14 Good Night Poems

Use our good night poems to encourage others to sleep well. Words that express thoughts and wishes for a good night.

For some night is a welcome relief from the stress of the day and for others night is dreaded. A good night's sleep is one of the best ways to feel good about the coming day. No matter what has happened during the day, let it go at night - you can't change it tonight - so put it out of your mind and sleep well! We hope these poems are ones that you share!

1. Sleep Song 2. Good Night
3. Sleep 4. Dreams

  1. Night
    Poet: Douglas Malloch

    The arms of night enfold the tired day,
    The heavens light their million little lamps,
    And, where the sun beheld the world's affray,
    The gentle moon reviews its sleeping camps.

    Thank God for night; thank God that men must sleep;
    Thank God that men must pause in toil for gain —
    For, did they not, their eyes must ever weep.
    For, did they not, their hearts must ever pain.

    Thank God for sleep; thank God for night and rest;
    I take the balm and press it to my eyes.
    Here I shall slumber, head upon my breast.
    And here, refreshed, behold the new day rise.

  2. Good Night
    Poet: Bernhart Paul Holst

    Good night! Fade the parting rays of light;
    Now the daily labors end,
    Rest comes to the busy hand,
    Until the morning wakens bright,
    Good night!

    Go to rest!
    Close your eyes with feelings best.
    For the birds have hushed the song
    They were chirping all day long,
    And the night makes this request:
    Go to rest!

    Close your eyes!
    Dream of a happy Paradise,
    Life is not always what it seems,
    But sleep requites with happy dreams
    Recompense for him who tries.
    Close your eyes!

    Good night!
    Slumber on 'till morning light.
    Sleep until the new tomorrow
    Comes with its own toil and sorrow;
    Until the morning wakens bright,
    Good night!

  3. The Day Is Over
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2020

    The day is over you've done your best
    Now is the time for you to rest
    You can't change the events of the day
    You can't change the things others say

    Tomorrow is an opportunity to begin
    New opportunities to take in
    A good night sleep will help you decide
    The best opportunities to provide

    Sleep well this night
    Turn out the lights
    Thank God for the day
    And find sleep will be on the way.

  4. Night Blessing
    Poet: Unknown

    May the God of heaven's vault bless you
    May the God of shimmering moonlight love you
    May the God of sparkling stars lead you
    May the God of haunting songs cheer you.

    May the God of strange shadows calm your nerves
    May the God of straight roads bring you home
    May God be watching from a  familiar window
    And hand in hand with Him may you wait for dawn

    Good Night, may God bless you this night

  5. Good Night
    Poet: Max Ehrmann

    Good night, thou sweet, old world, good night;
    Enfold me in the gentle light
    Of other days, when gleams
    Of dewy meadows held my dreams;
    And quiet walks, as day sank low,
    Dispelled each touch of woe.
    Let me forget these joys be gone,
    But feel them coming on
    From out the past, with laughter's cries
    And dream-enamored skies
    Of old. One hand let me hold tight.
    Good night, thou sweet, old world, good night.

  6. At Night
    Poet: Lillian E Curtis

    Time, when the world with its weary cares and insidious snares,
    With its smiles and frowns, and ups and downs,
    With its harsh words cold, and stares so bold,
    With its many a mansion, and lovers of fashion,
    With its hovels and huts, and scornful cuts,
    With its few generous hands, to reach where Worth stands,
    With its tired brains, its losses and gains,
    With its aching hearts, its cruel darts,
    With its steam of prosperity, its wheels of adversity,
    Time, when the weary world, by Fate's finger twirled,
    Bars its factory door for the rich and the poor,
    From the Squire to the Clerk, all rest from their work,
    And the world is shut in by a door whose hinges are light,
    And the name of this door is the beautiful Night.

  7. Good-Night
    Poet: Percy Bysshk Shell

    Good-night? No, love! the night is ill
    Which severs those it should unite;
    Let us remain together still,
    Then it will be good night.

    How were the night without thee good,
    Though thy sweet wishes wing its flight?
    Be it not said, thought, understood, -
    Then it will be good night.

    The hearts that on each other beat
    From evening close to morning light
    Have nights as good as they are sweet,
    But never say "Good-night."

  8. Wishing You
    Poet: Kate Summers

    Wishing you a peaceful sleep
    From you, we will hear not a peep
    Tired from a hard day's work
    Sleep should come without a shirk.

    May you have sweet dreams tonight
    And in the morning awake so bright
    May the angels watch over you
    Keep you safe until the morning dew.

    Tomorrow is a brand new day
    But tonight sleep is needed I must say
    Love you today but tomorrow more
    Life has much for you in-store.

    The night has become so quiet now
    Close your eyes and take a bow
    You did your best the day is done
    Awake in the morning with the sun.

  9. But At Night
    Poet: Sam Fickinsen

    Each day I wish you a good day
    But at night I must say
    I love you see you in the morn
    And let you know you I adore

    Each day with you is a special one
    We always laugh and have some fun
    But night brings and end to the day
    It brings us peace in every way.

    So as we lay down our heads
    And cover up all snug in bed
    I wish you a good night
    And can't wait to see you at first light.

  10. A Wish
    Poet: Theodore W. Higginsworth

    A wish for a good night
    And a sleep that is just right.
    Pray that tomorrow you will awake
    And it will be a day you can make
    One more step to make dreams come true
    And you will find success in all you do!

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