8 Mary C. Ryan Poems

Be inspired by these Mary C. Ryan poems which were originally published in 1890. While we don't have a lot of information about Mary, her book was published in New York so we assumed she lived in the United States. Her poems are inspirational in nature and have reflections of wisdom about life that still apply to the 21st century.

Mary C. Ryan
Mary C. Ryan

  1. God's Love
    An inspiring poem pondering the love of God for each and every one of us.

  2. God Is Everywhere
    Mary C. Ryan does a good job driving home the point that God is all around us all the time, and, that we all have a purpose.

  3. Oh! Tell Me Not
    Be encouraged by this poem by Mary C. Ryan. She expresses thoughts of what makes a person successful in this poem of encouragement.

  4. Oh! The Flowers
    A poem about the life of the flower and the similarities to our own life. Be inspired and reflect on the verses in this poem by Poet, Mary C. Ryan.

  5. On Hope's Broken Wing
    When you lose hope, when you no longer trust in God, life can become pretty sad. Mary C. Ryan inspires and reminds us to trust God!

  6. Farewell! But When Roses
    Saying farewell to someone you love is difficult. The poet reminds us of our memories that we will always have.

  7. In The City Of Peace
    This poem describes that which we will never find here on earth. Be inspired and encouraged by this poem!

  8. Father
    A short prayer to God - Words from the heart.

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