14 Poems About The Future

None of us knows what the future will hold, what even tomorrow will bring. The future is truly the great unknown. These poems are good ones to reflect upon if you are thinking that tomorrow will bring certain things as none of us knows what tomorrow will bring. So be inspired to live for today, be happy today, and don't waste your day because no one knows what the future will bring!

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  1. The Great Unknown
    Poet: Unknown

    I have been told about the here-after, fully;
    but of tomorrow, the day I must face in a few short hours,
    I know nothing.

    Tomorrow! It may unfold some new creation that will be of untold
    benefit to mankind, a great medical discovery, a new scientific fact,
    a revelation of the nature of the universe —
    who knows?

    Tomorrow! It may bring
    a renewed attempt to solve old problems or
    a new opportunity to help my fellows.
    It may give me a fresh grip on my passions or
    reveal another step toward a more perfect race of men.

    Tomorrow! It may bring
    again the touch of my sweetheart's fingers
    or only the echo of my football here on earth.

    Tomorrow! It may bring
    destruction — or it may bring peace and
    the beginning of human brotherhood to a troubled world.

  2. Our grand business undoubtedly is:  Not to seek for that which lies dimly in the future, but to do that which lies clearly at hand.
    Poems Of Encouragement

  3. The Tomorrow-Days
    Poet: Joseph Clark

    The "Tomorrow-Days" are a challenge to me;
    They summon both time and energy;
    They spread afar like a widening sea,
    And appeal to the best that one can be.
    The "Tomorrow-Days" are the days for me.

    The "Yester-Days" have no charm for me;
    Their hours are a fleeting memory;
    They've drifted to Eternity;
    Their record is made — whate'er it be,
    The "Tomorrow-Days" are the days for me.

    Through all the "Tomorrow-Days" to be,
    I pray as they pass so silently.
    That God may Himself be a Guide to me,
    'Til the day when His blessed face I see.
    The "Tomorrow-Days" are the days for me.

  4. It is ours to make the unknown future brighter
    Attitude Poems

  5. It Is Ours
    Poet: Rhoda Tucker Frick

    It is ours to make the unknown future brighter
    Than the fairest dreams of all the dreamers;
    Ours to see the vision and fulfill it.
    Fairer than we dream of, fairer even
    Than the shining eyes of hope can see it.

  6. Destinies Of Life
    Poet: John Greenleaf Whittier

    Know well, my soul, God's hand controls
    Whate'er thou fearest!
    Round him in calmest music rolls
    Whate'er thou hearest.

    Man sees no future - a phantom show
    Is alone before him;
    Past time is dead, and the grasses grow
    And flow'rs bloom o'er him.

    The present, the present is all thou hast
    For thy sure possessing;
    Like the patriarch's angel, hold it fast
    Till it gives its blessing.

    Like warp and woof, all destinies
    Are woven fast,
    Linked in sympathy like the keys
    Of an organ vast.

    Pluck one thread and the web ye mar;
    Break but one
    Of a thousand keys, and paining jar
    Through all will run.

    And in life, and in death, in dark and light,
    All are in God's care;
    Sound the black abyss, pierce the deep of night,
    And he is there.

  7. Christian Poems
    Christian Poems

  8. The Past
    by Phillips Brooks

    There are some who want to
    get rid of their past,
    who, if they could,
    would begin all over again, . . .
    but you must learn,
    you must let God teach you,
    that the only way to get rid of
    your past is to get a future out of it.

  9. If only we could see what lies ahead
    Quotes About The Future

  10. Knowledge
    Poet: Unknown

    If only we could see what lies ahead,
    If we might look beyond tomorrow's portals,
    I wonder if we should, absolved from dread,
    Be happy-visaged and contented mortals?
    Would all the hate and heartaches disappear,
    Would glee blot out all memories of sorrow -
    If we could see what lies beyond tomorrow?

    If we could know what destines the fates
    Are shaping now for us who blindly blunder;
    And oft in vain assault forbidden gates,
    How would the knowledge profit us, I wonder?
    Would failure cease to break the hearts of men?
    Would night's deep silent darkness lose its terror?
    Would he that ought to dig lay down the pen?
    Would all who stumble cease to grope in error?

    We know that right is right, that wrong is wrong.
    That thus it was ordained at time's beginning;
    We know that honors to the wise belong.
    That sorrow is the heavy price of sinning.
    Tet foolishly we sin and venture where
    the currents, soon or late, will drag us under;
    If somehow all the future were laid bare.
    How would beholding profit us, I wonder?''

    "Some of these days all the skies will be brighter;
    Some of these days all the burdens will be lighter;
    Hearts will be happier, souls will be whiter,
    Some of these days!

