Good Night, Nixon Waterman Poems

Good Night

Nixon Waterman's poem, Good Night, describes the world as it approaches nightfall. Inspiring verses to end a day!

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Good Night
by Nixon Waterman

The gold is fading from the west,
The peaceful worlds is wrapped in rest
The little stars their candles light.
Now from the busy day's sojourn
And all its welcome tasks we turn,
Bidding the world, fondly good night.

The wind is sleeping in the tree,
And in her golden hive the bee
Is resting till the mourning
The flowers, as they drowse and dream
Amid the fragrant meadows, seem
Bidding the world, fondly good night.

Now stilled are songs of lark and thrush,
Yet on the evening's tranquil hush
Come sound our spirits to invite
The curfew bells in beauty tool
As o'er the fields their echoes roll,
Bidding the world, fondly good night.

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