14 Poems About God's Love

Inspiring poems about God's love to remind you how much God loves each and every one of us. These Christian poems express the joy of knowing how much God cares and loves every person He has created. You can also see expressions of how we may feel if we did not have God's love as a refuge. God's love for us is a great gift!

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  1. God's Love
    Poet: Mary C. Ryan

    Midst scenes of distress, oh I what would we do,
    If God's love like His rainbow was not
    Encircling the world, with its chasms of woe,
    Where the sin-burdened souls writhe in despair?

    Our heart's strings would snap, when life's cold storms blow.
    Blighting the hopes of our sunniest hour,
    If the soul in its anguish then did not know
    That all things were made and ruled by God's pow'r.

    Alone on life's sea, oh! where would we drift.
    If God's love did not encircle the soul;
    Bearing it onward to faith's tow'ring cliff,
    As the ages of eternity roll?

    Our bark would be wrecked, on some rocky
    Where powers of darkness ever would reign,
    If we knew not, when our voyage was o'er,
    That smiles of our Lord would banish all pain.

    When sowing the wheat and reaping the tares.
    And struggling to rise, we stumble and fall.
    What could we do, to escape Satan's snares,
    If God's love was not a refuge for all?

  2. There are questions that nothing can answer but God's love

  3. The Fullness Of His Love
    by Frances Ridley Havergal

    The fullness of His blessing
    encompasseth our way;
    The fullness of His promises
    crowns every brightening day;
    The fullness of His glory
    is beaming from above,
    While more and more we realize
    the fullness of His love.

  4. Valley Of Rest
    Poet: Ellwood Haines Stokes

    This valley rest be thine,
    Rest nobly won, thine by the toil of years;
    Rest which has come of struggle and of tears;
    Sweet prelude to the rest of higher spheres;
    Here, evermore entwine
    Such fragrant flowers as grew in Eden's bliss,
    And never bloom except in vales like this.

    Home's sweetest rest is here;
    Love's golden throne! Love's coronation day!
    Love weaves for thee her softest, sweetest lay,
    Love walks with thee in love's delicious way, -
    White robed, with heart sincere,-
    She lisps of all things, beautiful and good,
    And bathes thy brow with tears of gratitude.

    Though in the valley still.
    Thy saintly years are as the mountain's height,
    Where widening visions burst upon thy sight,
    And gardens of thy toil blossom in light;
    Bright hopes thy spirit fill.
    While tides of joy in softest murmurs roll,
    And home's sweet loves are song birds of the soul.

    God's love is over all!
    In measure broader than the broadest sea.
    In all its nature perfect purity.
    In full "Baptisms" may it come to thee,
    Baptisms few nor small,
    Then sing anew thy mother's cherished psalms,
    Till altogether wave victorious palms.

  5. Love Of God
    Poet: F. W. Faber

    For the love of God is broader
    Than the measure of mankind;
    And the heart of the Eternal
    Is most wonderfully kind.

    If our love were but more simple
    We should take Him at his word;
    And our lives would be all sunshine
    In the sweetness of our Lord.

  6. God's Patient Love
    Poet: Unknown

    God's patient love! Misunderstood
    By hearts that suffer in the night.
    Doubted - yet waiting till Heaven's light
    Shall show how all things work for good.

    God's endless Love! What will it be
    When earthly shadows flee away,
    For all eternity's bright day
    The unfolding of that Love to see!

  7. Great Gift
    Poet: Alaurice Francis Egan

    If we love God, we know what loving is,
    For love is God's, He sent it to the earth,
    Half human, half divine, all glorious, -
    Half human, half divine, but wholly His;
    Not loving God, we know not love's true worth,
    We taste not the great gift He gave to us.

  8. Gift Of Heaven
    Poet: Unknown

    Oh never mind the months and days;
    The things that people wear
    Are all outside; there's something else
    That's ever young and fair.
    'Tis love that makes the joy of life,
    Love - the best gift of Heaven.

