15 Retirement Poems

Share one of  our short retirement poems with the new retiree. Words of congratulations and best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement. Retirement is a new chapter of life, one that can be filled with excitement and joy. One that we all look forward to with anticipation.

We hope these poems are ones that will encourage and inspire those who are retiring!

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  1. Retirement Day
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2020

    The day has now come
    For all of us, not just some
    To say goodbye and good luck
    You did it, you lined up your ducks.

    You get to do whatever you want
    Whatever it is, we are confident
    That success will follow you
    No matter what you do

    Happy Retirement, you will be missed
    Wishing you a life full of bliss.

  2. Hard To Believe
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

    This day we can see
    It's so hard to believe
    The day you get to retire
    A day which we all aspire

    You get to stop work
    For us, that would be a perk
    You can spend all day in your pajamas
    Watching all the TV dramas

    Or you can spend your days at the beach
    And when we call you, we will not reach
    Or work in your garden planting flowers
    You can spend time there, all your hours.

    You don't need to worry about rain
    Inside you can remain
    And when we see the snow
    You can drink your coffee oh so slow.

    You can throw out all the work rules
    You need not worry about time or schedules
    Your days are free to do as you choose
    You can stay at home or go on a cruise.

    Whatever you decide to do
    We hope you know we will miss you!

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  4. Retirement Brings
    Poet: Mary S. Scotsburn, ©2020

    For some retirement makes them blue
    And others, they are delighted they are through.

    The daily routine can be thrown out
    You can do want you want, you can even shout.

    No more bosses, deadlines are gone
    A time to be happy,  time for a song.

    Retirement is a gift to be taken
    Start a new hobby, even plant a garden

    Others have said, that those retirement days do fly by
    You'll be busier now, you will say with a sigh.

    Whatever retirement brings for you
    Have fun in all that you do!

  5. June's Retirement
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    June's final call, a time to retire,
    Embrace the freedom, your heart's desire.
    Summer whispers secrets of leisure and glee,
    A lifetime of toil, now you're truly free.

    No more early mornings, no deadlines in sight,
    Embrace the warm sun, from morning until night.
    Relish the moments, your well-earned reprieve,
    June, the month of freedom, you now believe.

    Bask in the glory of endless blue skies,
    Adventure awaits, with no compromise.
    June, the best month, a new chapter unfolds,
    Enjoy retirement's bliss, as each day unfolds.

  6. Enjoy Your Retirement
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

     For us, this is a time that is sad
     But for, you we know you're glad
     You have worked for so many years
     From you, we will see no sappy tears.
     We have developed a working bond
     And of you, we are so fond
     But we know your retirement is overdue
     Other interests you will now pursue.
     You should be full of pride
     As to us, you were more than a guide
     You helped us all whenever you could
     Your advice was always sound and good.
     Enjoy your retirement in every way
     We will miss you we must say.
     But you deserve some fun
     And you deserve lots of sun
     So with best wishes, we send you on your way
      Make sure to drop in and visit us someday.
     Be happy, enjoy each coming day
     You're getting gray and deserve some play!

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  8. A Day To Commemorate
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

    This is a day to commemorate
    Your day to retire what a date.
    Finally, the day has arrived
    All the work stuff you can archive.

    We hate to see you depart
    Without you here it breaks our heart
    We are so happy for you
    But, without you here we will be blue.

    Okay that is enough about us
    It is you we should be making a fuss
    No longer do you have to do reports
    You don't have to listen to the bosses' retorts.

    You don't have to worry about being late
    You can sleep in, won't that be great
    Time can be spent with friends together
    You no longer care about the bad weather.

    Fighting the traffic and the stoplights
    Now each morning you don't have to fight
    You can take a drive whenever you please
    You can enjoy the scenery even the trees.

    You deserve some well-earned rest
    We want you to know we think you're the best.
    Happy Retirement!

