10 Christian Poems About Love

What does Christian love look like? Find answers in these Christian poems about love. It is a different type of love than the love the world looks at. These uplifting verses express a love that is all-encompassing. If we loved as Jesus did, what a different world we would live in.

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  1. Christian Love Is
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Christian love is pure and true,
    A love that’s meant for me and you.
    It’s not just words, it’s what we do,
    A love that’s strong and always new.

    It’s patient, kind, and never rude,
    It never fails, it’s never crude.
    It’s always there to lift our mood,
    A love that’s real and never shrewd.

    It’s selfless, giving, and forgiving,
    A love that’s always worth reliving.
    It’s what we need to keep on living,
    A love that’s always so fulfilling.

    So let us love with all our might,
    And keep our hearts forever bright.
    For Christian love is such a sight,
    A love that shines both day and night.

  2. A Poem About John 13:34
    "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."
    John 13:34 (NIV)

    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Jesus taught us to love one another,
    To be kind, compassionate, and gentle with each other.
    He showed us the way to live in harmony,
    To be patient, forgiving, and full of humility.

    He loves us all, no matter who we are,
    And asked us to do the same, near or far.
    He said, “Love your neighbor as yourself,"
    And put our selfishness on a shelf.

    Jesus' life gave us hope, faith, and love,
    And, we know He watches over us from above
    As Christians, we strive to spread hope and kindness each day,
    Let us shine the light to show others the way.

    May we love one another as Jesus loved us,
    And find peace and joy in this world without fuss.

  3. Imagine
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Imagine the change in the world:

    If we loved as Jesus did,
    If we had the compassion that Jesus did,
    If we demonstrated forgiveness as Jesus did,
    If we had the patience with others as Jesus did,
    If we had the faith in God that Jesus did,
    If we serve others with humility as Jesus did,

    What a different world we would live in.

  4. Courage
    Poet: Celia Thaxter

    Because I hold it sinful to despond,
    And will not let the bitterness of life
    Blind me with burning tears, but look beyond
    Its tumult and its strife;

    Because I lift my head above the mist,
    Where the sun shines and the broad breezes blow,
    By every ray and every raindrop kissed
    That God's love doth bestow;

    Think you I find no bitterness at all?
    No burden to be borne, like Christian's pack?
    Think you there are no ready tears to fall
    Because I keep them back?

    Why should I hug life's ills with cold reserve,
    To curse myself and all who love me? Nay!
    A thousand times more good than I deserve
    God gives me every day.

    And each one of these rebellious tears
    Kept bravely back, He makes a rainbow shine;
    Grateful I take His slightest gift, no fears
    Nor doubts are mine.

    Dark skies must clear, and when the clouds are past,
    One golden day redeems a weary year;
    Patient I listen, sure that sweet at last
    Will sound His voice of cheer.

    Then vex me not with chiding. Let me be.
    I must be glad and grateful to the end.
    I grudge you not your cold and darkness, me
    The powers of light befriend.

  5. High Above The Hills
    Poet: J. McLeod, © 1981

    High above the hills and dales
    A white dove soars, a seagull sails
    A skylark sings from altitude
    Unseen, but heard below where good
    And ill so often fight it out
    Instilling fear, unrest and doubt
    That darkens vision to confuse
    So much to gain, so much to lose!

    And here below I cannot fly
    To be with them in azure sky
    My heart cries out for freedom's way
    Above the clouds of violent grey
    To where in tune with skylark's song
    Dismissed is pain and sufferings wrong
    With seagull and with gentle dove
    At one with God
    In Peace and Love

  6. The True Way
    Poet: Henry Reed Conant

    We know that we’re stubborn and willful,
    And tho’ we have kindly been shown
    The true way, which God has appointed,
    We often go on in our own.
    And thus we go on in the darkness,
    Groping our way thro’ the night;
    Unmindful ofttimes of His goodness,
    And missing His glorious light.
    But still He looks down with compassion,
    And e’en thro’ life’s greatest alarms
    We’re sheltered and safely protected,
    As weak little lambs in His arms.
    Could we but have more of His goodness
    Implanted each day in our heart,
    Perhaps there are others about us
    Who’d feel the rich joy we’d impart.
    Could our love, every day, be to others
    As the love from our Maker above,
    O what a grand army of brothers
    Would be banded together in love!

  7. Could our love, every day, be to others

    A poem that defines what being a Christian is, and what it looks like in all aspects of our lives.

  8. What Christianity Is
    by Unknown

    What Christianity is....

    In the home, it is kindness.
    In business, it is honesty.
    In society, it is courtesy.
    In work, it is fairness.
    Toward the unfortunate, it is pity.
    Toward the weak, it is help.
    Toward the wicked, it is resistance.
    Toward the strong, it is trust.
    Toward the penitent, it is forgiveness.
    Toward the fortunate, it is congratulation.
    Toward God, it is reverence and love.

  9. When we think of Jesus we should think of Him as our Saviour and our friend. Let this Christian poetry be one that inspires you to open your heart to Jesus.

  10. Divine And Human
    Poet: Lucy Larcom

    Jesus, Saviour, Friend most dear!
    Dwell thou with us daily here!
    By Thine own life teach us this —
    How divine the human is!

    One with God, as heart with heart,
    Saviour, lift us where Thou art!
    Join us to His life, through Thine,
    Human still, though all divine!

    O Love, O Friend, Thy name is God!
    Lord of the unseen and the known!
    Thy thoughts the universe have trod,
    With worlds like sands of silver strewn.

    Lead us through these bewildering ways
    Of pain and beauty thou hast trod!
    Thou art our creed, our prayer, our praise,
    O Christ, Thou human heart of God!

  11. There is no greater love than the love of God!

  12. God's Love
    Poet: Henry Reed Conant

    I know where’er my feet may be,
    Tho’ prone to stray,
    His watchful eye is over me
    Both night and day.

    And tho’ ofttimes this heart has erred
    ’Mid worldly cares,
    I know His pard’ning ear has heard
    My humble prayers.

    At all times, e’en when I have failed
    To do His will,
    His love has in my heart prevailed -
    And guides me still.

  13. The Hand Divine
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    The impress of a Hand Divine
    On every thing I see:
    The humblest flower, the tenderest vine,
    Speak of a Deity.

    There's not a plant that decks the spring,
    A blossom, or a rose,
    A blade of grass, an insect's wing,
    But heavenly wisdom shows.

    'Twas He who gave the lily birth,
    And made the worlds on high;
    In beauty spread the teeming earth
    The God forever nigh.

    'Tis everywhere I see and trace
    The finger of his love;
    Whose dwelling is unbounded space,
    Around, below, above.

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