21 Graduation Poems

Here is a collection of graduation poems about that special commemorative day that deserves recognition. Poems for the graduate, poems for fellow graduates, and graduation poems to say thank you! Everyone must expend the energy and diligence to capture the moment; that moment when a person is entrusted with a graduation diploma that marks only the beginning of a new life.

Perseverance and dedication are the hallmarks of what lies beyond high school graduation. Whether that be in obtaining advanced degrees from college or university, it is always attained through hard work, sometimes tears, and many dedicated hours.

We trust these verses will help express your congratulatory thoughts to the new graduate as they begin to reach for the next milestone, the farthest educational journey in their life. The poems contain words of wisdom that will inspire the graduate on the next chapter of their life!

1. High School Graduation 2. A New Chapter In Life Poem
3. Graduation Wishes For A Friend 4. Thank You For Being There For Me
5. Poems About New Beginnings 6. While Others
7. Desiderata Poem  

  1. We Are Proud of You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    School is over there is no more
    Now you can go out there and soar
    All your dreams you can now pursue
    Each day will be different and so new.

    Give it all you got and more
    Look for opportunities and open the door
    You are wished much happiness
    We know you will be a success!

    Congratulations on a job well done
    Enjoy it and have some fun
    Wear the cap and tassel too
    We are so very proud of you!

  2. The Moment Your Life Begins
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

    From this moment on,
    Your life will begin.
    From what you knew in the past,
    Your life will be changing.

    And this is okay,
    As life changes a lot.
    It's good to be flexible,
    And don't have a blind spot.

    Keep your eyes wide open,
    In search of the best.
    The big shot will come around,
    And it'll be you they'll request.

    Stay open and positive,
    So people can know,
    The person you are inside,
    A person with show.

    Take what you need,
    From the past, you are now.
    And take steps on forward,
    To the life, you will allow.

    And when you feel frustrated,
    And feel a bit down.
    Remember who you are,
    Turn that frown upside down.

  3. Graduation Poems To Encourage

  4. We The Seniors
    Poet: Unknown

    We, the seniors do pledge, for the future's sake.
    To strive to do our very best In all we undertake.

    Some of us will be slow, some fast
    As we climb the ladder of fame.

    But finally we will all get there
    And win ourselves a great name.

    There will always be some conflicts
    In this great world of today.

    But it will be up to we seniors
    To resolve them on our way.

    As we become older our memories we shall grow fonder.
    Let us bear these thoughts in mirid, as on our way we wander.

  5. Graduation Poems To Inspire

  6. Chapters of Life
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    This stage of life has seen us
    Study until we felt like we would bust
    But today is the day
    We are actually on our way.

    Our learning has been great
    But for this day we wait
    A celebration of graduation
    Will it feel like a vacation.

    Life brings a new chapter
    That is what learning is after
    The knowledge to decide
    Whether we will go for the ride.

    And the coming chapter will see
    Success is all up to me
    I can move forward with pride
    All my learning as a guide.

    Chapters of life opening up to me
    I will give it my best and be all I can be.
    So on this graduation let's reflect
    And move forward to achieve what we expect.

  7. Graduation: One At A Time
    Poet: Byron R. Pulsifer 2019

    There was only one
    Only one at a time.
    To long for more
    Gives you no more.

    You have to take it one by one
    With each one earned before anymore.
    Do not fret unless you scheme
    To do less is but only a dream.
    Each day must be claimed
    Or else there is nothing but shame.

    Delight in what you have earned,
    Through your work, though it be hard.
    Wait not upon the lawn,
    But get to class before you yawn.

    You made it through to this point,
    In delight there must be more
    For should it be left or else it is shunned,
    Tis not for you to become undone.

    The hopes and dreams of many are
    That rest upon your shoulders broad.
    Make haste before the age befalls.
    It is not the end despite the night
    But only the next one in your sight.

  8. Graduation Poems To Motivate

  9. Congrats My Friend
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Finally, our big day has arrived
    And look we both survived!
    We had many a talk about this day
    We can't wait, we would say.

    We studied hard, we hit the books
    Another test, we would give each other the look.
    Will it ever be over, the years so slow
    But finally today we feel a glow.

    Friends we have been through these years
    We shared good times and our fears
    We had many laughs, oh, such good memories
    And we celebrated every small victory.

    A friend like you to share the school years
    You're different than my other peers
    Has been only the best
    We survived and passed all the tests.

    School has been great
    But to you, I must state,
    "We will always share a special bond,
    I appreciate you and of you, I am so fond."

    So my buddy, my friend
    Today is the end
    But our friendship will carry on
    Even after we're gone.

    So graduation we do commemorate
    This day will always be a special date
    Congrats, my dear friend, we did it
    We've come to the day and we wrote our own ticket!

