8 Kate Louise Wheeler Poems

Be inspired by these poems written by Kate Louise Wheeler. Not much is known about Kate, with the exception that she lived during the late 1800s in New Hampshire, USA. Her book of poems was published in 1897 by Telegraph Publishing Co. in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA.

Her author's preface in her book, "Home Poems" states this:
"I am a New Hampshire girl. I have written these poems in the interests of Christian Endeavor. My friends are so much pleased with them that I have had them published for our mutual benefit."

You can tell by her poetry she was a woman of strong faith. We hope you find her poetry inspiring.

Kate Louise Wheeler

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Popular Short  Famous Poems by Kate Louise Wheeler:

  1. The Text
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    The song may be the sweetest,
    And the story be the best,
    The sermon most effectual,
    And the poem well expressed;

    But the text, it’s inspiration,
    That the mind retains when heard,
    May be a line at longest
    Or perhaps a single word.

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  2. Thy Place
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    Do not dream away life’s morning,
    Rise to bless as does the sun;
    Let no shadow fall about thee,
    Till thy given work is done.

    Look not downward, to the valley,
    Blessings come from heights above;
    Falter not upon thy journey,
    Let each effort teem with love.

    Tho’ thy life work may be humble,
    Keep a brave and trusting heart;
    Do it well, it is thy portion,
    God himself assigned the part.

    There is not on earth another -
    Even monarch of the throne -
    Who can fill thy place so nobly,
    As thyself, thyself alone.

    If a few shall rise above thee,
    And the world their deeds applaud,
    Do not let their fame depress thee,
    None can judge thee save thy God.

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  3. Lives and Leaves
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    Our lives are like the leaves
    That waken to the sun;
    Some fall from airy heights
    Ere Youth has scarce begun;

    And some are tempest tost,
    By an opposing power,
    And driven blindly on
    With every passing hour.

    Some cling to their support,
    In darkness and in light,
    And grow from day to day
    More perfect, strong, and bright.

    God grant that lives and leaves,
    When sunny days are past,
    May find, from adverse winds,
    A resting-place at last.

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  4. His Promise
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    Oft when the rain-drops fall,
    We pray for sunlight fair;
    Oft when the day is bright,
    We seek the cooling shade;
    Oft when the robins call,
    We long for tree-tops bare;
    Oft when the ground is white,
    We wish that spring had stayed.

    But God who ruleth all,
    And keeps us in His care,
    Doth plan all things aright,
    Which for our good He made;
    Our gifts, so poor and small,
    Cannot with His compare,
    And if we trust His might
    His promise will not fade.

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  5. Some Day
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    Some day, not far away,
    In Heaven above,
    Both you and I,
    Who say the last good-bye,
    Shall meet and love.

    Some day, beyond life’s way
    Of cares and tears,
    Your soul and mine,
    With Christ, the Soul divine,
    Shall know no fears.

    Some day, when others pray
    With tear-stained eyes,
    You’ll take my hand
    And we shall understand
    In Paradise.

    Some day, when others stay
    To do life’s part,
    We’ll reach the goal
    Each standing soul to soul,-
    Not heart to heart.

    Some day, when others say:-
    “Their lot was sad,”
    We’ll know the why;
    In Heaven both you and I
    Shall be more glad.

    Some day, when earth is gay
    On land and sea,
    Beyond life’s shore
    We two, who patience bore,
    Shall thankful be.

    Some day, -some brighter day
    Than all the rest,
    Both you and I
    Shall say no more: “Good-bye,”
    But:-“God knows best.”

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  6. The Gardener
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    He who shall sow the little seeds,
    Must wait for them to grow;
    Some day when he a solace needs
    The pure, sweet flowers will blow.

    When wintry storms their peace shall take,
    And they are lost from sight,
    These little seeds once more will wake,
    To Heaven’s eternal light.

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  7. Peace
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    When we ask the reason why,
    And we question: “Is it right?”
    When we search for hidden truths,
    Praying for the needed light;

    When our way looks long and lone,
    And the sky seems dark o’erhead;
    When our blessings all are gone,
    And the sorrows come instead;

    Then, like sunlight thro’ the gloom,
    Comes the peace for which we prayed:-
    “Let not your heart be troubled,
    Neither let it be afraid.”

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  8. Regret
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    There is no time, in life, for vain regret;
    The days have passed, the hours are passing yet.
    Each moment wasted by regretful sigh
    Will count as worthless in the by and by,

    Till life itself, which God to man has given,
    Will be unworthy of the peace of Heaven.
    A vain regret is but an added wrong,-
    It makes the past a sorrow, not a song;

    It robs the present of its very best
    And fills the future with a vague unrest.
    The little wrongs can never be made right
    By keeping them before the human sight;

    Better it is to give them scanty space
    By putting virtue in its proper place;
    Better it is to let the whole heart sing
    Than let it sigh o’er one regretted thing.

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