On Hope's Broken Wing

When you lose hope, when you no longer trust in God, life can become pretty sad. Mary C. Ryan inspires and reminds us to trust God!

On Hope's Broken Wing
by Mary C. Ryan

On hope's broken wing my spirit once fell.
From joy's sunny heights to great depths of woe;
And music's sweet strains in sadness did swell,
Life's garden of flowers was covered with snow.

But a bright little bird sang of God's love,
"I, even I, to the ground can not fall,
Without the care of the Father above;,
He careth for me, for He loveth all."

My eyes then beheld a lily in bloom;
From her heart of gold she whispered to me:
"I sow and reap not, I dread not the tomb,
The hand of my God provideth for me."

My soul then, in prayer, sought peace with its God,
The snow on life's garden melted away:
And my new heart seemed a beautiful sod
Where a sweet hope bloomed that ne'er will decay

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