  9. Retirement
    by Theodore W. Higginsworth, ©2019

    R is for
    retire from work but not from life

    E is for
    entertain to your heart's delight

    T is for
    turn off the alarm clock

    I is for
    ignore the phone

    R is for
    relax have fun

    E is for
    enthusiasm each day you will have

    M is for
    memories of another day

    E is for
    eager to do the things you enjoy

    N is for
    no more deadlines, no more stress

    T is for
    take each day and do what you want

  10. Envy You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

    Today you retire we all envy you
    We wish you success in all you do
    No more alarm clock, no more having to get up
    You can sit all day and drink coffee from your cup

    You know we are going to miss you
    Without you here we will be blue
    But happy for you we are
    You deserve retirement, you are a star.
    Congratulations, well done!

  11. WoW
    Poet: Mary S. Scotsburn

    The days of working are over now
    Your days can now be full of WoW!
    Imagine tomorrow is yours to do
    Whatever you want
    You're so lucky that is true.
    Retirement is the best time of your life
    You spend your days without the strife
    You do what you wanna do
    Whenever you want to
    What a life it will be
    Just you wait and see!

  12. Congratulations
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Congratulations on your retirement day,
    May happiness and health come your way.
    Contentment in your heart, peace in your mind,
    May joyful moments be easy to find.

    Time for relaxation, no more work hard,
    Wishing you all the best, a bright new start.
    Enjoy the freedom, embrace the leisure,
    Congratulations again, may it bring you pleasure.

  13. We Wish You Well
    Poet: Kate Summers

    We wish you well
    We think you're swell
    Oh, we will miss you when your gone
    But we will carry on
    And you will be free to do
    Whatever you wish to.

    You desevere this time
    To relax and unwind
    For years of dedication
    You truly have been an inspiration.
    You are a picture of success
    How much you mean to us is hard to express.

    You can now spend your days
    However you want in - your own way
    You'll have time to do the things
    That happiness to you they will bring.
    We know the next chapter of your life
    Will be better than alright!

  14. You truly have been an inspiration. You are a picture of success How much you mean to us is hard to express.
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  15. A Blank Sheet
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Retirement unfolds, a blank sheet so clear,
    A chance to redesign, embrace what's near.
    Life's canvas awaiting, colors to explore,
    New and different, a journey to adore.

    No more the routine, the daily grind,
    Retirement's promise, freedom we find.
    A chapter to write, stories untold,
    In this fresh beginning, a joy to behold.

  16. Retirement Lifestyle
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Retirement brings a better lifestyle
    You decide what is worthwhile.
    The time you get up each day
    Is up to you in every way.
    You don't have to worry about being late
    You don't have to worry about the date.
    No more work clothes you have to buy
    No more vacation days to apply.
    Your time is yours to decide what to do
    Oh, how we envy you!

  17. Pot Of Gold
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Retirement is the pot at the end of the rainbow
    You will be the envy of every fellow
    You worked all your life now is the time
    To forget about the climb.

    Hobbies that you had put on hold
    You can now unfold.
    Time for you to enjoy family and friends
    And not be concerned about the latest trends.

    So slide down the rainbow
    And enjoy what is below
    You have made it to the pot of gold
    The next chapter of life is to be told.

  18. Retirement A Sweet Fulfilling Dream
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Retirement, a gateway to a tranquil reprieve,
    From full-time hustle, a chance to retrieve.
    The transition unfolds, like petals in bloom,
    A shift from the office to a more leisurely room.

    No more the grind, the clock's constant chime,
    Retirement whispers of a more personal rhyme.
    Relaxation descends like a comforting shroud,
    A canvas for interests, once in the background.

    Leisure beckons, a sweet melody's call,
    In the symphony of life, a newfound thrall.
    Hobbies embraced, like old friends rekindled,
    Retirement's tale, by passion, is sprinkled.

    A chapter of life, where work takes a rest,
    And personal pursuits are truly the best.
    The journey unfolds, a winding, gentle stream,
    Retirement, a sweet, fulfilling dream.

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