The Rose

When the roses bloom in June it brings many a smile. Nixon Waterman's poem, The Rose, is one that expresses an appreciation of the rose. Share this poem with the gardener in your life as they will appreciate the sentiments expressed.

The Rose
by Nixon Waterman

O, rose of June, thou art so fair!
Thy beauty our being entrances,
As though the sweet blossom-scent air,
The butterfly merrily dances.

And when from the fields,so softly steals
The Zephyr gently wooing,
Thy fair leaves fall over trellis and wall,
Our paths with beauty strewing,
O, rose of June, thou art so fair!

Fair queen of flow'res art thou, O rose!
Thy sisters, however we may love them,
When thou thy matchless charms disclose,
Must hold thee in beauty above them.

And when on thy stem, a diadem
Of splendor thou art glowing,
Singing thy praise our glad voices we raise,
Our hearts with joy o'er flowing.
Fair queen of flow' rs art thou, O rose!

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