We hope you find inspiration and encouragement from his words.

Nixon Waterman
Nixon Waterman

  1. What Have We Done Today
    The verses in this poem by Nixon Waterman point out that it doesn't matter what has happened in the past, nor what your plans are for tomorrow, what matters is what you do today.

  2. To Know All Is To Forgive All
    Nixon Waterman has expressed his thoughts about truly knowing a person would result in truly forgiving a person.

  3. The Rose
    Nixon Waterman's poem, The Rose, is one that expresses an appreciation of the rose. Share this poem with the gardener in your life as they will appreciate the sentiments expressed.

  4. The Mountain Brook
    You can almost feel and see the mountain brook as you read the verses in this poem by Nixon Waterman. Words that express the scene when you discover a brook!

  5. Good Night
    Nixon Waterman's poem, Good Night, describes the world as it approaches nightfall. Inspiring verses to end a day!

  6. The Whistler
    A poem for kids and adults by Nixon Waterman to remind us that our attitude determines our happiness. And if we all approached life with a more positve attitude the world would be a better place.

  7. Autumn Woods
    An inspiring poem about the woods in autumn. Reading the verses written by Nixon Waterman we can relate to the feeling that autumn brings as we walk through a forest.

  8. Joyful Yuletide
    Nixon Waterman's poem expresses happy thoughts of Christmas and how people are of good cheer during this wonderful season.

  9. The Life School
    A poem with an analogy about life and about as we grow older we can not erase the mistakes we make. The poem is about realizing that youth is one of the best times in life as when you get older life gets more complicated and full of responsibility.

  10. Wind In The Trees
    Have you ever stopped and just listened to the wind in the trees? It can sound so relaxing - gentle, like the waves on the ocean or it can sound fierce like a storm approaching. In this poem, Nixon Waterman describes the sound of the wind as it blows through the trees.

Share these poems with someone who may need an uplifting message for their day.

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