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A collection of words to live by. Life can be challenging at times let these thoughts, and poems encourage you to live your life to the fullest. These words to live by are expressed as inspirational poems and thoughts to motivate and inspire you.

Words like music can be a source of inspiration for us! You may also be inspired by our collection of quotes to live by. Share these words with others in your life!

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  1. Short Thoughts To Live By
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    Always show love
    Just be yourself don't compare yourself to others
    Take one day at a time, that is all you're guaranteed
    You are extraordinary, believe in yourself

    Don't stress, will this matter in 5 years
    Always appreciate family and friends
    Live your dreams by setting your goals
    Always focus on your blessings, not your troubles

    Worrying is a waste of time
    Laugh every day
    Keep your attitude positive
    Share your blessings with others

    Choose to be happy every day
    Read books that encourage you
    Take one step at a time, don't get overwhelmed
    It's never too late to achieve your dreams

    Be positive,
    Be an encourager
    Be kind to yourself
    Always remember, you are one of a kind!

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  3. In Life
    Poet Grant Ngobean

    I believe in life we should be grateful
    Of what we have and who we are.
    A human being means be alive
    And being alive means taking authority of your life.

    When you meet challenges stand your ground
    And don't be moved by the wind
    A human being is like tent,
    Has no foundation, when it rains it gets wet
    When the wind blows it goes to whichever direction the wind takes it to

    With time it gets torn and has to be patched up, that is a life of a man
    We go through different challenges in life;
    They should make you and not break you
    They ought to make you strong
    And not discourage you; do not hold to the situation
    Go through it and live on,
    But remember the lesson learned through it

    Live according to Gods calling; move in love, love peace and happiness
    Life is too short to live in bitterness, anger and negativity
    Empower yourself
    And take authority; stop looking for wrong in others
    Treasure the little that you have, work on it, be happy and appreciate life
    Do what you do best,
    Last but not least humble yourself, and let people see God through you

  4. Being happy encompasses many areas of our lives. The words of Grant Ngobean poem are ones that express this. You may also be inspired by our collection of quotes about being happy.

    I believe in life we should be grateful Of what we have and who we are

    To be grateful means showing gratitude and giving thanks. You may also be inspired by our gratitude poems.

  5. The Art of Taking Time To Live
    By Wilferd Peterson

    To get the most out of life we must take time
    to live as well as to make a living.
    We must practice the art of filling our moments
    with enriching experiences that will give
    new meaning and depth to our lives.
    We should take time for good books,
    time to absorb the thoughts of
    poets and philosophers, seers and prophets.

    Time for
    . . .music that washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
    . . . friendships; time for talks by the fire and walks beneath the stars.
    . . . children; that we may find again the Kingdom of Heaven within our hearts.
    . . . laughter; time for letting go and filling the heart with mirth.
    . . . travel; time for pilgrimage and festival
    . . . nature; time for flower gardens, trees, birds, and sunsets.
    . . . love and be loved; for love is the greatest thing in the world.
    . . . people; time for the interplay of personalities and the interchange of ideas.
    . . . solitude; time to be quiet and alone and to look within.
    . . . give of ourselves;
    ... that we may contribute to the onward march of man.
    . . . worship; time for opening our lives to God's
    infinite springs of vitality, that we may live more abundantly.

    In all ways let us make our moments glow with life.

  6. Inspiring words about taking the time to enjoy life! Time, we all have the same amount, but how we use our time is what makes the difference.
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  7. Live For Something
    Poet: Thomas Chalmers

    Live for something!
    Do good and leave behind you a
    monument of virtue that the storm of time can never destroy.

    Write your name in kindness, love, and mercy
    on the hearts of the thousands you come in contact with,
    year by year, and you will never be forgotten.

    Your name, your deeds, will be as legible on the hearts
    you leave behind, as the stars on the brow of evening.
    Good deeds will shine as the stars of heaven.

  8. We all need to find our purpose, to discover what we believe in. Be motivated to reflect on your life and decide what your purpose is. You may find motivation in these motivational poems.

    Good deeds will shine as the stars of heaven.

  9. How To Live
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer, 2020

    There are so many who think
    That it is vitally fine to shrink.
    From those who would give and give
    To know that what they do holds no negative.

    When one looks all around
    There are always lovely sounds.
    The joy of laughter through the day
    Should we really cast astray?

