7 Poems About Effort

Be encouraged and inspired by these poems about effort. Whether it is our job, our relationships, or our hobbies we need to put in the effort to see success.

What is the worth of doing any job with determination, diligence and dedication? One might be tempted to answer this question by saying that those roles that are deemed important, that those roles that are highly visible, should be the roles where a person constantly attempts to not only meet the expectations that are set forth in a job description but should be able and willing to demonstrate the day-by-day characteristic of going the extra mile. However, is this kind of thinking appropriate or correct? The answer may not be as obvious as you at first believe. In fact, the answer to the question is this: any job or work assignment no matter at what level in an organization or business is worthy of not only meeting the required expectations but also going above and beyond what is required. Why so?

The first rule of employment is that any gainful employment is worthy of constantly doing more than is required, or, at the very least, meeting the expectations of the position on a consistent basis not just once and a while; this is meritorious work. A person employed in any position whether that is a street sweeper, a janitor, a doorperson, a retail greeter, or a supervisor, manager, or corporate executive must earn whatever the particular work pays. There is no exception to this rule.

Rule number two is that what is worthy of your effort shows that you think you are worthy. In other words, how you think about yourself, how much value you assign to yourself will clearly be demonstrated in how you perform in your job. How willing are you to learn? How determined are you to do the best job possible, no matter what the job.

Rule number three is to repeat rule numbers one and two over and over again.


To work with merit no matter the job, no matter the place or time is noteworthy not only to your employer but to you. Yes, I said to you. To be able to finish any day of work knowing that you worked with merit means that you can go home satisfied and fulfilled; to be able to look at yourself in the mirror at the end of each day with a feeling of knowing that you did a job well done.

If you ever felt like you could not get ahead at work then read these poems for encouragement and advice on how to get ahead. Working with throngs of people can at times feel like you will never be noticed, however, as Edgar A. Guest points in his poem, Merit and the Throng, out your merit can make you stand out among the crowd!

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  1. Merit and the Throng
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    A thousand men filed in by day
    To work and later draw their pay;
    A thousand men with hopes and dreams.
    Ambitions, visions, plans and schemes,
    And in the line a youth who said:
    "What chance have I to get ahead?
    In such a throng, can any tell
    Whether or not I labor well?"

    Yet merit is so rare a trait
    That once it enters by the gate,
    Although 'tis mingled with the throng,
    The news of it is passed along.
    A workman sees a willing boy,
    And talks about his find with joy;
    A foreman hears the word, and seeks
    The lad of whom another speaks.

    So up the line the news is passed,
    And to the chief it comes at last.
    A willing ear to praise he lends,
    Then for that eager boy he sents
    And gives him little tasks to do
    To learn if all that's said be true.
    Among the throng the lad is one
    He keeps a watchful eye upon.

    On, youngster, walking with the throng,
    Although to-day the road seems long,
    Remember that it lies with you
    To say what kind of work you'll do.
    If you are only passing fair
    The chief will never know you're there,
    But if you've merit, have no doubt,
    The chief will quickly find it out.

  2. Success is dependent on effort. Sophocles
    Success Poem

  3. Success in Life
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    What determines success in life
    Yes, one is overcoming strife
    But what moves us forward each day
    It is the effort we put in every way.

    Nothing comes for free
    We must work you see
    To achieve success
    Is truly not effortless.

    So each day commit
    To do your best, don't quit
    Giving effort and energy
    Will move you forward, you will see.

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  5. Effort You Put In
    Poet: Kate Summers

    The effort you put in
    Is similar to shaping tin.
    If you do it too quick
    It is flimsy and not thick.
    If you take a shortcut
    You will find it has ruts.

    But if you shape the tin
    And curve it to win
    You will have the satisfaction
    And tin to use in an application.
    Any project that you do
    Your very best is due.

  6. The best effort of a fine person is felt after we have left their presence.
    Positive Poems

  7. No Longer Dreams
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    To do anything good
    To do it as it should
    Takes effort from you
    In all that you do.

    Taking shortcuts, saving time
    Truly isn't worth a dime.
    Don't be discouraged when
    Challenges happen, even ten.

    Effort at times requires patience so
    And not giving up, as you know,
    Will bring you to success
    Even if mistakes you address.

    So give it all you got and more
    It will be worth it for sure.
    You will be on the winning team
    And see your goals realized, no longer dreams.

  8. never give up poem
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  9. Moving In The Right Direction
    by Orison Swett Marden

    Oliver Wendell Holmes says that it does not matter
    so much where one stands as the direction in which he is moving.

    If you are working according to an intelligent plan;
    if you are trying to make everything you do a means of
    advancement to the goal you have in view;
    if your great ambition is, not to make yourself famous, or rich, or happy,
    but to make your life mean something in God's world, -
    go ahead, for you are moving in the right direction and will reach your goal.

    But if you are looking for an easy place,
    or running away from hard work;
    if you are too listless, or indifferent,
    or careless to take stock of yourself,
    to decide upon the path you wish to take,
    to look carefully ahead, but not too far ahead,
    or to make out an intelligent plan of action
    and follow it as nearly as you can, -
    no matter where you stand you
    are not moving in the right direction.

  10. Effort Leads To Success
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  11. Effort Leads To Success
    Poet: Le Baron Briggs

    So few workers, in proportion to the whole number,
    give themselves, loyally and unreservedly to their immediate duty,
    and if you thus give yourself,
    you cannot but succeed.

    Thousands of people in small positions whine
    because their talents are thrown away -
    because their ability has no elbow room.
    It is not elbow room they need;
    it is "elbow grease";
    it is energy and strength.

    Their very whining shows they are too
    small for the place they are in now.
    When the right kind of a person has too small a place,
    he does his work so well as to make the place bigger;
    people see more in it than they ever saw before.

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  13. Put In The Effort
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    When you feel like giving in,
    Tell yourself you can do it
    Put in the effort,
    Don't just sit.

    It can be hard to keep going
    When it feels like defeat
    But push forward and don’t let
    Your hopes become obsolete

    Rally your determination and
    Focus on what you need
    Nothing can bring success
    If you don't plant the seed

    Take the help of others,
    Courageously push on through
    You'll find that with effort
    Confidence will renew.

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