Retirement Poems

Share our retirement poems with the new retiree. Words of congratulations and best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement. Retirement is a new chapter of life, one that can be filled with excitement and joy. One that we all look forward to with anticipation.

We hope these poems and quotes are ones that will encourage and inspire those who are retiring!

Retirement Day

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2020

The day has now come
For all of us, not just some
To say goodbye and good luck
You did it, you lined up your ducks.

You get to do whatever you want
Whatever it is, we are confident
That success will follow you
No matter what you do

Happy Retirement, you will be missed
Wishing you a life full of bliss.

Happy Retirement
Congratualtions, Happy Retirement to you
You can now decide what you'll do
You can go for a nap whenever you want
The boss will no longer be there to haunt....
Poems for a Happy Retirement

Retirement Brings
Poet: Mary S. Scotsburn, ©2020

For some retirement makes them blue
And others, they are delighted they are through.

The daily routine can be thrown out
You can do want you want, you can even shout.

No more bosses, deadlines are gone
A time to be happy, a time for song.

Retirement is a gift to be taken
Start a new hobby, even plant a garden

Others have said, that those retirement days do fly by
You'll be busier now, you will say with a sigh.

Whatever retirement brings for you
Have fun in all that you do!

Retirement Wishes
We have loved working with you
We worked hard but had many laughs to
What are we going to do
You know we will miss you ...
Words expressing Retirement Wishes

by Theodore W. Higginsworth, ©2019

R    retire from work but not from life
E    entertain to your heart's delight
T    turn off the alarm clock
I    ignore the phone
R    relax have fun
E    enthusiasm each day you will have
M    memories of another day
E    eager to do the things you enjoy
N    no more deadlines, no more stress
T    take each day and do what you want

Retirement Quotes

Retirement can be a gift — a gift that opens up right in front of us like a perfect parking spot. It’s a gift of time and a gift of opportunities.
Hyrum W. Smith, Purposeful Retirement
Retirement Quotes

Keeping mentally active is critical as we transition into and age through retirement.

Larry Swedroe, Your Complete Guide to a Successful & Secure Retirement
Short Quotes

You’re not alone in this retirement transition; be very much aware of that. 10,000 people a day are entering this phase of their lives.

Riley Moynes, The Four Phases of Retirement
Inspirational Poems

There is no one best path to retirement and no one best retirement for everyone.

David Aston, The Sleep-Easy Retirement Guide
Poems Of Encouragement

...believe that your greatest contribution is always ahead of you. You might retire from a job—but never retire from making contributions.

Stephen M. R. Covey
Quotes To Live By

... retirement allows you to do what you don’t like as little as possible and what you like as much as possible.

Ernie Zelinski, How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free
Cute Quotes

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