  9. The Love Of God
    Poet: Saxe Holm

    Like a cradle rocking, rocking,
    Silent, peaceful to and fro,
    Like a mother's sweet looks dropping
    On the little face below, -
    Hangs the green earth, swinging, turning,
    Jarless, noiseless, safe and slow;
    Falls the light of God's face bending
    Down, and watching us below.

    And as feeble babes that suffer,
    Toss and cry, and will not rest.
    Are the ones the tender mother
    Holds the closest, loves the best.
    So when we are weak and wretched,
    By our sins weighed down, distressed,
    Then it is that God's great patience
    Holds us closest, loves us best.

    O great Heart of God! whose loving
    Cannot hindered be nor crossed;
    Will not weary, will not even
    In our death itself be lost, -
    Love divine! of such great loving
    Only mothers know the cost, -
    Cost of love, which, all love passing,
    Gave a Son to save the lost.

  10. God Hears
    Poet: Whittier

    The dear God hears and pities all,
    He knoweth all our wants,
    And what we blindly ask of Him
    His love withholds or grants.

    And so I sometimes think our prayers
    Might well be merged in one,
    And nest and perch, and hearth and church,
    Repeat " Thy will be done."

  11. Love Unchanged
    Poet: Owen Meredith

    Life's shadows fluctuate; God's love does not,
    And His love is unchanged, when it changes our lot.
    Looking up to this light, which is common to all,
    And down to these shadows on each side that fall,
    In Time's silent circle, so various for each.
    Is it nothing to know that they never can reach
    So far, but that light lies beyond them forever?

  12. God Is Love
    Poet: John Bowring

    I cannot always trace the way
    Where Thou, Almighty One, dost move,
    But I can always, always say,
    That God is love.

    When fear her chilling mantle throws
    O'er earth, my soul to heaven above,
    As to her native home, upsprings,
    For God is love.

    When mystery clouds my darkened path,
    I'll check my dread, my doubts reprove;
    In this my soul sweet comfort hath,
    That God is love.

    Yes, God is love; a thought like this
    Can every gloomy thought remove,
    And turn all tears, all woes, to bliss,
    For God is love.

  13. There's Not A....
    Poet: G. Griffin

    There's not a flower that decks the vale,
    There's not a beam that lights the mountain,
    There's not a shrub that scents the gale.
    There's not a wind that stirs the fountain,
    There's not a hue that paints the rose.
    There's not a leaf around us lying;
    But in its use some beauty shows,
    God's love to us and love undying!

  14. God's All-Embracing Love
    Poet: Eliza Scudder

    Thou grace divine, encircling all,
    A soundless, shoreless sea
    Wherein at last our souls shall fall;
    O love of God most free,

    When over dizzy steeps we go
    One soft hand blinds our eyes,
    The other leads us, safe and slow,
    O love of God, most wise!

    And though we turn us from thy face,
    And wander wide and long,
    Thou hold'st us still in thine embrace,
    O love of God most strong!

    The saddened heart, the restless soul,
    The toil-worn frame and mind,
    Alike confess thy sweet control,
    O love of God most kind!

    But not alone thy care we claim
    Our wayward steps to win;
    We know thee by a dearer name,
    O love of God, within!

    And filled and quickened by thy breath
    Our souls are strong and free
    To rise o'er sin, and fear, and death,
    O love of God, to thee!

  15. The Silence
    Poet: Edgar Nye

    When the burdens of life get too heavy
    And what should be sweet seems as gall,
    I go on a soul-cleansing journey
    That shows me the need of it all.

    Away from Life's troubled pathway,
    Through the valley and up the hill,
    To the peak of a lofty summit where
    The pulse of the world stands still;

    There I see God's love all about me
    In the wonderful things He has made,
    And peacefully return from the Silence
    To take up my life unafraid.

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