    ''Some of these days, in the deserts upspringing.
    Fountains shall flash while the joy-bells are ringing;
    And the world - with its sweetest of birds - shall go singing
    Some of these days!

    Some of these days! Let us bear with our sorrow!
    Faith in the future - its light we may borrow;
    There will be joy in the golden tomorrow -
    Some of these days!

  11.  What we do today will determine what our future holds. No one determines your future but you!
    Just For Today Poems

  12. Thinking And Doing
    by H. W. Dresser

    What I am thinking and doing day by day
    is resistlessly shaping my future -
    a future in which there is no expiation except
    through my own better conduct.

    No one can save me.
    No one can live my life for me.
    If I am wise I shall begin to-day to
    build my own truer and better world from within.

  13. Future Unknown
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    My future is unknown, its scripts are yet to be written.
    The choices I make in life impact what is smitten.
    What I do today will affect me tomorrow;
    I will try to act wisely and not be hollow.

    Every choice affects me on the path that I've chosen;
    If wisdom forgot, my future will be frozen.
    So point my life in a positive direction,
    Do it right and learn from each correction.

    Although the final outcome may remain unsure,
    No matter how long it takes, I will endure.

  14. Life Choices Poems
    Life Choices Poems

  15. Today Is Yours
    Poet: Unknown

    Today is yours, its richness and its chance.
    And all it holds - its opportunities,
    Its penalties, rewards, and its advance,
    And its restrictions and immunities.

    Today is yours; your yesterday is dead,
    And unborn is the morrow; but today
    Holds something that by night-time will have fled
    And left you staring backward in dismay.

    Today is yours: how you may use today,
    Tomorrow pays the toll; your minutes wrecked
    Are melancholy markers by the way -
    There is more strife than peace in retrospect.

  16. Take therefore no thought for the morrow; for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.
    Bible Verses

  17. Future's Vast Expanse
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    With eyes wide open to the future's vast expanse,
    Opportunities dance in a symphony of chance.
    A world where dreams come alive, boundless and free,
    A tapestry of possibilities waiting for you and me.

    In this ever-changing landscape, where innovation thrives,
    New horizons emerge as technology drives.
    The digital realm, a gateway to the unknown,
    Unleashing our potential, a future yet unshown.

    With eyes wide open, we embrace the unknown,
    Emboldened by courage, our fear overthrown.
    Unafraid to take risks, to venture and explore,
    The future beckons us, promising so much more.

  18. Make This A Day
    Poet: Wilbur D. Nesbitt

    Make this a day. There is no gain
    In brooding over days to come.
    The message of today is plain;
    The future's lips are ever dumb.
    The work of yesterday is gone -
    For good or ill, let come what may;
    But now we face another dawn -
    Make this a day.

    Though yesterday we failed to see
    The urging hand and earnest face
    That men call opportunity;
    We failed to know the time or place
    For some great deed, - what need to fret?
    The dawn comes up a silver gray,
    And golden moments must be met -
    Make this a day.

    This day is yours, your work is yours;
    The odds are not who pays your hire;
    The thing accomplished - that endures,
    If it be what the days require.
    He who takes up his daily round
    As one new armored for the fray,
    Tomorrow steps on solid ground.
    Make this a day.

    The day is this, the time is now;
    No better hour was ever here:
    Who waits upon the when and how
    Remains forever in the rear.
    Though yesterday were wasted stuff,
    Your feet may still seek out the way;
    Tomorrow is not soon enough -
    Make this a day.

  19. Who Knows Poet: F. D. Sherman Be quick to praise, be slow to scorn, For what the future holds, - who knows? To-day the vine has but a thorn, To-morrow brings the rose.

  20. We March Forward
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In this realm of innovation, we stand tall,
    Building bridges where barriers once stood tall.
    Collaboration and connection know no bounds,
    Together, we shall break new ground.

    Technology's embrace fuels our desire,
    To blaze trails, to reach higher and higher.
    With each triumph, we rewrite our fate,
    Leaving a legacy, a mark we'll never abate.

    With eyes wide open, we march ever forward,
    Harnessing our potential, the future we order.
    Opportunities abundant, like stars in the sky,
    We chart our course, we dare to defy.

    In this brave new world, we find our way,
    Navigating uncharted territories every day.
    With courage as our compass and passion as our guide,
    The future, full of opportunities, we'll stride.

  21. Dream For Tomorrow, Enjoy Today
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Wherever you find yourself in life
    It’s important to remember this strife;
    Dreaming for tomorrow’s success and allure,
    But still enjoying the present’s splendor that’s pure.

    Our future holds hope, pleasure, and surprise,
    As it awaits us after our hard work and wise;
    Until then we can marvel at what today offers right here,
    Make sure that today you appreciate what's dear.

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