Be The Best You Can Be

Live to your potential by being the best you can be; short poems to remind you to always give it all you've got! With determination, a bit of imagination and enthusiasm you can go further than the smartest person. You see it is not just knowledge that moves people forward, it is your attitude, your enthusiasm that can take you far.

How you look at the challenges facing you will determine whether you will be successful or not. When you have determination you will find a way around any obstacle or roadblock put in front of you.

Your imagination allows you to see what you can be, where you can go. Using your imagination set your goals for what you want. And then with your determination start taking the action steps required to reach those goals, one step at a time.

And by taking one step at a time, with enthusiasm you will find yourself being the best version of yourself! Let these poems inspire you to be the best you can be

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  1. The Best He Can
    Poet: Unknown

    It is not always the doing well
    That measures the fame of a man;
    The hero is he, who the world can see
    Is doing the best he can.

  2. Be The Best of Whatever You Are
    Poet: Douglas Malloch

    If you can't be a pine on top of the hill
    Be a scrub in the valley - but be
    The best little scrub at the side of the rill.
    Be a bush if you can't be a tree.

    If you can't be a bush be a bit of grass
    Some highway to happier make.
    If you can't be a muskie then just be a bass,
    But the liveliest bass in the lake.

    We can't all be captains, we've got to have crew,
    There's something for all of us here.
    There's big work to do and there's lesser work too
    And the task we must do is near.

    If you can't be a highway, then just be a trail.
    If you can't be the sun be a star.
    It isn't by size that you win or you fail.
    Be the best of whatever you are.

    A Poem of Encouragement About Being Your Best

  3. Imagination and Enthusiasm
    Poet: W. C. Thurston

    Take imagination and enthusiasm,
    And hitch the two together,
    Then fix your gaze on the farthest star
    And forget about the weather.

    Take a pound of pluck and energy a
    And mix with an ounce of thrift,
    Then forward-march to the heights ahead,
    And don’t be begging a lift.

    Pick out the hill you want to climb
    And fix your gaze on the peak,
    Then blaze your way to the very top,
    The bottom is reserved for the weak.

    Imagination and enthusiasm;
    Mark you! this matchless team,
    Is yours to harness and drive to the goal,
    Of all your heart has dreamed.

    Imagination and enthusiasm;
    Oh man! if you are wise,
    You’ll give ’em the rein,
    Then fix your gaze
    On the brightest star in the skies

  4. Do Right
    Poet: Unknown

    I love to do right,
    And I love the truth;
    And I'll always love them,
    While in my youth.

    And when I grow old,
    And when I grow gray,
    I will love them still,
    Depart who may.

  5. Hold Up Your Head
    Poet:  Wilhelmina Stitch

    You were not made for failure but success;
    Not born for sorrow but for happiness.
    Keep this in mind through all life's storms and stress.
    Hold up your head.

    You were not born a slave but free as air,
    In all the beauty of the world you share,
    Now banish fear and brush away dull care.
    Hold up your head.

    The heroes of the world are true kin.
    You, too, have greatness buried deep within.
    Give it a chance; no fight too hard to win.
    Hold up your head.

    Remember this great world has need of you,
    Has need of all the work that you can do;
    And of your visions and your ideals too.
    Hold up your head.

    Hark to the drums of life! They throb and roll;
    Inspire with courage the responsive soul.
    March on, you're bound to reach your goal.
    Hold up your head.

  6. Just Remember
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    Don't compare yourself to others
    Don't wish that you were your brother.
    Don't be jealous of others success,
    Just remember to do your best.

    You are given gifts to use
    You have to decide, you have to choose
    Do make your life a contest,
    Just remember to do your best.

    Set your goals and take the action
    Set them according to your passion.
    As you move step by step,
    Just remember to do your best.

    When you look back at the years that have passed
    You will be amazed how time is so fast
    You will realize you passed life's test
    As you lived your life by doing your best!

  7. Doing And Being
    Poet: William Davies

    Think not alone to do right, and fulfill
    Life's due perfection by the simple worth
    Of lawful actions called by justice forth,
    And thus condone a world confused with ill!
    But fix the high condition of thy will
    To be right, that its good's spontaneous birth
    May spread like flowers springing from the earth

    On which the natural dews of heaven distill;
    For these require no honors, take no care
    For gratitude from men--but more are blessed
    In the sweet ignorance that they are fair;
    And through their proper functions live and rest,
    Breathing their fragrance out with joyous air,
    Content with praise of bettering what is best.

