7 Anniversary Poems

Use these anniversary poems to express congratulations, to express love and happiness, and to say I love you and appreciate you to those with who you are celebrating.

An anniversary is a time to recognize the good and happy times while recognizing the times of challenge that have been overcome. Many times old photos and stories come to light as we look back over the years, but it is also a time for renewal and looking forward.

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  1. Your Wedding Anniversary
    Poet: Unknown

    You must be very happy
    As you start another year,
    And may it bring you both the things
    You hold especially dear,
    Including love and laughter,
    Best of health for both of you,
    And, always, lots of happiness
    In everything you do.

  2. An Anniversary
    Poet: Grinnell Willis

    Full many an anniversary
    Has come to thee and me,
    Heartbreaking days have come with tears,
    And happy days, with joy and glee.

    We've had our clouds and sunshine.
    Our shadows and our light.
    But we've kept our love unsullied,
    Our affection warm and bright.

    Our fathers and our mothers,
    In word and thought and deed,
    Worked out their lives before us,
    Their simple honest creed;

    And we, by force of circumstance,
    Less simple in our way.
    Have wrought before our children
    Our life work, day by day.

    Our home like theirs has open been,
    Honest in thought and deed,
    To many friends a pleasure,
    To many a help in need.

    To manhood and to womanhood
    Our children here have grown,
    And with their children go and come
    About the dear Old Home.

    Oh! may we not rejoice
    To have lived so many years.
    And reaped this glad fruition
    Of all our hopes and fears.

    For more than thirty years
    We have lived and loved and striven.
    And now with grateful hearts
    Thank God, for all that he has given.

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  4. For My Wife
    Poet Unknown

    It's not enough to wish you
    Happy Anniversary, Dear
    For there are many other things
    That you've a right to hear -

    For instance, that you're wonderful,
    For instance, that you're sweet,
    For instance, that you've done so much
    To make my life complete.

    And, Dear, you know it's coming
    From my heart when I express
    My one enduring wish for you -
    A wish for happiness.

  5. An Anniversary Wish
    Poet: Grinnell Willis

    May ever the golden blessing
    Be yours, and ne'er depart,
    And the love of friends who have been so true,
    Who are present now to rejoice with you,
    Be found in every heart.

  6. Marriage Hymn
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Two, Lord, at thine altar wait,
    A blessing to receive;
    Humbly they would unite their fate,
    If thou wilt give them leave.

    Their hands they join, their hearts they blend,
    One journey now they take;
    They pray their love may have no end,
    They ask it for Christ's sake.

  7. Irish Wedding Blessing
    Irish Wedding Blessing

  8. Full Of Memories
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Before you know it an anniversary arrives,
    Full of memories, where meaning thrives.
    A marker in time, memories of roads we did tread,
    We remember the joys and the tears we've shed.

    We look back and we look forward to what we face
    Celebrating the journey, every joyous trace.
    For on this day, we honor with might,
    And celebrate this anniversary with sheer delight.

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  10. Sunshine And Storms
    Poet: Sarah A. Thomas

    Twelve years of sunshine and of storms
    Since first our lives were joined in one;
    But had the sky no threatening clouds,
    We would forget to prize the sun.
    With life one joyous summer-day,
    And, gliding down life's quiet stream,
    We would not note our rapid flight
    Were there no landmarks by the way.

    I would not call to memory now
    The sorrows of those vanished years
    (Our steps led through affliction's path,
    Bordered by bitter falling tears);
    But I would have you think today
    Of all that made life seem most dear,
    Of hopes that tint with pleasing ray
    The prospects of the coming year.

    It seems that those who love are doomed
    Affliction's bitterest cup to drain,
    As if they with their mutual strength
    Were better formed to bear the pain;
    Or it may be, had fortune smiled,
    Our love with years had colder grown:
    Yours might have followed fancy's paths,
    And I have doubted e'en my own.

    Perhaps that Fate has been more kind
    Than we, dear heart, shall ever know;
    The purest gem may worthless seem
    If scanned by firelight's fitful glow.
    Then at our lot we'll not repine,
    Though cold and dreary seem the way,
    But journey on, heart joined to heart,
    Until we find the perfect day.

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