11 Poems About New Beginnings

Share these poems about new beginnings with people who are starting on a new journey in life. New beginnings happen to each and every one of us over the course of a lifetime. A new beginning is a chance for a fresh start.

We all have milestones in life, graduation may be one of the first ones, but there are many - getting married, having children, changing jobs, retiring - the list could go on and on. But no matter what your new beginning is your attitude toward it will always determine your success!

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  1. Hope for Our New Beginning
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2019

    We are excited about tomorrow
    We will move forward without sorrow.
    Our hopes and dreams we will see
    Will be realized by us being all we can be.

    What we have learned we shall give
    We will do our best as we live
    We start today as happy fellows
    With hopes and dreams of a new tomorrow.

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  3. Seasons Of Life
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    Life brings many seasons
    Change happens for a reason
    So as one ending occurs
    Look forward, open the doors.

    A new beginning a time to do
    All of the things you want to.
    A time to look at yourself
    And put away any doubts.

    Believe that you can succeed
    You have the potential to exceed
    So take a deep breath and go
    Don't be discouraged if it's slow.

    A season ends and a new one begins
    Don't lose your smile or your grin
    With a positive attitude with you
    You will find success in all you do.

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  5. You Can
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    You can start afresh
    anytime in life
    You can stop and
    end some of the life strife.

    You see it is all up to you and
    what you want to do.
    You don't have to be unhappy,
    nor feel blue.

    It may not be easy,
    but with a goal in sight
    It will give you hope
    like a shining light.

    You may have to overcome
    some hurdles, but that is okay.
    And as you move towards your goal
    you may find potholes in the roadway.

    But with a plan and
    a determined attitude
    You can achieve a new beginning
    if you want to!

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  7. A Fresh Beginning
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A fresh beginning, a new start,
    I'm happy yesterday is no longer a part.
    Exciting paths lay ahead of me.
    With few uncertainties.

    No clouds in my sky so blue.
    My heart is filled with joy that's true.
    My life is an open chapter to write
    I see it as happy and bright!

  8. Opportunity To Restart
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As one door closes on our past,
    We know, forever, nothing lasts.
    Our future holds new wondrous sights;
    New goals to set to reach new heights.
    Though it may not feel familiar at the start,
    New beginnings give us an opportunity to restart.

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  10. Your Mission
    Poet: G. M. Grannis

    If you cannot on the ocean
    Sail among the swiftest fleet,
    Rocking on the highest billows,
    Laughing at the storms you meet;
    You can stand among the sailors
    Anchored yet within the bay;
    You can lend a hand to help them
    As they launch their boat away.

    If you are too weak to journey
    Up the mountain steep and high,
    You can stand within the valley
    While the multitudes go by;
    You can chant in happy measure
    As they slowly pass along;
    Though they may forget the singer
    They will not forget the song.

    If you have not gold and silver
    Ever ready to command;
    If you cannot toward the needy,
    Reach an ever-open hand;
    You can visit the afflicted,
    O'er the erring you can weep;
    You can be a true disciple
    Sitting at the Saviour's feet.

    If you cannot in the harvest
    Garner up the richest sheaves,
    Many a grain both ripe and golden
    Will the careless reapers leave;
    Go and glean among the briers
    Growing rank against the wall,
    For it may be that their shadow
    Hides the heaviest wheat of all.

    Do not, then, stand idly waiting
    For some greater work to do;
    Fortune is a lazy goddess--
    She will never come to you.
    Go and toil in any vineyard,
    Do not fear to do or dare;
    If you want a field of labor
    You can find it anywhere.

  11. I close my eyes to old ends. And open my heart to new beginnings. Nick Frederickson
    Quotes About New Beginnings

    For A New Year

  12. A New Year, A New Beginning
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A new year, a new beginning,
    wipe the slate clean
    Keep your attitude positive,
    and your mind keen.

    Be open to new ideas,
    try something new
    With God's help and your determination,
    your dreams can come true.

    So as this new year begins, think about your life
    and your dreams, too
    Say a prayer, set your goals,
    begin and take action and just do!

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  14. New Beginnings as You Retire
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As you retire think it as a new beginning for you
    To see the things you want and do the things you do

    Retirement is a golden time, for you to realize
    The gift of new beginnings and hidden dreams materialize.

    So look back and be thankful, but look forward with expectation
    Let this new beginning have dreams that previously were only contemplations.

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    Retirement Poems

    For Graduation

  16. The World That Awaits
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    The sun is shining,
    On this amazing day,
    Of new beginnings,
    And farewells to say.

    Our new road is paved,
    With a new path in sight.
    It's time to take it,
    It feels quite right.

    We will say farewell,
    To all we've known.
    The knowledge we will take with us
    And no longer be attending class.

    It's time to explore,
    The world that awaits.
    Allow yourself to
    Embrace your fate.

  17. Graduation Poems
    Graduation Poems

    You may also want to use one of our goodbye poems to say farewell to friends who will be moving on.

  18. Tomorrow Holds A New Beginning
    Author Unknown

    Time flies. Whether we like it or not, these past years of school
    have caused us to grow up and become young adults,
    ready to go out into the world.

    We are all starting from the same place,
    but we are all going in different directions.
    We strive to obtain the goals we set for ourselves by
    using what we've learned from the past.

    Change happens, the excitement of our senior year is replaced
    with cherished moments and memories of the past.
    Different goals have been set after accomplishing previous ones.

    Looking back in ten, twenty, thirty years, there will be even more change we see in ourselves than we do now.
    Living in the present allows us to appreciate the past.
    Change allows us to see the progression of ourselves as
    a generation of individuals: then and now.

  19. Encourage others by sharing some graduation sayings that will inspire and motivate them.

  20. The Last Day
    Poet: Unknown

    To cherished hands of memory
    We now must farewell speak,
    But ’tis with sad and aching heart
    That other climes we seek.
    O’er the schoolroom and o’er campus
    Our wistful gaze is cast,
    Our days at school are numbered now
    We’ve come now to the last.

    But a new beginning is upon us
    And forward will we march
    With knowledge and a purpose
    We will leave our mark.
    We will always remember our days
    And the friendships that we made
    But we welcome the challenge of moving on
    And working at our trade.
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We hope you have found just the right words in these poems to share with the new graduate. Graduation, retirements, and the new year are truly life milestones and should be celebrated and recognized! And the realization that this is the first of many new beginnings as the journey of life takes us in many directions. No matter what change you are facing, even if it is one that you don't like, find the good in it, find the positive, and the new beginning will be easier.

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