Inspirational Friendship Poems

Let these inspirational friendship poems give you expressions of friendship. Short poems with words that express the meaning of friendship to share with your friends.

Friendships play an important role in our life. They are important in the good times, and many times more important in the tough times. Unlike family, we pick our friends and they then become like family.

We hope the poems here inspire you to tell your friends how much you appreciate them.

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  1. Friendship Through Tough Times
    Julie Hebert, 2015

    When times get tough,
    And you don't know what to do.
    Remember your friends,
    Who will stay true to you.

    For friends aren't like family,
    They are someone you choose.
    They love you not because they have to,
    But because they want to.

    So look to your friends,
    For their support.
    They might not know everything,
    But should be a comfort.

    When times get tough,
    And you don't know what to do.
    Remember you're loved,
    And that should help you!

  2. good friends are like stars, you can't always see them but you know they're there

  3. The Tree of Friendship
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2015

    Friends are similar to a tree
    Branching out
    But throughout our life
    There are those
    Who stay and
    Make a difference
    In all our lives.

    Their roots are forever
    In our lives
    They influence
    And support us
    No matter what
    The situation.

    They are a blessing
    and a gift
    sent from up above!

  4. A Friend
    Poet: Lillian E Curtis

    'Tis well to feel there's one somewhere,
    As with life's struggles we contend,
    Who can our joys and sorrows share,
    Whom we may call a friend.

    Eagerly we open the message white,
    That its way to us doth wend,
    And read, with hearts so gay, so light,
    The signature of a friend.

    What joy the fact when it cometh first,
    What rapture doth it lend,
    When the truth upon us burst,
    That we've a new-found friend.

  5. To My Friend
    Poet: Maria J. Dodge

    I pray that from life's tangled thread
    You may weave a pure and spotless web;
    That in your youth you may strive to please
    The living God, — 'twill give you peace.

    For if in ways of sin you go,
    That'll give to you deep pangs of woe;
    But faith will lead from darkest gloom,
    To where the fadeless flowers bloom.

    For if to Him you freely come,
    Receive the precious words, "Well done,"
    Your heart will evermore rejoice
    That Jesus was your early choice.

  6. We Have Been Friends Together
    Poet: Caroline Elizabeth Norton

    We have been friends together
    In sunshine and in shade,
    Since first beneath the chestnut-tree
    In infancy we played.
    But coldness dwells within thy heart,
    A cloud is on thy brow;
    We have been friends together,
    Shall a light word part us now?

    We have been gay together;
    We have laughed at little jests;
    For the fount of hope was gushing
    Warm and joyous in our breasts,
    But laughter now hath fled thy lip,
    And sullen glooms thy brow;
    We have been gay together,
    Shall a light word part us now?

    We have been sad together;
    We have wept with bitter tears
    O'er the grass-grown graves where slumbered
    The hopes of early years.
    The voices which were silent then
    Would bid thee cheer thy brow;
    We have been sad together,
    Shall a light word part us now?

  7. Friendship, Love, And Truth
    Poet: Unknown

    Friendship doth bind, with pleasant ties,
    The heart of man to man, and age
    But strengthens it - it never dies
    Till finished is life's final page.

    Love is the sacred link which binds
    Hearts joined by friendship firmer still;
    Who once has felt it, in it finds
    Joys which his soul with pleasure fill.

    Truth only can complete the chain,
    Its links enduring strength can give;
    With this unbroken 'twill remain
    While e'er the human soul shall live.

  8. A Good World
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    It's a good old world we're livin' in
    With all its pain an' sorrow;
    A world where friends are givin' in
    To cheer us till tomorrow.
    A world where folks come forward, when
    They see our feet are slippin'
    To help us till we come again
    To where the honey's drippin'.

    I reckon that we'd never know
    How kind an' good our friends are
    If trouble's face should never show
    Off yonder where the bends are.
    If sudden-like there never came
    A rain to drench a feller
    We'd miss the friend who made us claim
    A share of his umnbreller.

    If never came to us a woe
    That seemed we couldn't bear it,
    We'd never positively know
    Which friend would rush to share it.
    We'd miss a heap of sweetness, too.
    That we could never borrow,
    A sweetness no one ever knew,
    Save it was bom of sorrow.

    This thought old care has driven in,
    An' grief an' trouble taught me,
    It's a good old world we're livin' in
    Despite the woes it's brought me.
    For had I never shed a tear.
    Nor known what sorrow's rends are,
    I never would have learned down here
    How kind an' good my friends are.

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