On Hope's Broken Wing

When you lose hope, when you no longer trust in God, life can become pretty sad. No matter what you look at or where you are at you can't see beyond it as your hope has left you. Life can become discouraging and you may find yourself feeling disheartened. But, Mary C. Ryan's poem inspires and reminds us to trust God!

The first stanza of this poem talks about what happens if we lost hope. The joy we experience leaves us and we feel very down. Even music that would uplift us now makes us sad when our hope vanishes. And, with no hope, our life can be like a garden full of flowers but a winter garden covered with snow with no hope of blooms.

The second stanza reminds us how much God's love surrounds us all. Even the birds have the sense of God's love. This stanza reminds us of the Bible verse, Matthew 6:26 (NIV): "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" The point is that if God cares for the birds then He most certainly cares for us and we can be hopeful.

The third stanza talks how the beauty of a lily in bloom and how the hand of God provides even for the flowers.

The fourth stanza reflects upon putting out trust in God, going to Him in prayer will result in a peace that is like no other. With God in our lives, our hope lives!

May this poem remind you to keep your hope high, don't let it ride on a broken wing.

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On Hope's Broken Wing
Poet: Mary C. Ryan

On hope's broken wing my spirit once fell.
From joy's sunny heights to great depths of woe;
And music's sweet strains in sadness did swell,
Life's garden of flowers was covered with snow.

But a bright little bird sang of God's love,
"I, even I, to the ground can not fall,
Without the care of the Father above;,
He careth for me, for He loveth all."

My eyes then beheld a lily in bloom;
From her heart of gold she whispered to me:
"I sow and reap not, I dread not the tomb,
The hand of my God provideth for me."

My soul then, in prayer, sought peace with its God,
The snow on life's garden melted away:
And my new heart seemed a beautiful sod
Where a sweet hope bloomed that ne'er will decay.

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Beyond Life's Steep
Poet: Mary C. Ryan

Beyond life's steep and rugged mountains.
Beside a crystal, sparkling sea,
O'er sands of gold, celestial fountains
Flow fraught with life for you and me.

For aye, in fields of vernal green,
The ransomed soul in peace reposes;
And o'er that bright, eternal scene
Blow zephyrs sweet as summer roses.

If we from Pisgah's mountain high,
Could view earth's rising tides of woe.
For Eden's fair fields, the heart would sigh
And we would forget hopes wrecked below.

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