Retirement Wishes

Use these poems and quotes to express retirement wishes for the new retiree! Words that express happiness and appreciation for all the retiree has accomplished during their working years. Wishes that express words of happiness and excitement for the next phase of life's journey!

Good Wishes As You Retire

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2020

We have loved working with you
We worked hard but had many laughs to
What are we going to do
You know we will miss you

We all send good wishes your way
We hope that you enjoy each and every retirement day
A wish for health and happiness
Know that it is you that we will miss.

Congratulations on your retirement
You should be proud of all your accomplishments!
Good wishes are sent to you this day
For happiness, health, and laughter in every way!

Wishes For Happiness
Poet: Samatha Anne Marie Lynch, ©2020

Oh how lucky you are
For us that are left, retirement seems far
But this is a day to celebrate you
You deserve it, that's so true.

A celebration to say thank you
You no longer have to think about performance reviews
A celebration to recognize you
No more schedules, you can be impromptu.

This poem is written just for you
To wish you happiness through and through
Enjoy the coming days
We will miss you we must say!

One Wish For You

Poet: Cathy Pulsifer, ©2020

If I could have one wish for you
It is that retirement would be happy
Fill your days with things you want to do
A dream come true just for you.

If I could have a second wish for you
It is that health will stay with you
Take care of yourself in all ways
Now you can relax on any day.

If I could have a third wish for you
Is that you continue to help others as you do
You're kindness and your willing hand
Has always been there to lend a hand

So happy, happy days ahead
A new chapter with no more work no more dread
Don't what you want and forget the rest
You deserve only the best.

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Retirement Sayings and Wishes

Wishing you enjoyment and happiness every minute of retirement - you earned it!
Sam Fickinsen
Retirement Quotes

...retirement becomes an opportunity to live life like never before.
Ernie Zelinski, How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free
Short Quotes

Best wishes for retirement
No work today for you.
Life now offers you the finer things
Days filled with what you want to do!
Kate Summers
Happy Retirement

Time is now yours to spend as you please
You can relax and enjoy your days with ease
Catherine Pulsifer

Don't look at retirement as the end of something, when it is the beginning of newfound freedom.
J. Beverly Daniel, Finding the Right Words for Life's Celebrations
Poems of Encouragement

I am not retired. I’m not done yet. And I’m certainly not dead yet. I’m just doing something else. And it’s great!
Hyrum W. Smith, Purposeful Retirement
Cute Quotes

Those who enjoy the greatest sense of wellbeing in retirement are those who reach out, who make something happen, and don’t sit back while watching the world go by.
Riley Moynes, The Four Phases of Retirement
Wellness Quotes

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