16 Poems About Happiness, Short Poems

16 Poems About Happiness

Let these poems about happiness motivate and inspire you to live life each day and enjoy the happy moments that occur. Happiness is not a destination it is living every day and enjoying it.

When you feel good about yourself, your work, and your surroundings you will find contentment that leads to happiness. We hope these short happy poems are ones that will add a positive thought to your day!

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  1. Happiness Is When
    by William Arthur Ward

    Happiness is our heritage when
    Faith becomes our constant companion;
    Self-discipline our tireless teacher;
    Integrity our competent coach;
    Truth our trusted tutor;
    Discernment our careful critic;
    Optimism our able advisor;
    Goodness our gifted guide;
    Beauty our infallible inspiration;
    And love our blissful benediction.

  2. Happiness
    by Priscilla Leonard

    Happiness is like a crystal,
    Fair and exquisite and clear,
    Broken in a million pieces,
    Shattered, scattered far and near.
    Now and then along life's pathway,
    Lo! some shining fragments fall;
    But there are so many pieces
    No one ever finds them all.

    You may find a bit of beauty,
    Or an honest share of wealth,
    While another just beside you
    Gathers honor, love or health.
    Vain to choose or grasp unduly,
    Broken is the perfect ball;
    And there are so many pieces
    No one finds them all.

    Yet the wise as on the journey,
    Treasure every fragment clear,
    Fit them as they may together,
    Imaging the shattered sphere,
    Learning ever to be thankful,
    Though their share of it is small;
    For it has so many pieces
    No one ever finds them all.

  3. The Man Who Is Cheerful
    Poet Unknown

    Thank God for the man who is cheerful
    In spite of life's troubles, I say;

    Who sings of a bright tomorrow,
    Because of the clouds of today.

    His life is a beautiful sermon,
    And this is the lesson to me -

    Meet trials with smiles and they vanish;
    Face cares with a song and they flee.

  4. It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.  Dale Carnegie

  5. Let Us Do Good
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    Let us do good. How sweet the thought,
    We have the wretched blest —
    Threw smiles upon a clouded brow,
    And sunshine in the breast

    To know we've dried a single tear,
    And made one moment bright —
    Or struck a feeble spark to cheer
    The darkest hour of night —

    Will give to us more joy at last
    Than Caesar's triumphs gave;
    The memory of such deeds will live
    In worlds beyond the grave.

    Then in the little sphere we move,
    Let kindness touch the heart;
    While every word shall lead to love
    And happiness impart.

  6. What Good Is A
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

    I can tell you,
    One true thing,
    What good is winter,
    If there is no spring?

    I can tell you,
    Another great thing,
    What good is a voice,
    If you will not sing?

    I can tell you,
    One more thing,
    What good is a swing,
    If the children they won't bring?

    There are many things in this world,
    That are made better by another.
    So next time you are feeling blue,
    Find your other, and see it through.

  7. The Happy Heart
    by John Imrie

    The happy heart is a fount of joy,
    A bubbling spring of pleasure,
    'Tis a source of constant sweet employ,
    A  never-failing treasure!
    Ready to smile with the flowers of Spring,
    Or sing with the birds of air;
    In Nature's praise aye willing to sing,
    Finds happiness ev'rywhere.

    The happy heart is so full of love
    That it speaks in every tone,
    And the eyes of love, like stars above.
    Hath a glory all their own!
    Like a beacon-light, in Grief's dark night,
    We long for the happy heart.
    To shed o'er our pathway, calm and bright,
    A light that may not depart.

    The happy heart is a gift from Heaven
    Above all treasure or gold.
    Alike to the rich or poor 'tis given.
    It cannot be bought or sold!
    The happy heart is the home of love,
    A solace for every woe;
    Let us cherish this gift from above.
    As we seek our peace below.

  8. Life is too short. Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. Laugh when you can.

  9. Looking For Happiness
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    Many people are looking for
    Happiness behind any door
    Happiness they want to find
    Happiness of any kind.

    Happiness is not something outside
    It is an attitude you can provide
    Your happiness is not down the road
    And, it doesn't mean an easy load.

    Happiness is found in you
    How you look at life and what you do
    You decide each day, you see
    How happy you will be

  10. Make Your Happiness
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

    When you feel,
    Life isn't true.
    Keep in mind,
    Life's truth is you.

    You make your path,
    From here to there.
    It's up to you,
    To dream and care.

    No one else can,
    Make you happy.
    So get right on it,
    And make it snappy.

    Life's too short,
    To waste your day.
    I truly hope,
    You get out and celebrate today!

