God Is Everywhere

A poem using a flower as an analogy the poet is expressing the thought that God is everywhere. Mary C. Ryan does a good job driving home the point that God is all around us all the time, and, that we all have a purpose. No matter where we are we should be content and help others where ever we are!

What makes some people think that they are completely alone in this world? What suggests that the Almighty God who created everything from nothing has left us all by ourselves never to be present again? Some of these thoughts have crossed the mind of many people all through the centuries. However, God has not abandoned us to be and do what we wish or to live without hope of eternal rest. There is always hope no matter the plight, the sadness, the hardship, or the strife. Each that knows Christ as their Savior, has hope eternal to dwell in a mansion created by our Lord.

The sad truth is that there are millions who do not know Jesus; never have happiness or peace while they dwell on this earth. To these people I say that you never have to fear again; you never have to fear death; nor, do you ever have to be concerned that your restlessness need not be satisfied. Mary C. Ryan has penned words that should give comfort to all when she says:

"My God has placed me here, and I'm content my life be spent".

What does Mary Ryan mean? She means that no matter who we are or where we are living or doing, God has had a hand in what we are experiencing or what we do not experience. That is to say that where we find ourselves no matter the circumstance should quiet our souls in that God has placed us here for a reason. To some who are currently suffering, this may seem less than ideal, and that may be true. But, know this: this world in which we live, the events or problems or devastating occurrences will not last. All of these less than stellar or delightful happenings will only last for a very short time compared to what is eternity expresses. We are all like the morning mist only here for a very short time before the sun burns it away. So too is our life on earth where we are but a foreigner in this land. Our true home is in heaven, and what we undergo and experience here is to help us build character to take to our future heavenly home.

Be quiet oh yea sorrowful soul for peace shall soon arrive. Eternal rest, peace, and joyfulness shall be the song of our soul so soon to come.

What Mary C. Ryan so clearly portrays is that God is all around us all the time, and, that we all have a purpose. No matter where we are, we should be content for this time here on earth is but a fleeting moment when compared to our eternal dwelling place.

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God Is Everywhere
Poet: Mary C. Ryan

One gloomy day,
A man did stray
Through fields and woodlands drear;
And chanced to see
On the green lea,
A flower sweet and fair.
It was the violet so blue.
That he saw hiding there.

"Why thus," he said,
"Thy fragrance shed
O'er this secluded spot?
Oh! why not grow,
Thy beauty show,
And seek a brighter lot?
For thou would'st win some lover true
In palace or a cot."

It hung its head.
And thus replied: —
"My God has placed me here,
And I'm content
My life be spent
This lonely spot to cheer;
To some faint heart, e'en I may show
That God is everywhere.

"And I alone,
In modest tone,
Far from the haunts of man,
A soul may win,
From loathsome sin,
Back to its God again.
For o'er me here, His zephyrs blow,
His care for me is seen."

The man passed by.
And heaved a sigh;
But left the violet there.
"Long live," he said.
"Thy fragrance shed,
For God is also here.
To my sad heart, well didst thou tell
That He is everywhere.

"For there's no place,
Where there's no trace,
Of His great love and care;
Where'er I be,
His love I see;
For He is ever near.
Where space extends. His praises swell,
For God is everywhere."

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