Happy Retirement

When people retire we want always hope for a happy retirement for them. Retirement is a time for doing what you want to do. A time to get rid of the alarm clocks, work routines, and stresses of work. A happy time of life.

So many of us work and look forward to a retirement full of happiness and leisure. When the day arrives it certainly is a day for celebration. Use these poems and quotes to express congratulations and a happy retirement!

Happy Retirement To You

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2019

Congratulations, Happy Retirement to you
You can now decide what you'll do
You can go for a nap whenever you want
The boss will no longer be there to haunt.

You can read a book
Or you can just cook
The world you can travel
Or stay home and rake up gravel.

You can get dressed or just stay
In your pj's all day
You can watch TV
Or go for a ski.

Whatever you do
We wish happiness for you.
Happy retirement dear friend
Best wishes I send.

Time For You
Poet: Kate Summers, © 2018

Time is now yours to spend as you please
You can relax and enjoy your days with ease
Remember us here as we continue to work
We will miss you and all your quirks

But don't think for a second
We won't miss you tomorrow and beyond
No one can replace you
No one can do what you do

But somehow we will manage
But we will be at a disadvantage
Because with you with us
It is a negative, not a plus!

We wish you the best
Nothing but happiness
Happy Retirement to you
Enjoy the coming chapter that's new.

The Best Days
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

The best days are ahead of you
No more alarm clocks, no set times too
You can relax all day
You can do it all your way.

The best years of your life are ahead of you
Now you can relax and do what you want to
It will amaze you how quickly you will adapt
And you will find and realize that work was a handicap.

The best times are now and you can choose
You don't have to worry, you don't have to loose
You have got that pension in hand
Raises you no longer have to demand.

Happy Retirement a dream come true
If anyone deserves it, it is you!

Means For You
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

A happy retirement means for you
That you get to do what you want to.
Days of laughter, days of fun
Being with whoever and with one.

A happy retirement is a great gift
Just thinking about it gives us all a lift
But for you, you're the lucky one, today
You get to celebrate in every way

You can do and explore
All the things in life you adore
Spend time with family and friends
Take up a cause and defend

Our workdays just won't be the same
Without you around who are we to blame
Seriously  we will miss you so
But we wish you well as you go.

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Happy Retirement Thoughts

You planted the seeds, you worked the fields, now it is time to enjoy the harvest! Happy Retirement
Sam Fickinsen
Retirement Quotes

I hope you enjoy your journey of exploring “what’s next”. Indeed, the rest of your life can be the best of your life!
Stephen M. R. Covey
Journey of Life

Retirement is no longer an end. It’s a new season to live purposefully.
Hyrum W. Smith, Purposeful Retirement
Short Quotes

To retire happy, wild, and free, you must stay active. It’s also important that you have goals and dreams.
Ernie Zelinski, How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free
Poems of Encouragement

Congratulations on slipping off the restrictions of routine. Now, whatever routines you follow can be of your own making; whatever deadlines you set reflect your personal priorities, not someone else's.
Dr. Michael Apple, Have a Healthy and Happy Retirement
Retirement Wishes

Happy Retirement to you, turn off the computer, get your golf clubs or fishing pole and have fun!
Catherine Pulsifer

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