Thank You For Being There For Me, for Parents, Teachers, Friends

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Thank You For Being There For Me

Use these poems to say, Thank You For Being There For Me. Verses and quotes to thank your parents, teachers and friends - the people in your life that have helped you reach graduation day all of them have helped you get to graduation day.

They say graduation is a day of achievement and success. But it is also a day when we recognize those who have helped us along the way.

Thanks To Those Who Helped Me

Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

It's here, I've finally made it,
Graduation is finally here.
I would have never made it,
Without my three musketeers.

The first is my parents who always,
Made me believe in all I could be.
You were always such an inspiration,
And showed me what I couldn't see.

The second is the great teachers,
Who wanted nothing than me to succeed.
You've helped and been so patient,
And were always around when I need.

And last, but very not least,
Were my friends who kept me afloat.
Whenever I felt I was drowning,
You always came to me by boat.

Without my three inspirations,
I don't know if I'd have made it through.
Now that graduation is near us,
I don't have to wonder what's true.

But what I do want to say to you all,
Is thank you for being you.
I'm so lucky to have you all with me,
You've held me together like glue.

So here I am about to embark,
In a new journey all on my own.
I hope I remember your teachings,
And find my way as you’ve shown.

Today is the day that I graduate,
A day unlike any I've owned.
I know I like to procrastinate,
But this time I definitely won't postpone.

Words of Thank You
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

Words don't seem enough to say thank you
You have been there for me in every way
I appreciate everything you've done, that's true
Thanks to you I'm seeing this graduation day.

My thanks to you will come by
Giving the best I have each day
All I have learned I will apply
My success is tied to you in every way.

You have impacted my life by your support
You have done so much
You the best nothing short
May someday may I repay as much.

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Without your support and encouragement, I would never have made it thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Catherine Pulsifer
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Thank you, I did it, with your help!

Samuel Mister
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Thanks my friend for always being there
It doesn't matter what you're doing or where.

Catherine Pulsifer, I Appreciate You
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I want to thank you,
for your belief in me,
for your patience with me,
for always taking the time to help me,
and for those four little words that helped me when I was discouraged:
"You can do it!"

Kate Summers
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I am sure there were days when you felt like giving up on me, thank you for never giving up on me!

Byron Pulsifer
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I don't think words can ever express my appreciation and thanks for your assistance, your gentle pushes, and your love. I would never have made it without you!

Mary Sampson
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You have been an inspiration in my life, a positive influence. Thank you, appreciate you, and love you!

J. Butler
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When we reach milestones like graduation it is always important to stop and thank those who have helped us get to where we are. Two words: thank you, are always appreciated by those who have helped us!


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