God's Grace Verses

Be inspired by these God's grace verses. God's grace is given freely to us and we should be thankful and encouraged that we have a loving God who provides such grace. Be encouraged by these Christian poems and verses.

God's Marvelous Grace
Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2008

O Lord, our Lord, how wonderful You are!
 You have been part of all our days,
Since the beginning of time You were there,
discerning and checking our ways.
We're not aware of the time that You spend,
or at least we tend not to be,
We are engrossed in our own little world,
as if that is how to be free.

But Lord, in Your marvelous grace and Your care,
Your knowledge of our innermost thought,
Have brought us the choice of eternal life;
through Jesus our freedom was bought.
How can we thank You? What can we say?
Is there a response You desire?
Can we pay back a part of this debt?
To what would You have us aspire?

You are so holy, we are so frail,
so far beyond what You seek,
We roam about in our own selfish way,
seldom hearing You speak.
Your still, small voice seems so far away,
 it's the noise of the world that attracts,
We'd rather not deal with restrictions at all,
its hard enough handling the facts.

But if it's Your will to transform us from this,
to teach us the way we should go;
It's only when You intervene in our lives and
show us what we ought to know.
Though we can't attain to the standards You set,
 the least we can do is to try,
To be wary of sin, faithful in love,
 all earthly enticements deny.

With Your assistance and in Your strength,
give me the grace to be true,
Then I will daily sing of Your praise;
my voice shall ring out, "I LOVE YOU!"

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Reasons to Sing
Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2008

Angels sing the praises of God,
a multitude of voices,
Joy before the throne of grace
in which our God rejoices.

Perfect clarity and pitch,
songs of adoration,
Melodies for heaven alone,
holy consecration.

Human voices can’t attain
 to that mark of glory,
Yet our praises still will rise
when we tell Christ’s story.

Unsurpassing sacrifice,
holy God descending,
In the form of human flesh
shows His love unending.

Great compassion for mankind,
man so unacceptive,
Love so deep, without reserve,
yet man is more selective.

Imagine! Man, who has a choice,
God states, “it’s your decision.”
Would walk away from grace so deep
and hold God in derision.

God, who made man from the dust,
stoops to give man choices,
God, who reigns o’er all the earth
directs the angels’ voices.

God, who holds each breath we take,
frail and weak or healthy,
Has control of all we are,
be we poor or wealthy,

How then do we dare to say
His will still has no bearing;
In ignorance we criticize
and say He is uncaring.

If God is love where is the proof?
There’s violence, grief and crying;
Man’s inhumanity to man,
destruction, tears and dying.

Has He no power to refute?
Does He not see our sorrow?
Is there ever to be hope? Hope?
Perhaps tomorrow.

Why does God refuse to act?
Surely there’s a reason.
Does He need to tell us why? God!
Who guides each season?

Don’t blame God for things we do,
sin is our creation;
If we controlled man’s inner greed,
we’d have a better nation.

If we saw others as ourselves,
perhaps saw their potential,
Unite our talents as a team,
this team could be essential.

Amazing what two folks can do
when one has not that bearing;
The world would be a better place
 if we could be more caring.

If angels sing their praise to God and
 bow their wings before Him,
Humbly we should bend our knees
 to worship and adore Him.

Criticism has no place in
God’s plan for living;
Work together for His good,
give and keep on giving

Joy will fill your inner heart,
 then grace gives you power;
Songs will flow from grateful lips,
praise to God each hour.

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Peace, Be Still
Poet: Maria J. Dodge

Be still and know that I am God;
Bow down thine head and kiss the rod;
Tis sent in love to bring thee home.
Come, kneel before thy Father's Throne.

Come, in His ear pour all your woes.
And wrestle with your unseen foes;
Passions without and wrath within,
And all the dread, dark fiends of sin.

Come, bare your soul before His eyes,
Let incense from your heart arise;
If you to Him in meekness come,
You'll find a Just and Holy One.

Come, walk with Him the narrow way.
Where forms of darkness cannot stay;
To all who walk in love with Him
He gives a holy peace within.

With the invisible cords of love
He'll draw your hearts to Him above;
Then bow your heads, and kiss the rod
Of Him who says, "I am your God."

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