  11. If You Want To Be Happy
    by Priscilla Leonard

    If you want to be happy,
    begin where you are.
    Don't wait for some rapture
    that's future and far.
    Begin to be joyous,
    Begin to be glad,
    And soon you'll forget that
    You were ever sad.

    If you want to be happy,
    Begin where you are.
    Your windows to sunlight
    And sweetness unbar;
    If dark seems the day,
    light a candle of cheer,
    Till its steady flame brightens
    Each heart that comes near.

    If you want to be happy,
    begin where you are.
    Tune up daily discords
    Till out of their jar
    New harmony rises
    Rejoicing and sweet,
    And onward, in music,
    Go every your feet.

    If you want to be happy,
    Begin where you are.
    God sets in each sky
    Heaven's joy-bringing star.
    Live bravely beneath it,
    Through cloud and toward light
    And under its radiance your path
    Shall be bright.

  12. The Clown’s Prayer
    Poet: Unknown

    As I stumble through this life,
    Help me create more laughter than tears,
    Dispense more happiness than gloom,
    Spread more cheer than despair.

    Never let me become so indifferent,
    That I will fail to see the wonders in the eyes of the child.
    Or the twinkle in the eyes of the aged.
    Never let me forget that my total effort is to cheer people,
    Make them feel happy, and forget momentarily,
    all the unpleasantness in their lives.

    And in my final moment, may I hear you whisper:
    When you made my people smile, you made me smile.

  13. Smile
    Poet: Unknown

    Smile, and the world smiles with you,
    Knock and you go alone;
    For the cheerful grin
    Will let you in
    Where the kicker is never known.

    Growl, and the way looks dreary;
    Laugh, and the path is bright,
    For the welcome smile
    Brings sunshine, while
    A frown shuts out the light.

    Sing, and the world's harmonious!
    Grumble, and things go wrong.
    Yet all the time
    You are out of rhyme
    With the busy, bustling throng.

    Kick, and there's trouble brewing;
    Whistle, and life is gay.
    And the world's in tune
    Like a day in June,
    And sorrow will melt away.

  14. Relationships are essential to happiness. Accept people for who they are and help them become better.  Clement Getate

  15. Be Happy
    by Mabel Wilton

    If you want to be happy,
    Just begin to be glad,
    Keep thinking of others
    And never be sad.

    And don't wait till tomorrow
    But start right away
    Just doing one kindness
    For someone each day.

  16. Live Each Hour
    by Kay Cammer

    I live each hour
    As I find it.
    This hour is lovely -
    Those behind it
    Were sometimes minus
    Warm smiles or bliss
    But I'm unconcerned;
    I'll never miss,
    Or waste time over,
    Happiness is now
    When the hour begins.

  17. Be Happy Now
    Poet Unknown

    If you want to be happy, begin where you are.
    Don't wait for some rapture that's future and far.
    Begin to be joyous, begin to be glad,
    And soon you'll forget that you ever were sad.

    If you want to be happy, begin where you are.
    Your windows to sunlight and sweetness unbar;
    If dark seems the day, light a candle of cheer,
    Till its steady flame brightens each heart that comes near.

  18. Where Is Happiness
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A job, a car, a house, or two
    Are they the things that bring happiness to you?
    Where do I find this happiness thing?
    Can someone to me it bring?

    Does it mean I will laugh a lot?
    Or, does it mean riches will never part
    Is it a thing or just a feeling
    Like being hot or absolutely freezing?

    Where do I find this happiness?
    They say it is like gold, so precious.
    Look no further than in your heart
    It is how you feel and what you impart.

    You see if you are content with life
    If you brush off the strife
    And find joy in the little things
    You will find happiness will sing.

    Your attitude plays a role too
    It is the lens you view life through
    Is your focus on the positive
    Or, do you only see the negative?

    You choose with heart and mind
    Whether you find happiness or whether you stay blind.
    Open your eyes, count your blessings that surround
    And you will find a happiness that compounds.

  19. To Live Content
    Poet: William Henry Channing

    To live content with small means;
    To seek elegance rather than luxury,
    And refinement rather than fashion,
    To be worthy, not respectable,
    And wealthy, not rich;
    To study hard, think quietly,
    Talk gently, act frankly,
    To listen to stars and birds,
    To babes and sages,
    With open heart,
    To bear all cheerfully,
    To all bravely await occasions,
    Hurry never.
    In a word, to let the spiritual unbidden
    And unconscious grow up through the common.
    This is to be my symphony.

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