5 Funny Birthday Poems For Friends

Use these funny birthday poems for friends in your cards or emails. One of the things that makes a friendship special is the laughter that is shared. On your friend's birthday why not share a funny poem with them! Bring a smile to their face no matter what their age!

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  1. You're Older Than We
    Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2011

    What's so great about your birthday?
    Oh, let me tell you, it's so wonderfully great.
    First of all your turning another year older,
    And the rest of us don’t get the discounted rate!

    We're so glad you're older than we are,
    As making fun of your age is such fun.
    We do hope you know we're just kidding,
    But man do we love to make pun.

    We're sorry your aging is so humorous,
    We'll all eventually be turning this age too,
    But the funny thing is when we get to this age,
    We'll still be younger than you!

    Okay enough is enough,
    We know when it's time to settle down.
    We just hope you realize we're celebrating,
    Our birthday friend who is the talk of the town!

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  2. Over The Hill?
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2019

    The years have been good to you my friend
    But your age keeps climbing and seems to never end
    When did you become so old
    Tales we will tell will soon unfold.

    We will celebrate your special day
    We will talk of old days and the ways
    In which we laughed and shared
    Those were the days we have no cares.

    But my friend I must say
    It seems to me you're going a bit gray.
    Are you truly going over the hill
    Is it like they say a thrill?

    But let me say no matter what
    You, my friend, are as cute as a duck.
    We still love you, no matter the age
    In our minds, we will always be teenage!

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  4. A Birthday Tribute
    Poet: Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Who makes another's grief his own,
    "Whose smile lends joy a double cheer;
    Where lives the saint, if such be known?
    Speak softly, — such an one is here!

  5. Once A Year
    Poet: Kate Summers

    Birthdays only come once a year
    But you are a friend all the year
    So don't let getting older get you down
    Continue to act like a clown.

    Friends like you make me smile
    Friends like you never go out of style
    Even though you are getting old
    You are still worth your weight in gold.

    So Happy Birthday, my dear friend
    Forget your age and just pretend
    That youth is still with you on this day
    Just wish those high numbers away!

  6. Your Age
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Wow, just look at your age
    Proof that our friendship can pass
    Many years and  many a stage
    A friendship that continues to last

    Birthdays seem to come too fast
    I sure don't feel as old as you
    When I look at your age I am aghast
    You're getting older that is so true

    Don't let the wrinkles or gray hair
    Get you down
    Don't give age a second care
    Keep on smilin', no big frowns!

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