It's A Mighty Good World To Me

A great poem to read if you don't think life is good. Douglas Malloch expresses how he sees people express their thoughts about life but he also makes it clear that a good life is entirely up to each and every one of us.

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It's A Mighty Good World To Me
by Douglas Malloch

I've heard folks sigh, I've heard folks cry
That life's not worth the while,
That men deceive and women grieve,
And none has cause to smile.
The road is long, and things go wrong.
And folks all disagree;
In vain our dreams - and yet it seems
A mighty good world to me.

Yes, folks complain that life is pain,
That naught is good or pure,
The bad succeed, the wealthy bleed
The pockets of the poor.
We weep, we sleep, and thus we keep
The treadmill endlessly,
A way of tears - yet it appears
A mighty good world to me.

Oh, there are those who tell their woes
To ev'ry willing ear;
To such as they all skies are gray
And ev'ry path is drear.
I sometimes think perhaps they drink
The bitter needlessly;
Despite their groans, despite their moans,
It's a mighty good world to me.

If life is fair or life is bare
Upon ourselves depends;
He who complains has but his pain -
The merry man has friends.
Oh, look above with eyes of love
And see the skies of blue
Where sunrays gleam, and it will seem
A mighty good world to you.

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