15 Thinking Of You Poems

Share our thinking of you poems with someone who is on your mind today. Letting others know that you are thinking about them can give them a good feeling.

Caring for others, expressing gratitude is something we should do on a regular basis. It could be a family member, a friend, a co-worker or, a neighbor. We all need the sense that we are not alone and that others do care about us.

Taking the time to send a poem in an email, to write a note or, to just pick up the phone and let someone know you are thinking about them has a positive impact, more than you may realize! Never underestimate the impact you could make by sharing a poem or positive thought, you may just brighten someone's day! You could also send one of our meaningful friendship quotes to let someone know you are thinking of them!

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  1. I Thought Of You
    Poet: Helen Farries

    This morning when I wakened
    And saw the sun above,
    I softly said, "Good Morning, Lord,
    Bless everyone I love!"

    Right away I thought of you
    And said a little prayer
    That he would bless you specially
    And keep you free from care...

    I thought of all the happiness
    A day could hold in store,
    And wished it all for you because
    No one deserves it more!

    I felt so warm and good inside,
    My heart was all aglow...
    I know God heard my prayer for you,
    He hears them all you know!

  2. when i think of you...

  3. When I Think Of You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2018

    When I think of you,

    I recall the laughter we shared
    The troubles we aired
    The joy and the tears
    The expressions of fear.
    The good times we've had
    The times we've been mad.

    But through it all
    I smile when I recall
    The talks of life we have had
    The times when we've been sad
    But you are always there
    Even when I acted like a bear

    So when I think of you
    I know I can count on you that's true
    I count my blessings that you, I can depend
    You will always be a good true friend.

  4. true friend poem
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  5. Be With Thee
    Poet: John G. Whittier

    God's love and peace be with thee, . . .
    Where'er I look, where'er I stray,
    Thy thought goes with me on my way
    And hence the prayer I breathe to-day;
    Thou lack'st not Friendship's spell-word, nor
    The half-unconscious power to draw
    All hearts to thine by Love's sweet law.

    With these good gifts of God is cast
    Thy lot, and many a charm thou hast
    To hold the blessed angels fast.
    God's love, — unchanging, pure, and true, —
    The Paraclete white — shining through
    His peace, — the fall of Herman's dew.
    With such a prayer, on this sweet day,
    As thou may'st hear and I may say,
    I greet thee, dearest, far away!

  6. More short prayers that you may wish to share or that you may want to pray for the person you are thinking of.

  7. Every Time I Think Of You
    Poet: Kate Summers, © 2019

    Every time I think of you
    I am thankful for all you do.
    You are always there
    And, you always show you care.

    No matter the issue at hand
    You never make any demands
    You listen and comfort me
    Help find solutions for me to see.

    And when the times are good
    You encourage as you should
    We have such good memories
    The days of fun and victories.

    Friends like you are far and few
    I always can count on you.
    So when I think of you
    I am thankful for all you do.

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  9. Thought of Love Just For You
    Poet: Mary S. Scotsburn, © 2020

    I can't imagine life without you
    I now understand love and what it can do
    My days are filled with thoughts of you
    I love you so much that is true!

    You make my world happy each day
    By the things, you do and say.
    You make me feel so special too
    I love you so much that is true!

    You are considerate and thoughtful too
    If you were a building you'd be the glue
    I just can't imagine life without you
    I love you so much that is true!

  10. you are special
    A special friend poem can be used to let someone know how much you appreciate them!

  11. Special In Every Way
    Poet: Samatha Anne Marie Lynch, © 2020

    There are many people I think of during the day
    But you are one who is special in every way.
    I think about you and wonder
    Is your day good or full of thunder?

    I say a prayer for you each day
    And ask the Lord to keep you in every way
    I pray that you are kept safe and well
    Because in my books you are swell.

    I hope you find laughter and lots of smiles
    And as you travel life's many miles
    That peace, happiness and love
    Are sent to you from heaven above.

  12. You Bring
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2019

    Thinking of you brings visions of flowers
    You bring memories of happy hours.

    Thinking of you brings thoughts of sunshine
    Of all things in life that are fine.

    Thinking of you makes me appreciate the things
    That special people in our life do bring.

    Thinking of you brings thoughts of love
    Of freedom and flying just like a dove.

    Thinking of you each and every day
    Makes me hope in my life you will stay.

  13. there are people in our lives who bring rainbows after the rain thinking of you....
    Rainbow Quotes

  14. There Are People In Our Lives
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

    There are people in our lives who bring rainbows after the rain
    There are people in our lives who make us laugh and entertain
    There are people in our lives who bring sunshine on a cloudy day
    There are people in our lives who encourage us in all they say
    There are people in our lives who bring a smile when all seems blue
    There are people in our lives who help us no matter what we do.

