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To express your love for your wife, the love of your life, use a poem that has been written specifically for wives. Take time today to send a poem to your wife! Sometimes in our busy lives we don't take the time to express our love and appreciation to one of the most important people in our lives.

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  1. It's You
    Poet: David V. Bush

    When my soul's engulfed in darkness;
    When the tears begin to flow;
    When words seem not to comfort;
    When no one else can know
    Just why my heart is aching,
    And cannot understand;
    I seek thee, life's companion
    In fancy feel thy hand.
    My heart is stirred and warmed,
    I know you're the friend so true;
    In spirit still you guide me,
    My loving wife, it's you.

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  3. Wishing and Having
    Poet: R. H. Stoddard

    If to wish and to have were one, my dear,
    You would be sitting now
    With not a care in your tender heart
    Nor a wrinkle upon your brow.

    The clock of time would go back with you,
    All the years you have been my wife.
    Till its golden hands had pointed out
    The happiest hour of your life.

    Perhaps it will all come right at last,
    It may be when all is done
    We shall be together in some good world
    Where to wish and to have are one.

  4. She Just Keeps House For Me
    Poet: Jean Blewett

    She is so winsome and so wise
    She sways us at her will.
    And oft the question will arise
    What mission does she fill?
    And so I say, with pride untold
    And love beyond degree,
    This woman with the heart of gold.
    She just keeps house for me.

    A full content dwells in her face,
    She's quite in love with life.
    And for a title wears with grace
    The sweet old-fashioned " Wife."

    What though I toil from morn till night,
    What though I weary grow,
    A spring of love and dear delight
    Doth ever softly flow.

    Our children climb upon her knee
    And lie upon her breast.
    And ah! her mission seems to me
    The highest and the best.
    And so I say, with pride untold
    And love beyond degree,
    This woman with the heart of gold,
    She just keeps house for me.

  5. My wife, she is my best friend, I will love her to the very end!
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  6. My Wife
    Poet: Unknown

    Our table is spread for two, tonight
    No guests our bounty share;
    The damask cloth is snowy white,
    The services elegant and bright,
    Our china quaint and rare;
    My little wife presides,
    And perfect love abides.

    The bread is sponge, the butter gold,
    The muffins nice and hot,
    What though the winds without blow cold?
    The walls a little world infold,
    And the storm is soon forgot;
    In the fire-light's cheerful glow
    Beams a paradise below.

    A fairer picture who has seen?
    Soft lights and shadows blend;
    The central figure of the scene,
    She sits, my wife, my queen
    Her head a little bent;
    And in her eyes of blue
    I read my bliss anew.

    I watch her as she pours the tea,
    With quiet, gentle grace;
    Wjth fingers deft, and movements free
    ohe mixes in the cream for me,
    A bright smile on her face;
    And, as she sends it up,
    I pledge her in my cup.
    "Was ever man before so blessed?"

    I secretly reflect.
    The passing thought she must have guessed,
    For now dear lips on mine are pressed,
    An arm is round my neck.
    Dear treasure of my life
    God bless her! — my wife.

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  8. Tell Her So
    Poet: A. J. Perrault

    Amid the cares of married life,
    In spite of toil and business strife,
    If you value your sweet wife,
    Tell her so!

    Prove to her you don't forget
    The bond to which the seal is set;
    She's of life's sweets the sweetest yet-
    Tell her so!

    When days are dark and deeply blue,
    She has her troubles, same as you;
    Show her that your love is true
    Tell her so!
    There was a time you thought it bliss
    To get the favor of one kiss;
    A dozen now won't come amiss
    Tell her so!

    Your love for her is no mistake
    You feel it, dreaming or awake
    Don't conceal it. For her sake,
    Tell her so!

    Don't act, if she has passed her prime,
    As though to please her were a crime;
    If ever you loved her, now's the time
    Tell her so!

    She'll return, for each caress,
    A hundredfold of tenderness!
    Hearts like hers were made to bless
    Tell her so!

    You are hers and hers alone;
    Well you know she's all your own.
    Don't wait to "carve it on a stone"
    Tell her so!

    Never let her heart grow cold
    Richer beauties will unfold;
    She is worth her weight in gold!
    Tell her so!

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  10. For My Wife
    Poet: B. R. Pulsifer

    This poem is written for my wife
    Whose love fills my life.
    I thank God every day
    For your love and all your ways.

    You are like an angel, sent from above
    Now I know the meaning of true love.
    And as the years tick on by
    Know I'll love you until I die.

  11. Compliment Your Wife
    Poet: I. J. A. Miller

    If you'd have her dearly love you
    Ardently as God above you
    Compliment her worthy actions,
    Making no unjust exactions;

    Treat her always in a way
    That your deeds forever say:
    Darling wife, I love you ever,
    Angry words will part us never"

    Often kiss and hug and squeeze her,
    That's the way to pet and please her;
    Do not let her catch the notion
    Yours is not a true devotion.

    Don't believe the guilty rabble
    Or the mischief-maker's gabble
    Of the many things she's doing,
    Of the other heart she's wooing;

    Stick to her whate'er you do,
    Trust her as she trusteth you;
    For a home of love and pleasure
    Is a truly priceless treasure.

    When your tea or supper's over,
    Don't start out and play the "rover,"
    Stay at home - obey her wishes
    Rock the babe or dry the dishes;

    Don't go gadding over town
    Like a lunatic or clown.
    If it please her, take her walking,
    Don't play mule and go to balking.

    If she's tired and overbearing,
    Do not then resort to swearing.
    Treat her kindly, take life easy,
    Don't be crabbed, rough, or "teasy";

    With a reassuring smile
    Kiss her once or twice a while,
    And you'll notice what a change
    Comes from little things so strange.

    Love her as a lover would,
    Treat her as a husband should,
    Let that courtship ever last
    That impelled you in the past;

    Make your marriage one of worth,
    That will last beyond this earth;
    Court her love and wistful eye,
    Keep on courting till you die.

    Help her feel this life worth living;
    Be forbearing and forgiving.
    She will gladly bless and honor
    You, for blessings heaped upon her,

    And you never will regret
    That in love you firmly met;
    And when dead, in lonesome hours,
    She will deck your grave with flowers.

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We hope you have found a poem for your wife. What a touching way to show your wife how much you appreciate her by sending her a poem that expresses your love for her.  Or, we hope that you have found  a poem that gives you thoughts on how to love and appreciate her!

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