30 Happiness Quotes

Be inspired by our collection of happiness quotes. Happiness is determined by ourselves. You will be as happy as you decide to be. You make the choice each and every day.

    never let anyone who comes to you leave unless they are a little happier....
  1. Never let anyone who comes to you leave unless they are a little happier for having been with you. Pauline Navlan
    Poems About Happiness

  2. If God looked directly into your eyes and said, "I command that you be happy in the world as long as you live," What would you do? Richard Bach, Messiah's Handbook
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  3. The little roads to happiness, they are not hard to find;
    They do not lead to great success - but to a quiet mind.
    Wilhelmina Stitch, The Road To Happiness

  4. "We all too often brood about losing the happiness of to-day by thinking of those sorrows of yesterday that we experienced, or, worse, believing that troubles will invade our happiness of tomorrow." Catherine Pulsifer

  5. "Today, think of someone that will bring you happiness and then outline the ways you can achieve it." Amy E. Dean
    Helping Others

  6. "Nothing is more important to the happiness of a family than the happiness of the marriage." Devin D. Thorpe, 925 Ideas to Help You Save Money

  7. "A positive attitude toward life may help ward off sicknesses. Psychology Professor Sheldon Cohen found that relaxed, happy people are less prone to catch colds than unhappy, anxious people." Patricia Wagner
    Attitude Quotes

  8. "Our thoughts do in fact shape our whole life, and our daily happiness." Catherine Pulsifer

  9. "Don't wait for circumstances to be just right before you can experience happiness." Demond Jackson, The 101 Most Powerful Success Quotes for High Achievers

  10. "A person that always feels entitled will never be happy." Harvey Volson, Self-Esteem Mega Makeover
    Discouragement Quotes

  11. "Visualization triggers feelings of calmness and happiness." Robert Gallagher, Stress Management
    Stress Quotes

  12. "Indecision leads to poor decisions, which leads to lack of wealth, health and happiness." Drew Eubanks, Getting Results

  13. "For many people, happiness changes with the winds of circumstance." Randy Alcorn, God's Promise of Happiness
    Positive Quotes About Change

  14. "Therefore, one of the secrets of living a happy life at any age is to remain satisfied with what you have or make others feel so." Lindsay J. Hallie, Happiness: Discover Happiness at Every Age...
    Birthday Quotes

  15. "Happiness is not a destination in itself - it's a journey through life, and it's a journey you have complete control over, although you may not realize it initially." Angel Greene, Happiness: Uncommon Guide to Influence to Your Potential, Performance, and Joy in Life

  16. "Uncontrolled anger robs us of happiness and destroys our relationships." Lilliet Garrison, Getting Unstuck

  17. "Happiness can trigger healthy changes in your body." Matt Morris, How To Live In The Present Moment

  18. "Having a positive outlook will influence all aspects of your life - your relationships, you family life, your career, essentially your own happiness!" Catherine Pulsifer,

  19. "This is important: fear is the enemy of happiness." Cara Stein, How To Be Happy
    Thought Provoking

  20. "Happiness is a state of being in the world, beyond physical limitations." Cat O'Connor, 30 Days Of Inspiration
    Positive Quotes

  21. "Positive thinking is about happiness, but it's also about eliminating negativity by stepping outside of your comfort zone." David A. Hunter, Positive Thinking
    Quotes to Live By

  22. "You don't need more money or more success to be happy." Alex Uwajeh, The Power of Positive Affirmations

  23. May God fill your birthday with laughter and good cheer
    May happiness follow you all through out the year
    Catherine Pulsifer
    Birthday Poems

  24. I think the happiest days of my life have been spent fishing. Jeremy Paxman, Fish, Fishing and the Meaning of Life
    Fishing Quotes

  25. You can choose fun too. You can choose it for yourself, and if you’ve got a family of folks who are willing to play along, you can choose it with them. Bob Goff
    Take Care Of Yourself Quotes

  26. Spending quality time with others is also essential for most of us to achieve happiness, no matter where you happen to live. Dan Buettner, The Blue Zones of Happiness
    Contentment Quotes

  27. Better the cottage where one is merry than the palace where one weeps. Chinese Proverb

  28. No matter what kind of family you are part of, an enormous new body of research shows that your family is central to your overall happiness and well-being. Bruce Feiler, The Secrets of Happy Families
    Poems of Encouragement

  29. Let us lay hold of the happiness of today. Do we not go through life blindly, thinking that some fair tomorrow will bring us the gift we miss today?... Know thou, my heart, if thou art not happy today, thou shalt never be happy. Anna Robertson Brown
    Poems about Life

  30. If you always rely on other people to make you happy, you're always going to be dependent upon praise and approval from other people. Pat Quinn, How to Parent a Genius: Raising Kids that are Smart, Successful, Nice and Happy!

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