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11 Life Journey Poems

We are all on a life journey, each one of us with a purpose. Let these short poems about life journey encourage and inspire you to be the best that you can be. Some of us realize our purpose and others are searching for theirs. And like every journey, life can have unexpected twists and turns, it can also have pleasant surprises and events that the memory of will never leave us. We go through a different journey as we age, from teenage years to senior years our journey changes.

No matter where you are on your life journey, let these poems about life's journey inspire and encourage you to be the best you can be and most importantly, to enjoy your journey!

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  1. The Journey
    Poet Unknown

    You got to have some trouble in this rough old world of ours,
    You got to fight the bumblebee, sometimes to pick the flowers;
    Your going find fin' a heap of roughness in the rocky road,
    Before you get what you can rest and lay aside the load.
    But be humble, and don't grumble,
    Because you sometimes slip and stumble,
    And seems to drop behind the rest of all the hustlin' throng.
    Don't stop an' start a-whining
    And a-whimpering and a pinning,
    But pick your feet up, honey, and go traveling along.

    You may have fears of troubles that will hit you hard someday,
    But they're bound to catch you if you halt along the way.
    You got to keep a moving. Some are fast and some are slow.
    But all that's looked for from you is to do the best you know.
    So don't you wait and worry,
    If you fall down in your hurry,
    And never mind the chaffing
    And the hollering and the laughing,
    Just pull yourself together as you hum a little song,
    But pick your feet up, honey, and go travelling along.

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  3. A Journey
    Poet: Dr. M. Coleman Harris

    Life is like a journey
    Taken on a train
    With a pair of travellers
    At each windowpane.
    I may sit beside you
    All the journey through,
    Or I may sit elsewhere
    Never knowing you.
    But if fate should make me
    To sit by your side,
    Let’s be pleasant travelers;
    It’s so short a ride.

  4. A Purpose
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Looking around the world, big and small,
    Every one of us is on a journey to help all.
    A purpose to fulfill, a role to play in society.
    An opportunity to excel, not for anxiety!

    We have special gifts, each one of us;
    Our life is truly a precious trust!
    On life's journey find love and grace;
    Life is meant to be lived, it is not a race.

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  6. Life's Journey
    Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    As we speed out of youth's sunny station
    The track seems to shine in the light,
    But it suddenly shoots over chasms
    Or sinks into tunnels of night.
    And the hearts that were brave in the morning
    Are filled with repining and fears,
    As they pause at the City of Sorrow
    Or pass through the Valley of Tears.

    But the road of this perilous journey
    The hand of the Master has made;
    With all its discomforts and dangers,
    We need not be sad or afraid.
    Paths leading from light into darkness,
    Ways plunging from gloom to despair,
    Wind out through the tunnels of midnight
    To fields that are blooming and fair.

    Though the rocks and the shadows surround us,
    Though we catch not one gleam of the day,
    Above us fair cities are laughing,
    And dipping white feet in some bay.
    And always, eternal, for ever,
    Down over the hills in the west,
    The last final end of our journey,
    There lies the great Station of Rest.

    'Tis the Grand Central point of all railways,
    All roads unite here when they end;
    'Tis the final resort of all tourists,
    All rival lines meet here and blend.
    All tickets, all seasons, all passes,
    If stolen or begged for or bought,
    On whatever road or division,
    Will bring you at last to this spot.

    If you pause at the City of Trouble,
    Or wait in the Valley of Tears,
    Be patient, the train will move onward,
    And rush down the track of the years.
    Whatever the place is you seek for,
    Whatever your game or your quest,
    You shall come at the last with rejoicing
    To the beautiful City of Rest.

    You shall store all your baggage of worries,
    You shall feel perfect peace in this realm,
    You shall sail with old friends on fair waters,
    With joy and delight at the helm.
    You shall wander in cool, fragrant gardens
    With those who have loved you the best,
    And the hopes that were lost in life's journey
    You shall find in the City of Rest.

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  8. Silver And Gold
    Poet: Unknown

    Get of this life I shall never take
    Things of silver and gold I make.

    All that I cherish and hoard away,
    After I leave, on earth must stay.

    All that I gather and all that I keep,
    I must leave behind when I fall asleep.

    And I often wonder what I shall own
    In the other life when I pass along.

