A short prayer to God by Mary C. Ryan. Words from the heart.

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by Mary C. Ryan

Father, with Thy great love draw me
Closer to Thee;
And banish from my soul its night
With truth's great light.
Oh! give my panting spirit rest
Upon Thy breast,
There let me cling closer to Thee,
Thy glory see.

For through the changing scenes of life,
In earth's great strife,
I've fought for Thee and for the right
With all my might.
But all that I could win proved vain
And full of pain,
So I grew weary in the fray,
Fell by the way.

What I have sown, others did reap,
So I must weep.
O Saviour, speak these words to me,—
''All's well with thee."
Thy promises I do believe,
So God receive
This contrite heart, and give me rest
Upon Thy breast.

For now in tears I've come to Thee
Without one plea;
No golden grain to Thee I bring,
No worthy thing;
But at my Saviour's feet, e'en I
Now prostrate lie.
O Father, take my sin-sick heart
And heal its smart.

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