The Mountain Brook

The majesty and tranquility of a mountain brook always seem to bring joy, happiness, and peace to those who are so fortunate to wander by its sides. All throughout history, mountain brooks have had a special meaning to thousands of people. Some of this meaning came as a result of the need to obtain pure and fresh drinking water. The thought and hard labor imagined in order to hand dig a well were merrily replaced if the settler was blessed to dwell beside a mountain stream. As it pertains to food, often people were able to catch abundant fish in order to feed their families or trade with neighbors for other goods.

As time progressed, these same mountain streams became the backbone of a new economy where grist mills arose driven by the ever-flowing stream of water cascading down a mountain slope. These same mills allowed more and more people to settle an area knowing that they could harvest their crops and take them to the mill to generate income or trade for other valuable and needed goods. These same mountain streams also provided for the power to run sawmills and if they were streaming downhill into a bay of water, it was these sawmills that provided the cut and sawn timber to build homes, and tall ships for fishing and commercial use.

As you know, these mills of the past no longer are used and now lay quietly along many a mountain brook so long ago abandoned. Now, as we sit or wander by a gorgeous and peaceful mountain brook, we are reminded of days long ago. The pleasantness and beauty that we experience were not so much appreciated by early settlers who only knew that this creation was their source of life. Today, it is also our source of life, of appreciation, and of nature that is pleasing to our senses, and a God-given force to quiet our spirit. All of these pleasures provided by ever-flowing waters springing from the earth replenish our minds with an understanding of the power of our Almighty God who freely blesses us with life-sustaining water.

In our modern and stressed-filled society, it is harder and harder to find those peaceful patches of earth amidst the constant hustle and bustle that we have developed in rapidly growing cities. The quest to find solace means that we need to, have to, give way to what God meant for us to enjoy. These natural landscapes cannot be crafted within the confines of row upon row of homes no matter how hard we try for we are increasingly bombarded by man-made noises assaulting our every sense. Nixon Waterman's poem reminds us all that what God has given us, has blessed us with must continue to be valued, continued to be saved from the onrush of sprawling cities and towns. Let us never forget that peaceful environments can be found where humans should not disturb or abuse.

You can almost feel, and see, the mountain brook as you read the verses in Nixon Waterman's poem.

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The Mountain Brook
Poet: Nixon Waterman

Slipping, sliding, dancing, gilding,
Goes the brook, so glad and gay;
Where the sun's bright beams abiding
Fleck with gold - the shining way,

Glancing, gleaming, babbling, beaming,
Till within the quiet pool,
'Neath the willow branches dreaming
Rests the brook - so calm and cool.

Crooning, curling, sparkling, whirling,
Calling, murm'ring all day long;
Foaming, swirling, playing, purling,
Sings the Brook its merry song.

Rushing, creeping, laughing, leaping,
Flows the brook by lane and lea,
Till it joins the river sweeping
Ever onward to the sea.

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