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Short love poems expressing love for another, even as the years go by. The verses speak about love and how years continue to grow a person's love more and more. Funny you think you love someone as much as you can and then you find as the years pass your love only grows stronger.

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  1. I Love Thee More
    Poet Unknown

    Each day, beloved, I think I love thee more
    Than any day that we have ever known,
    But less than that which is to come.
    What will it matter then, in after years,
    The furrowed cheek, or ever-whitening hair,
    If always Love grows stronger, more serene!

    Think in our hearts what precious memories live,
    Not one of mine which is not also thine,
    Binding the old bonds closer every day,
    Weaving new links in Life's bright golden chain!

    We shall grow old and weak, with feeble steps,
    But closer every day, our clasping hands,
    Since every day, beloved, I love thee more
    Than any day that we have ever known,
    Yet less than that which is to come.

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    i love you more
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  3. Yes, We Are Growing Old
    Poet: Howard Carleton Tripp

    Yes, we are growing old!
    The shadows of the evening time are here!
    The afternoon of life shall disappear
    So swiftly that at best 'twill only seem
    Much like the ghostly phantoms of a dream;
    ''Tis time for us to make our peace with God,
    To be less frugal of our hoarded gold,
    For soon we'll sleep beneath the silent sod.
    For we, alas, dear wife, are growing old!

    Yes, we are growing old!
    No panacea of mankind can bring
    Us back to life's fair promises of spring!
    Nor let into our years the olden blaze
    That gladdened life's too brief, bright summer days,
    When in our prime we hastened fast along
    Ere we had felt the autumn's frost and cold;
    Alas, we once were young and blithe and strong,
    But now, alas, dear wife, we're growing old!

    Yes, we are growing old!
    The harvest days of life are all too brief!
    Ah, may Old Time in binding up life's sheaf.
    Bind up good thoughts and deeds, and then destroy
    The weeds and tares that grew up to annoy
    Us as we journeyed swiftly down the slope
    Unto the very sands of shining gold!
    Oh, may we cling unto life's sweetest hope!
    Alas, alas, dear wife, we're growing old!

    Yes, we are growing old!
    Oh, Father Time, but stay thy speed and bring
    Us back once more to life's feir days of spring!
    Oh, let us wander in its summer meads,
    Filling life full of grand acts and good deeds!
    Oh, let the autumn's harvest be complete
    With precious things more valuable than gold;
    Oh, let our love be yet more fond and sweet,
    For we, alas, alas, are growing old!

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  5. Because
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    I love you more than
    All the fish in the sea
    Because you and me are meant to be

    I love you more than
    A forest full of trees
    Because with you I agree.

    I love you more than
    All the pebbles on the beach
    Because you are always in reach.

    I love you more than
    All the snowflakes that fall from the sky
    Because when I'm with you I can fly.

    I love you more because of who you are
    You are my sunshine, a bright shining star.
    Together, forever we will always be
    With you I will be happy!

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  7. Her Thoughts and His
    Poet: Paul Laurence Dunbar

    The gray of the sea, and the gray of the sky,
    A glimpse of the moon like a half–closed eye.
    The gleam on the waves and the light on the land,
    A thrill in my heart,- and -my sweetheart’s hand.

    She turned from the sea with a woman’s grace,
    And the light fell soft on her upturned face,
    And I thought of the flood–tide of infinite bliss
    That would flow to my heart from a single kiss.

    But my sweetheart was shy, so I dared not ask
    For the boon, so bravely I wore the mask.
    But into her face there came a flame:
    I wonder could she have been thinking the same?

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