    What shall they find and what shall they see
    In the soul that answers the call for me?

    Shall the Great Judge learn, when my task is through,
    That my spirit has gathered some riches, too?

    Or shall at the last it be mine to find
    That all I'd worked for I'd left behind?

  9. Roses and Sunshine
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Rough is the road I am journeying now,
    Heavy the burden I'm bearing to-day;
    But I'm humming a song, as I wander along,
    And I smile at the roses that nod by the way.
    Red roses sweet,
    Blooming there at my feet,
    Just dripping with honey and perfume and cheer;
    What a weakling I'd be
    If I tried not to see
    The joy and the comfort you bring to us here.

    Just tramping along o'er the highway of life,
    Knowing not what's ahead but still doing my best;
    And I sing as I go, for my soul seems to know
    In the end I shall come to the valley of rest.
    With the sun in my face
    And the roses to grace
    The roads that I travel, what have I to fear?
    What a coward I'd be
    If I tried not to see
    The roses of hope and the sunshine of cheer.

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  11. Our Journey
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    Our journey through life has its ups and downs
    Sometimes feelings of being sad and others of a clown
    We all have highs and the lows
    Many happy times and times of sorrow.

    But there is one factor that makes a difference
    It is the attitude of your preference.
    Do you look for the good or do you see the bad
    Your attitude determines whether you're happy or sad.

    Our journey can be negative or it can be positive
    Is just depends on our life perspective.
    No matter what happens, no matter the time
    Find the good and upward you will climb.

    Life is too short to sit and moan
    Seize the good and it can change your life tone
    Our journey through life can be a happy one
    A positive attitude can bring more fun!

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  13. Life And Moods
    Poet: Patience Strong

    Moods will lead you such a dance -
    If you just give them half a chance.
    They'll lift you up and fling you down.
    They'll turn a smile into a frown.
    They'll drive you into black despairs.
    They'll creep upon you unaware...
    Your friends will drop you one by one -
    no wonder, for there's not much fun -
    in people who are bright and gay -
    and dull, and bored with life, next day...
    So don't be swayed by each new mood...
    Just throw them off, or they'll intrude -
    and spoil some bright and happy hour...
    For you, yourself, give them power.

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  15. It's The Journey That's Important...
    Poet: John McLeod

    Life, sometimes so wearying
    Is worth its weight in gold
    The experience of traveling
    Lends a wisdom that is old
    Beyond our 'living memory'
    A softly spoken prayer:

    "It's the journey that's important,
    Not the getting there!"

    Ins and outs and ups and downs
    Life's road meanders aimlessly?
    Or so it seems, but somehow
    Leads us where we need to be,
    And being simply human
    We oft question and compare...

    "Is the journey so important
    Or the getting there?"

    And thus it's always been
    That question pondered down the ages
    By simple men with simple ways
    To wise and ancient sages...
    How sweet then, quietly knowing
    Reaching destination fair:

    "It's the journey that's important,
    Not the getting there!"

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  17. These Would I Keep
    Poet: Lida Marie Erwin

    These would I keep: My faith in men,
    Though one may stumble now and then -
    A faith which helps me still to see
    What God intends a man to be.

    A cheery heart, in spite of fate;
    The strength to work, the patience to wait;
    A hand that lifts a brother up
    And shares with him the bitter cup.

    A spirit calm, despite the storm.
    Which sees through clouds, the stalwart form
    Of Him who stilled the maddened wave -
    Is ever near to help and save.

    The optimism childhood had;
    The simple trust that made me glad;
    The beauty of life in its crimson dawn -
    These would I keep as I journey on.

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  19. The Light Of A Cheerful Heart
    Poet: Max Ehrmann

    I tell you that you and I and the commonest
    person are all journeying the same way,
    hemmed in by the same narrow path,
    leading to the eternal years.

    We pride ourselves over our particular superiority;
    but really there is little difference between us;

    And in this journey over the thousand hills and
    valleys called life, he is wisest who is
    patient where the way is hard, has faith when
    he does not understand, and carries into the
    dark places the light of a cheerful heart.

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We hope these poems about life journey have inspired you to live each day. Our lives are meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. Not living in yesterday and not worrying about tomorrow will make our journey easier!

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