The Mountain Brook

You can almost feel and see the mountain brook as you read the verses in this poem by Nixon Waterman. Words that express the scene when you discover a brook!

The Mountain Brook
by Nixon Waterman

Slipping, sliding, dancing, gilding,
Goes the brook, so glad and gay;
Where the sun's bright beams abiding
Fleck with gold - the shining way,

Glancing, gleaming, babbling, beaming,
Till within the quiet pool,
'Neath the willow branches dreaming
Rests the brook - so calm and cool.

Crooning, curling, sparkling, whirling,
Calling, murm'ring all day long;
Foaming, swirling, playing, purling,
Sings the Brook its merry song.

Rushing, creeping, laughing, leaping,
Flows the brook by lane and lea,
Till it joins the river sweeping
Ever onward to the sea.

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