  10. A Wish For You My Friend
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    I wish you for much happiness
    I know that you will be a success
    I wish for you a future bright
    You truly are a shining light.

    I wish for you wings to soar
    Your future holds so much in store.
    I wish for you an easy transition
    Move forward with all your ambition.

    I wish for you my friend
    The happiness you feel today never ends
    Congrats to a truly dear friend
    This is only the beginning, not the end!

  11. Graduation Time
    Poet:  Catherine Pulsifer, 2015

    Graduations are a time,
    To say your farewells.
    You'll miss your old life here,
    And you're friends you will tell.

    Together we've been,
    In these halls every day.
    Passing each other,
    To our classrooms saying 'hey'.

    And now we all go,
    Our own different ways.
    Where in each new hallway,
    Is new people each day.

    And yes we will make friends,
    This we all know.
    But it's hard to say goodbye,
    To those, we call bros.

    Leaving our homes,
    For a different scene.
    Makes us nervous,
    But also excited with glee.

    So here we embark,
    On the life that awaits.
    Congrats to you all,
    And good luck in your fates.

  12. Farewell
    Poet: Unknown

    We bid a fond and sad farewell to you
    Of trouble and strife we gave you a share.
    But your justice was always impartial and fair.

    For the help you have given us.
    For the time and the pains.
    We can but humbly thank you
    Again and again.
    We now have to leave you.
    And fare life alone.
    Our hearts filled with courage
    And confidence grown.

    What we will make of ourselves
    In the world of stress.
    Is the result of the training
    of high school learning.

  13. We Graduate
    Poet: Quinlan Regan

    Tonight we are to graduate
    To part from bookish tasks
    Each one will roam this world alone
    A separate Senior Class.

    We've many things to do alone
    We shall not work in vain
    We must go on and upward
    Ere joys can be attained.

    Let this not be a sad good-bye
    Though eyes are welled with tears
    But let it be a fond "adieu"
    Till we meet in future years.

  14. I Never Said It Enough
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2019

    For always being there, I thank you
    For your time and all you do.

    For your guidance and direction, I thank you
    For always having patience in all you do.

    For putting up with my teenage years, I thank you
    For showing me the positive in all you do.

    For always believing in me, I thank you
    You never showed doubt in all you do.

    For giving me that push when I needed it, I thank you
    For never giving up in all you do.

    For inspiring me when I needed it, I thank you
    You are a role model in all you do.

    I could go on and on
    I could even sing you a song,

    I realize that I never said "Thank You" enough
    As without you, it would have been tough!

    So on this Graduation Day
    "Thank You", I want to say!

  15. Graduation Poems to Say Thank You

  16. A Thank You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Graduating is finally true
    It would not have happened without you
    Your encouragement and support
    Was wonderful even when I fell short.

    You always encouraged and pushed me more
    You helped me to learn more and explore
    You were always there to understand
    And always willing to lend a hand.

    So today as I become a grad
    I want to say thank you as you had
    Believed in me when I did not
    You never gave up you always taught.

    I'm not sure what the future holds
    But thanks to you I'm prepared for it to unfold
    I promise you I will do my best
    Thanks to you I passed the test.

    The words just don't seem to express
    How much you contributed to my progress
    Thank you, thank you for all you've done
    I appreciate you, there is no other like you, none!

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  18. Endings or Beginnings
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2019

    Is this a new beginning or is this the end
    Out into the world, we do send
    Students to change the world as they may
    This is what happens on graduation day.

    The end school days has arrived
    But put into practice and thrive
    You see this new beginning
    Is the start of good living!

    The end of school but not of learning
    The beginning of success by earning
    All that you have learned now comes
    A chance to earn a good income.

    Memories you will take with you
    The end of school that's true
    But the beginning of your future
    Where it's all up to you.

    Congratulations to you on your success
    We wish you much happiness
    So with the new beginning is the key
    To do your best and all you can be.

  19. Graduation Means To Me ...
    Poet: Julie Hebert 2019

    What graduation means to me,
    Is opening up a door.
    A door that is very new,
    And hopefully won’t be a bore.

    I hope this door is something I,
    Have always dreamed it’d be.
    Adventures in an unknown spot,
    I hope you would agree.

    It's hard for me at many times,
    To let go of what I’ve got.
    To say goodbye to what I know,
    I know it’ll be a lot.

    But one thing I know for sure,
    Is I am growing up.
    My life is about to change in a big way,
    And I can’t wait to see it closeup.

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We hope you have found just the right words in these poems to share with the new graduate. Apply these words to middle school, high school, or university accomplishments - Graduation is truly a life milestone and should be celebrated and recognized! It is the beginning of applying all that the student has learned.  An accomplishment that should be recognized and celebrated!

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