  8. The Best We Can
    Poet: Eben E. Rexford

    When things don't go to suit us,
    Why should we fold our hands,
    And say, "No use in trying;
    Fate baffles all our plans"?
    Let not your courage falter,
    Keep faith in God and man,
    And to this thought be steadfast:
    "I'll do the best I can."

    If clouds blot out the sunshine
    Along the way you tread,
    Don't grieve in hopeless fashion
    And sigh for brightness fled.
    Beyond the clouds the sunlight
    Shines in the eternal plan;
    Trust that the way will brighten,
    And do the best you can.

    Away with vain repinings;
    Sing songs of hope and cheer,
    Till many a weary comrade
    Grows strong of heart to hear.
    He who sings over trouble
    Is aye the wisest man;
    He can't help what has happened,
    But — does the best he can.

    So if things won't go to suit us,
    Let's never fume and fret,
    For finding fault with fortune
    Ne'er mended matters yet.
    Make the best of whate'er happens,
    Bear failure like a man,
    And in good or evil fortune
    Do just the best you can.

  9. Unpardonable
    Poet: Strickland Gillilan

    There is pardon for failure to reach just the mark
    You'd set for yourself in the struggle of life.
    There's forgiveness for him who, through lacking the spark
    Of genius, is "downed" in the thick of the strife.
    There is balm for the pride of the fellow who fails
    To attain what he wished when his struggle began.
    But the world will be deaf to the babyish wails
    Of the man who does less than the best that he can.

    The world's fairly just in accrediting praise
    And fairly judicious in placing the blame.
    Its eye's fairly clear in observing the plays
    In front of the grand stand in life's busy game.
    The runner who's spiked is forgiven his limp,
    And nobody kicks o'er the pace that he ran.
    But the hoot and the jeer for the white-livered imp
    Who does any less than the best that he can.

    When we finish our season and pennants are won,
    We'll be judged not so much by our batting per cent.
    As by what, with more effort, we ought to have done;
    By the time we have wasted on indolence bent.
    There'll be less of "What did you? "than "What could have been?"
    In the light of equipment your work they will scan.
    They'll forgive you for failing the pennant to win,
    But never for less-than-the-best-that-you-can.

  10. Serve Where You Are
    Poet: Frank Otis Erb

    That noble future you so fondly dreamed;
    That service which on life's horizon gleamed;
    That influence far-reaching in its scope;
    That great success on which you set your hope.
    And now the door is closed, the gate is barred?
    What then? Repinings? bitterness? a heart grown hard?
    Nay! Nay! Serve where you are.

    And as you share your best with others, lo,
    Slowly above your leaden rim will glow
    A nobler future than you dared to dream,
    A service broader than youth's fondest gleam,
    An influence heaven-reaching in its scope,
    Success more brilliant than your dearest hope,
    O heart! serve where you are.

  11. It's Worth The Price
    Poet: David V. Bush

    In the mid-night hours of sorrow,
    In the mid-night of despair,
    I’ve thought that life’s great burden
    Was more than I could bear.

    How often! O how often
    I have thought,  "It is no use,
    There’s naught in. store for such as I
    But sorrow and abuse."

    I’ve longed to banish sorrow
    And life with its heavy wand!
    I’ve prayed for no tomorrow -
    Just death and oblivion.

    In life’s dark hour of sadness,
    In times when I would die,
    There came the hope eternal:
    "Reward somehow is nigh."

    In all of the hours of struggle,
    In dark times of despair
    The wee still voice would whisper,
    "Work on and strive and dare."

    And I was not mistaken,
    Tho years it took to win.
    No soul shall ever fail, my friend,
    Who works with might and vim.

    O never think of giving up,
    Ne’er think the battle lost;
    Just grit your teeth and do your best
    It’s worth all that it cost!

  12. Suppose!
    Poet: Phoebe Cary

    Suppose, my little lady,
    Your doll should break her head;
    Could you make it whole by crying
    Till your eyes and nose are red?
    And wouldn't it be pleasanter
    To treat it as a joke,
    And say you're glad " 'twas Dolly's,
    And not your head that broke! "

    Suppose you're dressed for walking,
    And the rain comes pouring down,
    Will it clear off any sooner
    Because you scold and frown?
    And wouldn't it be nicer
    For you to smile than pout,
    And so make sunshine in the house,
    Wlien there is none without?

    Suppose your task, my little man,
    Is very hard to get;
    Will it make it any easier
    For you to sit and fret?
    And wouldn't it be pleasanter
    Than waiting like a dunce,
    To go to work in earnest,
    And learn the thing at once?

