The Great Unknown

None of us knows what tomorrow will bring. The future is truly the great unknown. This poem is a good one to reflect upon if you are thinking that tomorrow will bring certain things as none of us knows what tomorrow will bring. So be inspired to live for today, be happy today, and don't waste your day because no one knows what the future will bring!

The Great Unknown

Poet: Unknown

I have been told about the here - after, fully;
but of tomorrow, the day I must face in a few short hours,
I know nothing.

Tomorrow! It may unfold some new creation that will be of untold
benefit to mankind, a great medical discovery, a new scientific fact,
a revelation of the nature of the universe —
who knows?

Tomorrow! It may bring
a renewed attempt to solve old problems or
a new opportunity to help my fellows.
It may give me a fresh grip on my passions or
reveal another step toward a more perfect race of men.

Tomorrow! It may bring
again the touch of my sweetheart's fingers
or only the echo of my football here on earth.

Tomorrow! It may bring
destruction — or it may bring peace and
the beginning of human brotherhood to a troubled world.

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