Fairer Than Lilies

A short love poem that was written by Mary C. Ryan. A poem that uses analogies to describe the feelings of another's love. A great poem for reflection.

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Fairer Than Lilies
Poet:  Mary C. Ryan

Fairer than lilies in bloom,
Fraught with the sparkling dew,
Brighter than dancing sunbeams
On the waters blue,
Sweeter than nightingale songs
In the stilly night,
Is the idol of my heart,
Its joy and delight.

Others may quaff ruddy wine,
Bask in Fortune's smile,
E'en reside in marble halls,
Lux'ries all the while;
But give me the true love
Of her I adore.
Then with health, to earn my bread,
I'd not ask for more.

Sparkling eyes and ruby lips,
Tresses of shining gold.
Has my true love, but her name
Can not now be told; —
But when springtime comes again.
Orange blooms she'll wear.
Proudly I will call her mine
In the glad New Year.

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Another poem by Mary C. Ryan about love:

Poet:  Mary C. Ryan

At early morn oft have I seen
The dew-drop kiss the rose.
While nature smiled so sweet, serene,
After her night's repose.
The little birdies sang of love,
The flowers bloomed so fair;
While I alone sadly did rove.
But found no solace there.

For love with me long years ago,
Wandered by silv'ry streams;
Striking the harp so sweet and low
The music of her dreams.
In silence she did bind my heart
With fetters hard and strong;
Then from my side she did depart
With a gay happy throng.

She left me e'er to wear her chain
In sorrow and in tears;
But she will never come again -
See what her captive wears.
In idle sport the chains she wrought,
Then gaily fled away;
To free myself in vain I've sought
Many a dreary day.

And yet another poem but this one talks about the years passing, romance fading, but focuses on your faith and paradise!

Years Pass Away
Poet: Mary C. Ryan

Years pass away,
Bright hopes decay.
And long before the hair is gray,
A shade of gloom
From the cold tomb
Darkens the lustre of life's day.

Romances fade,
Cares bow the head
Before life's strife is e'en begun;
The weary heart
In noonday's heat
Must disenchanted toil alone.

Then love's sweet bloom
In winter's gloom
Often blossoms in sullen hate,
And beauty's vale
In one fierce gale
Is ruined and left desolate.

But longing soul,
Ages must roll
O'er thee when naught is left of earth;
A moment here,
Forever there.
Beyond life's darksome portals, death.

So look on high,
Beyond the sky.
That faith's pure light may guide your eyes,
Gleaming afar.
Through gates ajar.
To lead from earth to Paradise.

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