10 Douglas Malloch Poems

Douglas Malloch was an American poet whose poems have encouraged millions around the world. One of his most encouraging poems, Be The Best of Whatever You Are is one that has inspired people of all ages.

He was born in in Muskegon, Michigan on May 5, 1877 and died on July 2, 1938. But his words live on today and inspire and encourage many.

Douglas Malloch
Douglas Malloch

  1. The Hills Ahead
    Read this poem for encouragement if you feel you are facing a steep hill!

  2. You Have To Believe
    If you are feeling unhappy let the verses in this poem by Douglas Malloch give you encouragement to believe.

  3. A Father's Prayer
    A father's prayer is one that every father thinks about.

  4. In An Open Place
    Using the analogy of the forest, Douglas Malloch expresses thoughts on the coming new year. Thoughts on a new beginning with the new year, and leaving the past behind.

  5. Autumn
    A poem describing the leaving of summer, the thoughts of winter coming but a reminder to enjoy the beauty of autumn.

  6. Thanksgiving
    Douglas Malloch expresses thoughts about Thanksgiving and the days leading up to the harvest.

  7. Legacy
    What type of legacy are you leaving? Read this poem by Douglas Malloch and reflect on what legacy you are leaving.

  8. Encouragement
    Who is it that encourages you when you face challenges or you are feeling down?

  9. It's A Mighty Good World To Me
    A great poem to read if you don't think life is good.

  10. Make Me Mellow
    A poem that is full of wisdom about how to live. Using the seasons of the year as an analogy Douglas Malloch expresses a way to live by helping others and being kind.

We hope you have found these poems by Douglas Malloch as encouraging as we do. Share them with someone who could use a positive message today.

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