Like A Fair Pearl

A poem about life that reminds us that no matter what we go through this life is not all there is.

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Like A Fair Pearl
by Mary C. Ryan

Like a fair pearl within its shell,
A sweet hope lies within each breast;
Far, far below the billow's crest.
Below each varying tidal swell

Though dark the tide 'neath stormy skies,
Or bright the gleam from moonlit waves,
Alike serene in ocean caves,
The perfect jewel hidden lies.

Thus through each scene of joy and woe,
Life's sweet hope e'er remains the same,
Unchanged by time and fickle fame,
Its genial rays in all hearts glow.

But as rough shells from the dark sea,
Disclose their treasures in the light,
Eare gems reflecting sunbeams bright.
In crowns of kings honored shall be.

Lifted by God from depth of night,
The ransomed soul as changed shall be,
From cumbrous earthly shells set free,
Ever to bask in Heaven's light.

For in a brighter world than this,
Life's hope at last will be revealed,
The longing soul be satisfied,
Resplendent in eternal bliss.

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