    When I think of you, I think of the rainbow after the rain
    When I think of you, I think of laughter and being entertained
    When I think of you, I think of sunshine on a cloudy day
    When I think of you, I think of the encouragement and things you say
    When I think of you, I think of smiles and I'm never blue
    When I think of you, I think of all the help you give and what you do.

    So on this day as I think of you
    I just want to say I appreciate you and thank you for being so true!

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  16. Do You Ever Think Of Me
    Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

    O maid of velvet lashes,
    And eyes of winsome brown,
    Your charms my heart have captured
    And torn its armor down.
    Do you ever think of me?

    Will you deign my plight to see?
    Hazy dawn 'til purple twilight —
    Do you ever think of me?

    Gentle maid, with voice of music.
    And soul both sweet and true,
    Days and nights o'erflow with goodness
    When blessed by dreams of you.
    You are all the world to me!

    Can captive Captor be?
    Gloomy night 'til rosy morning —
    Do you ever think of me?

  17. Thinking Of You Today
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

    You are in my thoughts today
    Just want to say I appreciate you in every way
    My wish is for your happiness
    And feelings of how much you're blessed.

    When you enter the room
    Away flys any gloom or doom
    Your smile brightens the day
    You're uplifting, I must say.

    Your kindness and how much you care
    Is truly unique qualities that seem so rare.
    You have such loving traits
    I just want you to know you we appreciate!

  18. There are people in our lives that are an inspiration to us. They live by the words expressed in these inspirational poems.

  19. I Forget Thee Not
    Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

    Does the sun e'er tire of rising and going down again?
    Or the moon of looking down at night o'er field and plain?
    Just so are my untiring thoughts the same.

    Tho' river and gulf now spread out 'tween thee and me,
    And though we're wide apart on Life's great sea,
    Yet no more, my friend, do I forget thee.

    Is it tiresome to bear thee constantly in my mind?
    Ah, what easier burden could I hope to find?
    'Tis the lightest surely, and the dearest kind.

    Thou art e'er in the mind's recess, whether I would or not,
    And in the heart's garden, thou hast a warm, warm spot.
    And the roses whisper, thou ne'er shalt be forgot.

    The days are dull and stupid, since thou left the city.
    Hours of ennui filled with nothing gay or witty:
    Oh, say, why art thou gone? 'tis such a pity!

    Dull are the streets where thou wert wont to walk;
    Monotonous the circles in which thou used to talk;
    And in our social gatherings there comes many a balk.

    But this thou know, where e'er I am, where e'er my lot,
    Whether in the gay mansion, or the humble cot.
    Remember that I still forget thee not.

  20. Famous poems, like the one above written by Lillian Curtis, are ones that have been written many years ago, but still hold wisdom that can be applied today.

  21. Pick A Flower
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    If I could pick a flower for every time I thought of you
    It would keep me busy and I would not be blue!
    As each day passes without you here
    I realize how much I miss you, my Dear.

    I think of you in the morning and at noon
    And I pray that you will be home soon.
    The house is so empty without you here
    When you are around there is always a feeling of cheer.

    So this little poem is written to say
    You are missed in every way.
    You are in my thoughts, I'm thinking of you
    I will be happy when you're back, oh, that is so true.

  22. Missing someone special in your life, send them on of our I miss you poems.

  23. Love's Nearness
    Poet: Henry VanDyke

    I think of thee, when golden sunbeams shimmer
    Across the sea;
    And when the waves reflect the moon's pale glimmer,
    I think of thee.

    I see thy form, when down the distant highway
    The dust-clouds rise;
    In deepest night, above the mountain by-way,
    I see thine eyes.

    I hear thee when the ocean-tides returning
    Loudly rejoice;
    And on the lonely moor, in stillness yearning,
    I hear thy voice.

    I dwell with thee: though thou art far removed,
    Yet art thou near.
    The sun goes down, the stars shine out,-
    Ah, wert thou here!

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  25. Warm Wishes and Love
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    I do not see you every day
    And sometimes weeks go by
    But just want to say
    You are thought often, that's no lie.

    When I'm feeling down and blue
    Happy memories flood my mind
    I am so blessed to have a friend like you
    One who is thoughtful and oh so kind.

    So on this day to you I send
    Warm wishes and love to fill your day
    May happiness surround you, my friend
    Your thought of dearly in every way.

  26. Meet Again
    Poet: Unknown

    Accept my friend these lines from me,
    They show that I remember thee,
    And hope some thought they will retain
    Till you and I shall meet again.

    I want a warm and faithful friend,
    To cheer the adverse hour;
    Who ne'er to flatter will descend.
    Nor bend the knee to power;

    A friend to chide me when I'm wrong;
    My inmost soul to see;
    And that my friendship prove as strong
    For him as his for me.

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