Good Night

No doubt, your day has been filled with constant demands. Your work-life seems to constantly spill over into your evening hours even as you finish your supper, you know that work demands a lot more of your so-called relaxing hours before bedtime. How true is this scenario for thousands, if not millions of people around the globe? Unfortunately, the picture of leisure evening time spent with family or engaging in a relaxing hobby seems to be destined only to rapidly fading memories.

The past visions of the expression, "good night" may mean that it is simply an expression that serves to wish another that their evening hours will be well and good. It is hard to imagine, in our modern society, that this expression now pertains to the vast number of people who experience unrest rather than rest. To evaluate this poet's contribution, we need to relinquish our hold on relaxing evening hours and turn our attention more to the few minutes before we head off to bed. It is with these few minutes that we can relax and embrace the quiet and tranquil feast given to us through the fading sunset, the rapid appearance of distant and twinkling stars, and the last peeps and chirps of our feathered friends. A quick glance at a small flower garden whether that is in a backyard or a balcony planter may see the petals closing of certain flowers as they also bid farewell to the day.

The beauty of a dazzling sunset is a gift of delight to appreciate the beauty of varied colors adorning the evening sky. As darkness grasps the day, we lay our heads upon our pillow with hope for a peaceful and satisfying sleep thus ridding ourselves of the constant demands of the day. It is a night that hopefully quiets the spirit and refreshes the body and mind so that we are ready and willing to meet the morning.

Nixon Waterman's poem reminds us all that there is much to appreciate and value in the onset of night. For those so fortunate, it means appreciating and giving thanks to God that we have a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in, and the security of walls around us. All of these blessings should never be taken for granted for these are daily blessings that many of our less fortunate neighbors do not enjoy. Give thanks in prayer for what God has so graciously given where a "good night" actually translates to experiencing a good night through the grace of God. Let these Inspiring verses end your day on a positive note!

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Good Night
by Nixon Waterman

The gold is fading from the west,
The peaceful worlds is wrapped in rest
The little stars their candles light.
Now from the busy day's sojourn
And all its welcome tasks we turn,
Bidding the world, fondly good night.

The wind is sleeping in the tree,
And in her golden hive the bee
Is resting till the mourning
The flowers, as they drowse and dream
Amid the fragrant meadows, seem
Bidding the world, fondly good night.

Now stilled are songs of lark and thrush,
Yet on the evening's tranquil hush
Come sound our spirits to invite
The curfew bells in beauty tool
As o'er the fields their echoes roll,
Bidding the world, fondly good night.

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