12 Poems about Being Happy

We all want to be happy, let these poems about being happy give you thoughts on how to achieve this. Life is always easier when we are happier!

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  1. Making Glad And Happy
    Poet: Unknown

    See that little sunbeam
    Darting through the room
    Lighting up the darkness,
    Scattering the gloom.

    Let me be a sunbeam
    Everywhere I go,
    Making glad and happy
    Every one I know.

  2. The Man Who Is Cheerful
    Poet Unknown

    Thank God for the man who is cheerful
    In spite of life's troubles, I say;

    Who sings of a bright tomorrow,
    Because of the clouds of today.

    His life is a beautiful sermon,
    And this is the lesson to me -

    Meet trials with smiles and they vanish;
    Face cares with a song and they flee.

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  4. The Happy Heart
    by John Imrie

    The happy heart is a fount of joy,
    A bubbling spring of pleasure,
    'Tis a source of constant sweet employ,
    A  never-failing treasure!
    Ready to smile with the flowers of Spring,
    Or sing with the birds of air;
    In Nature's praise aye willing to sing,
    Finds happiness everywhere.

    The happy heart is so full of love
    That it speaks in every tone,
    And the eyes of love, like stars above.
    Hath a glory all their own!
    Like a beacon-light, in Grief's dark night,
    We long for the happy heart.
    To shed o'er our pathway, calm and bright,
    A light that may not depart.

    The happy heart is a gift from Heaven
    Above all treasure or gold.
    Alike to the rich or poor 'tis given.
    It cannot be bought or sold!
    The happy heart is the home of love,
    A solace for every woe;
    Let us cherish this gift from above.
    As we seek our peace below.

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  6. How To Be Happy
    Poet: Unknown

    Do you sometimes feel discouraged
    At your work, my boy?
    I will tell you a wonderful trick
    That will bring you contentment,
    Good cheer, and joy -
    Do something for somebody, quick!

    Are you very, very tired
    With play, little girl?
    Weary, discouraged, and sick?
    I’ll tell you the loveliest
    Game in the world -
    Do something for somebody, quick!

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  8. You Choose
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    You choose your daily attitude,
    It is something within you, it's true;
    So take control of what your moods include,
    And find happiness no matter your state of mind.

    The world may present many troubles,
    Which can cloud even the brightest of life's bubbles;
    Yet no spiteful force can diminish your spirit's glow,
    To be happy, negative thoughts you must forgo.

    Don't wait for contentment from anyone else,
    Take joy in whatever life may bring you oneself;
    Remember being happy is your choice
    Have a positive attitude and rejoice.

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  10. Power To Be Happy
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    You've got the power to be happy,
    It's not something from another person,
    Think healthy and positive thoughts,
    Be thankful for what is certain.

    Pause for a moment and look around you,
    Accept life in all of its joys and sorrows,
    A positive frame of mind feeds your soul,
    Allowing you contentment today and tomorrow.

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  12. If You Want To Be Happy
    by Priscilla Leonard

    If you want to be happy,
    begin where you are.
    Don't wait for some rapture
    that's future and far.
    Begin to be joyous,
    Begin to be glad,
    And soon you'll forget that
    You were ever sad.

    If you want to be happy,
    Begin where you are.
    Your windows to sunlight
    And sweetness unbar;
    If dark seems the day,
    light a candle of cheer,
    Till its steady flame brightens
    Each heart that comes near.

    If you want to be happy,
    begin where you are.
    Tune up daily discords
    Till out of their jar
    New harmony rises
    Rejoicing and sweet,
    And onward, in music,
    Go every your feet.

    If you want to be happy,
    Begin where you are.
    God sets in each sky
    Heaven's joy-bringing star.
    Live bravely beneath it,
    Through cloud and toward light
    And under its radiance your path
    Shall be bright.

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  14. Be Happy
    by Mabel Wilton

    If you want to be happy,
    Just begin to be glad,
    Keep thinking of others
    And never be sad.

    And don't wait till tomorrow
    But start right away
    Just doing one kindness
    For someone each day.

  15. It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it. Dale Carnegie
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  16. If You Would Be Happy
    by Unknown

    Keep your temper.
    Gain a little knowledge every day.
    Make few promises, and speak the truth.
    Give full measure and weight with a just balance.
    Consent to common custom, but not to common folly.

    Be cautious of believing ill, but more cautious of repeating it.
    Have courage to wear your old clothes until you can pay for new ones.
    Think of Heaven with hearty purpose and strong hope to get there.
    Do good to all, that thou mayest keep thy friends and gain thine enemies.
    Count your resources; find out what you are not fit for, and give up wishing for it.

  17. Happy Now?
    by Sydney Smith

    Are you happy now?
    Are you likely to remain so till this evening,
    or next month, or next year?

    Then why destroy present happiness by a
    distant misery which may never come at all?
    Every substantial grief has twenty shadows,
    and most of them shadows of your own making.

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  19. Sunshine Bearer
    Poet Unknown

    Dark the way and dreary, sad the heart and weary,
    Toiling all along life's busy, rugged way;
    But kind words and' faces brighten gloomy places.
    And the heart is gladdened by a cheerful ray.

    Earth is. filled with sadness, we should make it gladness
    And our lives like rays of sunshine ever be;
    On the road we're journeying, there is no returning.
    Let us not neglect an opportunity.

    Speaking words for Jesus, following paths that lead us.
    Into places where His name as never heard;
    Guiding those who wander, to the home up yonder.
    Teaching them the blessed sunshine of His love.

    Speaking loving words, cheerful as the birds.
    Lifting- heavy burdens from a weary heart;
    Giving sunny similes shortening lengthy miles.
    Making others happy, 'tis a Christian's part.

  20. Being Happy
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Life is too short to be sad
    Live your life happy and glad.
    Find a reason each day to be
    Kind to others and you will see
    A feeling that being happy brings
    From doing kind things.

    We all have challenges and trials we face
    The difference is the attitude we embrace.
    Finding a reason to be happy each day
    Even though we face issues along the way,
    It is a better way to live your life
    Don't be taken down by strife.

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Being happy is a state of mind that we can all achieve. Being content with what we have and working towards our goals can help us move forward in life with a happy attitude.

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