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Share a true friend poem with that person who is special to you. These short poems remind us that we all have friends but a true friend is one with whom we feel comfortable, no matter what we say or do.

This person is one who willingly shares in our happiness and in our sorrows and challenges we face in life. They are what we refer to as "real" - they are themselves, and you can count on them to be that way no matter what. True friends are ones that make life complete and gives us a sense of belonging and security.

We hope the poems about true friends are ones that inspire you to be that type of friend to others. You may also want to review our entie collection of friendship poems that has poetry about every type of friend!

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  1. My One True Friend
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    To walk and talk and window shop,
    With no one else but you.
    Makes me feel like I have found,
    My one true friend in you.

    This understated, overrated,
    The friendship we have found,
    Is nothing more than two compadre’s
    Standing in the crowd.

    We walk and talk and window shop,
    Until exhaustion hits,
    It's time to stop and take a break,
    And get banana splits!

    So here we are, our shopping done,
    Now on to Plan B or C.
    No matter what we decide to do,
    As long as you're with me.

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    Best Friend Poems

  3. Value Of Friends
    Poet: Bernhart Paul Holst

    Give me kind friends, true friends in need,
    Who don no idle, winning wiles,
    And who will be true friends, indeed.
    If storms abound or fortune smiles.

    I care not for lavish praises
    That oft come from the vacant mind.
    Nor the empty, studied phrases
    Which leave the heart and soul behind.

    True friends will more than press my hand,
    And more than cheer in time of bliss,
    And more than empty words extend
    When multitudes grow cold and hiss.

    Trustworthy friends will help and cheer,
    Will make the timid spirit brave.
    Will light the path, though dark and drear,
    Which leads from sorrows to the grave.

    Give me true friends and let me be
    Throughout this life, from day to day,
    As true to them, as they to me —
    What pangs of anguish 'twould allay!

    Our joys increase as friends increase —
    They cause us more to love mankind,
    And joy and gladness ne'er will cease,
    If we ourselves in friendship bind.

  4. True friends can bring much happiness into our lives, they are special people. You may also find a special friend poem that you may want to share with them.

    you can always count on true friends
    Find more meaningful friendship quotes to share with your friends.

  5. Let Me Be
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Let me be a true and trustest friend
    Not one who just pretends.
    Let me be the one that others can depend
    To be there - good times, bad times, to the very end.

    Let me have an attitude of caring
    And with others, find me sharing
    Helping others will help me be
    A friend that all can see.

    Think less of me and more of we
    Strengthens friendship to every degree
    A true friend you see,
    Is what I hope you think of me.

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  7. True Friends Are Dear
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    When I smile many friends are near
    But when I have tears true friends are dear.
    It is easy to have friends in good times
    But few are they in the down times.

    When there is lots of work to be done
    Friends sometimes are down to one
    The true friend is always willing
    They are truly a life blessing.

    Friends often come and go
    But a true friend will always show
    It doesn't matter - good or bad
    It doesn't matter - happy or sad.

    I consider you a true friend
    With you, there is no pretend
    Through thick and thin
    You always bring a positive spin!

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  9. True Friends and Motives
    Poet: John G. Saxe

    I wish that friends were always true,
    And motives always pure;
    I wish the good were not so few,
    I wish the bad were fewer;
    I wish that parsons ne'er forgot
    To heed their pious teaching;
    I wish that practising was not
    So different from preaching!

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