13 Poems About Change

Be inspired by these poems about change; may they encourage you to embrace change rather than fight it. Change affects us all and over a lifetime we see many transformations of not only ourselves and those around us but of things, policies, and practices.

Let these verses remind you that adjustments and modifications are necessary for progress to be made and even though at times we may not like it, we have to learn to embrace things as they evolve. Imagine no internet today. The internet has transformed the communication and knowledge base of the world.

Let change be your friend. Be inspired by these poems.

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  1. For Everything There Is A Season
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2019

    Life is full of change
    If it wasn't it would be so strange
    Everything would remain the same
    It would be like playing a boring game.

    For everything, there is a season
    And always a good reason
    We may not see it now
    But all progress it does allow

    Imagine if no progress was made
    If change just made us all afraid.
    Alter your attitude and look for the good
    Let things evolve as they should.

  2. Poems About Life Changes
    Poems About Life Changes

  3. Change In Plans
    Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012

    I sit here not sure,
    Of what to say.
    But I wonder why,
    You're not on your way.

    What changed your mind,
    What swayed you away?
    What is your reason,
    You want to stay?

    You had such plans,
    Such wonderful plans.
    I thought in time,
    You'd have many fans.

    Whatever made you
    Doubt your view.
    I hope you know,
    I believe in you.

  4. The Change
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2015

    There comes a time in each of our lives,
    That change is bound to happen.
    It's what we do with that change,
    That will judge if we get flattened.

    Change can come in many ways,
    And this we've all seen.
    Change can be good in every case,
    Sometimes it takes finding that in between.

    Don't allow yourself to see only bad,
    As every situation has its good.
    Change can be a wonderful thing,
    It's sometimes misunderstood.

    So from this moment on we will all move forward,
    To a change that will be imitating but fun.
    It's up to us to make our life as we see it,
    So look forward to what you have won.

  5. Poems on Change In Life
    Poems on Change In Life

  6. Embrace Change
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the journey of life, adjustments are key,
    Modifications essential for progress, you see.
    Though at times disconcerting, we must embrace change,
    For growth and achievement to truly exchange.

    The discomfort we feel is but temporary,
    As we adapt and revise with grace and bravery.
    So let us accept the need for modification,
    And continue forward with determination.

  7. The Struggle
    Poet: Edgar A Guest

    Life is a struggle for peace,
    A longing for rest,
    A hope for the battles to cease,
    A dream for the best;
    And he is not living who stays
    Contented with things,
    Unconcerned with the work of the days
    And all that it brings.

    He is dead who sees nothing to change,
    No wrong to make right;
    Who travels no new way or strange
    In search of the light;
    Who never sets out for a goal
    That he sees from afar
    But contents his indifferent soul
    With things as they are.

    Life isn't rest --- it is toil;
    It is building a dream;
    It is tilling a parcel of soil
    Or bridging a stream;
    It's pursuing the light of a star
    That but dimly we see,
    And in wresting from things as they are
    The joy that should be.

  8. poems about life
    Poems About Life

  9. Riches And Power
    Poet: Charles Mackay

    Cleon has a million acres,
    Ne'er a one have I;
    Cleon dwelleth in a palace,
    In a cottage I.
    Cleon hath a dozen fortunes,
    Not a penny I;
    Yet the poorer of the twain is
    Cleon, and not I.

    Cleon, true, possesseth acres,
    But the landscape I;
    Half the charms to me it yieldeth,
    Money cannot buy.
    Cleon harbors sloth and dullness,
    Freshening vigor I;
    He in velvet, I in fustian,
    Richer man am I.

    Cleon is a slave to grandeur,
    Free as thought am I;
    Cleon fees a score of doctors,
    Need of none have I.
    Wealth-surrounded, care-environed,
    Cleon fears to die.
    Death may come, he'll find me ready.
    Happier man am I.

    Cleon sees no charm in nature,
    In a daisy I;
    Cleon hears no anthem ringing
    In the sea and sky;
    Nature sings to me forever,
    Earnest listener I!
    State for state, with all attendants,
    Who would change? Not I.

  10. Poems about New Beginnings
    Poems About New Beginnings

    Everything changes in life, nothing remains the same forever. Change is constant. The same is true with love, it changes as time marches on. The poem below reflects the Poet's thoughts on love changing.
  11. Love's Change
    Poet: Robert Bridges

    So sweet love seemed that April morn.
    When first we kissed beside the thorn,
    So strangely sweet, it was not strange
    We thought that love could never change.

    But I can tell — let truth be told —
    That love will change in growing old;
    Though day by day is naught to see,
    So delicate his motions be.

    And in the end 'twill come to pass
    Quite to forget what once he was,
    Nor even in fancy to recall
    The pleasure that was all in all.

    His little spring, that sweet we found.
    So deep in summer floods is drowned,
    I wonder, bathed in joy complete.
    How love so young could be so sweet.

  12. I would not change my blest estate For all the world calls good or great: And while my faith can keep her hold, I envy not the sinner's gold.
    Positive Quotes About Change

  13. Full Of Change
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Life is full of change
    Some of it feels strange.
    But from the moment you are born
    From the blooming rose to a thorn.

    We can accept it and look for the good
    Or we can fight it like no other would
    But without change what a boring place
    Change is good if you do embrace.

  14. Attitude Poems
    Attitude Poems

  15. Change Requires An Open Mind
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    If one is not willing to shift their view,
    Their life's path may remain the same, it's true.
    For change requires an open mind and heart,
    Without which one's growth could be torn apart.

    So gently I urge you, consider anew,
    And embrace the chance to think differently too.
    For in shifting your thoughts, there lies the key,
    To unlock the potential of who you can be.

  16. To Reach Beyond
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Embrace the need for change, my dear,
    To reach beyond what's now in view.
    New goals and dreams are waiting near,
    But without change, they'll remain askew.

    Open your mind to different ways,
    And let your heart be unconfined.
    Change beckons you to brighter days,
    Where new paths lead to the sublime.

  17. Would You?
    Poet: Lucy Larcom

    Thought must shade and sun the soul
    With its glorious mutations;
    Every life song is a whole,
    Sweeter for its variations.
    Wherefore with your bliss at strife
    'Twas an angel that withstood you.
    Could you change your perfect life
    For a dream of living, - would you?

  18. Change Ourselves
    Poet: Susan Coolidge

    The world is a looking glass,
    Wherein ourselves are shown,
    Kindness for kindness, cheer for cheer,
    Coldness for gloom, repulse for fear,
    To every soul its own.
    We cannot change the world a whit,
    Only ourselves, who look in it.

  19. Self-Change
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    You must take personal responsibility, it's true
    For you cannot change the seasons, nor the view
    But within yourself, change can be found
    In your choices, in thoughts profound.

    So take charge of your destiny, with grace and poise
    For only through self-change can you find true joys
    Embrace this truth with humility and care
    Personal responsibility is the path to rise and fare.

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Share these poems with someone who may be struggling with change. Help them adjust their attitude to accept the way things have evolved or have been transformed. Imagine what our world would be like if we saw no change, if everything and everyone saw no change - how boring!

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