    Through the valleys day behold
    I should try to be so bold.
    To cast about with those around
    The merry sounds that should abound.

    Fear not the darkest clouds of night
    For we are here to bring delight.
    Forsake the days of groans and pains
    See the bright and flowery restrains.

    Grab hold of those who strain
    Give them your heartfelt sustains.
    For over and over we declare
    That cheerfulness conquers despair.

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  11. Word Of Cheer
    Poet: J. A. Egerton

    If you have a word of cheer
    That may light the pathway drear,
    Of a brother pilgrim here,
    Let him know.
    Show him you appreciate
    What he does, and do not wait
    Till the heavy hand of fate
    Lays him low.
    If your heart contains a thought
    That will brighter make his lot,
    Then, in mercy, hide it not;
    Tell him so.

    Bide not till the end of all
    Carries him beyond recall
    When beside his sable pall,
    To avow
    Your affection and acclaim
    To do honor to his name
    And to place the wreath of fame
    On his brow.
    Rather speak to him to-day;
    For the things you have to say
    May assist him on his way:
    Tell him now.

    Life is hard enough, at best:
    But the love that is expressed
    Makes it seem a pathway blest
    To our feet;
    And the troubles that we share
    Seem the easier to bear,
    Smile upon your neighbor's care,
    As you greet.
    Rough and stony are our ways,
    Dark and dreary are our days;
    But another's love and praise
    Make them sweet.

    Wait not till your friend is dead
    Ere your compliments are said;
    For the spirit that has fled,
    If it know,
    Does not need to speed it on
    Our poor praise; where it has gone
    Love's eternal, golden dawn
    Is aglow.
    But unto our brother here
    That poor praise is very dear;
    If you've any word of cheer
    Tell him so.

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  13. You Ask Me How I Live
    Poet: Joseph Hobbins

    Living friendly, feeling friendly,
    Acting fairly to all men,
    Seeking to do that to others
    They may do to me again.
    Hating no man, scorning no man,
    Wronging none by word or deed;
    But forbearing, soothing, serving,
    Thus I live - and this my creed.

    Harsh condemning, fierce contemning,
    Is of little Christian use,
    One soft word of kindly peace
    Is worth a torrent of abuse.
    Calling things bad, calling men bad,
    Adds but darkness to their night,
    If thou wouldst improve thy brother,
    Let thy goodness be his light.

    I have felt and know how bitter
    Human coldness makes the world,
    Ev'ry bosom round me frozen,
    Not an eye with pity pearl'd;
    Still my heart with kindness teeming,
    Glad when other hearts are glad,
    And my eyes a tear-drop findeth
    At the sight of others sad.

    Ah! be kind - life hath no secret
    For our happiness like this;
    Kindly hearts are seldom sad ones.
    Blessing ever bringeth bliss.
    Lend a helping hand to others,
    Smile though all the world should frown,
    Man is man, we all are brothers,
    Black or white, red or brown.

    Man is man through all gradations,
    Little recks it where he stands,
    How divided into nations
    Scattered over many lands;
    Man is man by form and feature,
    Man by vice and virtue too,
    Man in all one common nature
    Speaks and binds us brothers true.

  14. Fame
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Fame is a fickle jade at best.
    And he who seeks to win her smile
    Must trudge, disdaining play or rest.
    O'er many a long and weary mile.

    Nor must he work alone for her,
    Nor labor only for her cheers.
    For doing this, it may occur
    That he shall only reap her sneers.

    But when he's ceased to care for self.
    And is content to work and wait
    For something better far than pelf,
    Fame welcomes him among the great.

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  16. Words
    Poet: Evelyn Ostund

    We might have left unspoken
    Some of the things we said
    If we had just remembered
    That words can't be unsaid -
    If we had been reminded
    That be they harsh or kind
    Our words don't die, but always live
    To echo in the mind.
    Ill thoughts give way to better ones
    Bad deeds can be amended,
    But the sting left by a bitter word
    Is never, never ended.

  17. More Or Less
    Poet: Unknown

    Go Less – Sleep More
    Ride Less – Walk More
    Talk Less – Think More
    Scold Less – Praise More
    Waste Less – Give More
    Eat Less – Chew More
    Clothe Less – Bathe More
    Idle Less – Play More
    Worry Less – Laugh More
    Preach Less – Practice More

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