Fairer Than Lilies

A short love poem written by Mary C. Ryan. A poem that uses analogies to describe the feelings of another's love.

Fairer Than Lilies
by Mary C. Ryan

Fairer than lilies in bloom,
Fraught with the sparkling dew,
Brighter than dancing sunbeams
On the waters blue,
Sweeter than nightingale songs
In the stilly night,
Is the idol of my heart,
Its joy and delight.

Others may quaff ruddy wine,
Bask in Fortune's smile,
E'en reside in marble halls,
Lux'ries all the while;
But give me the true love
Of her I adore.
Then with health, to earn my bread,
I'd not ask for more.

Sparkling eyes and ruby lips,
Tresses of shining gold.
Has my true love, but her name
Can not now be told; —
But when springtime comes again.
Orange blooms she'll wear.
Proudly I will call her mine
In the glad New Year.

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