    Suppose that some boys have a horse,
    And some a coach and pair;
    Will it tire you less while walking.
    To say ''it isn't fair?"
    And wouldn't it be nobler
    To keep your temper sweet,
    And in your heart be thankful
    You can walk upon your feet?

    And suppose the world don't please you,
    Nor the way some people do, -
    Do you think the whole creation
    Will be altered just for you?
    And isn't it, my boy or girl.
    The wisest, bravest plan,
    Whatever comes, or doesn't come,
    To do the best you can?

  13. Keep Everlastingly At It
    Poet: David V. Bush

    Be not dismayed if you’re not paid
    For what you do today!
    For he who works and never shirks
    Is bound to win some day!

    For years you work just “like a Turk,”
    The same old drum-de-drum;
    But never mind - men of your kind
    Have forced success to come!

    You get no cheer for many a year,
    And very little praise?
    ’Twas seven years - but with no fears
    Napoleon had no raise.

    So let each day and record - say,
    “I’ve done the best I can:”
    Tho long the road, heavy the load,
    You’ll lead some day the van.

    Remember, man, winners who stand
    Faced failure - often hit.
    There’s success on the way for the one who will say
    “I’ll keep everlastingly at it!”

  14. Do His Best
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    We know not how we came to be
    Cast for the work that we are doing,
    Why one should sail the stormy sea,
    And one the farmer's horse be shoeing.
    Why one should paint and one should write.
    Why one seem dull, another smart;
    We only know, both day and night.
    That each of us must play his part.

    He serves this world who digs the ditch
    As much as he who writes the novels;
    Life leans no more upon the rich
    Than on the men who dwell in hovels.
    What greatness is we cannot say,
    God only knows who meets the test;
    On earth it's but a part we play,
    And with it each must do his best.

  15. Do Your Best
    Poet: Unknown

    Do your best,
    Not because your work is worth it,
    But because you are.
    Whatever you are doing, you are making manhood.

    Half-hearted work makes only half a man.
    Slipshod methods mean loose principles.
    The only way to keep character up to the standard is
    By continually living up to the highest standard in all that you do.

  16. The Best That I Can
    Poet: Unknown

    "I cannot do much," said a little star,
    "To make the dark world bright;
    My silver beams cannot struggle far
    Through the folding gloom of night:
    But I am a part of God s great plan,
    And I'll cheerfully do the best that I can."

    "What is the use," said a fleecy cloud,
    "Of these dew-drops that I hold?
    They will hardly bend the lily proud.
    Though caught in her cup of gold;
    Yet I am a part of God's great plan.
    My treasures I'll give as well as I can."

    A child went merrily forth to play,
    But a thought, like a silver thread.
    Kept winding in and out all day
    Through the happy, busy head,
    "Mother said, 'Darling, do all you can,
    For you are a part of God's great plan.'"

    So she helped a younger child along.
    When the road was rough to the feet;
    And she sang from her heart a little song,
    A song that was passing sweet;
    And her father, a weary, toil-worn man,
    Said, "I too will do the best that I can."

  17. To Be
    Poet: S. D. Gordon

    It is good to know;
    it is better to do;
    it is best to be.

    To be pure and strong,
    to be honest and earnest,
    to be kindly and thoughtful,
    and in all to be true,
    to be manly and womanly and Christly -
    this is the greatest ambition in life.

    It is not In knowing or having or doing,
    but through knowing and having and doing the best,
    it is in being, in what a man is in himself.

    He can do more for others
    who has done most with himself.
    Mastery of circumstances comes only
    through mastery of self.

  18. Do Your Best
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    Make the best of life to-day
    Take what God has given;
    Do not falter on the way
    Each step leads to Heaven.

    Tho’ the journey may be long,
    And the way be weary,
    Make it shorter with a song
    Days will seem less dreary.

    Let the sunshine fill your heart
    All it’s shadows hiding;
    Do your humble little part
    Leave to God the guiding.

    Do not soar to highest things
    ’Till you have a reason;
    He will give the soul it’s wings
    In his own good season.

    Little robins in the nest
    Ere their wings are stronger
    Learn too late that it is best
    To keep patient longer.

    If you cannot do to-day
    What you hope and plan,
    God will show a better way,
    Do the best you can.

  19. The Worst Thing
    Poet: Strickland Gillilan

    Failure, when you have done your best, is bad.
    I know a thing a thousand times as sad:
    The sting that failure leaves within your breast
    An ache that knows no surcease, gives no rest
    When you recall you did not do your best.

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