Poems About New Beginnings

Share these poems about new beginnings with graduates and others who are starting on a new journey. Many say on graduation day the world that awaits them and it is truly the beginning of their education.

An exciting time, one in which the graduate turns their dreams and hopes for the future into a reality We hope these graduation poems are ones that will be shared with the Graduate and with others that are starting a new venture.

New beginnings happen to each and every one of us over the course of a lifetime. We all have milestones in life, graduation may be one the first one, but there are many - getting married, having children, changing jobs, retiring - the list could go on and on. But no matter what your new beginning is your attitude towards it will always determine your success!

The World That Awaits
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

The sun is shining,
On this amazing day,
Of new beginnings,
And farewells to say.

Our new road is paved,
With a new path in sight.
It's time to take it,
It feels quite right.

We will say farewell,
To all we've known.
The knowledge we will take with us
And no longer be attending class.

It's time to explore,
The world that awaits.
Allow yourself too,
Embrace your fate.

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Tomorrow Holds A New Beginning
Author Unknown

Time flies. Whether we like it or not, these past years of school
have caused us to grow up and become young adults,
ready to go out into the world.

We are all starting from the same place,
but we are all going in different directions.
We strive to obtain the goals we set for ourselves by
using what we've learned from the past.

Change happens, the excitement of our senior year is replaced
with cherished moments and memories of the past.
Different goals have been set after accomplishing previous ones.

Looking back in ten, twenty, thirty years, there will be even more change we see in ourselves than we do now.
Living in the present allows us to appreciate the past.
Change allows us to see the progression of ourselves as
a generation of individuals: then and now.

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Hope for Our New Beginning
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2019

We are excited for tomorrow
We will move forward without sorrow.
Our hopes and dreams we will see
Will be realized by us being all we can be.

What we have learned we shall give
We will do our best as we live
We start today as happy fellows
With hopes and dreams of a new tomorrow.

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Seasons Of Life
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

Life brings many seasons
Change happens for a reason
So as one ending occurs
Look forward, open the doors.

A new beginning a time to do
All of the thngs you want to.
A time to look at yourself
And put away any doubts.

Believe that you can succeed
You have the potential to exceed
So take a deep breath and go
Don't be discouraged if it's slow.

A season ends and a new one begins
Don't lose your smile or your grin
With a positive attitude with you
You will find success in all you do.

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We hope you have found just the right words in these poems to share with the new graduate. Graduation is truly a life milestone and should be celebrated and recognized! And the realization that this is the first of many new beginnings as the journey of life takes us in many directions.  No matter what change you are facing, even if it is one that you don't like, find the good in it, find the positive and the new beginning will be easier.

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