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Let these quotes about "words have power" remind you that the words you use do have an impact on your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Our words not only affect our thinking but they affect the people around us. Try and keep your words positive and inspiring. Encourage others rather than criticize them.

What you say, and how you say does matter - words do have power - they can be positive or they can be negative! You may also be inspired by our collection of poetry about words.

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  1. Give words, kind words, to those who err; remorse doth need a comforter. Mrs. Sigourney, Give Words

  2. Then deem it not an idle thing a pleasant word to speak; the face you wear, the thoughts you bring, a heart may heal or break. Daniel C. Colesworthy, A Word

  3. You see words make a difference they can mean rejection or acceptance. Catherine Pulsifer, Words Make A Difference

  4. Loving words will cost but little, journeying up the hill of life M. T., Loving Words

  5. Oh, the power of words, how they enchant! Capable of both hurt and embrace, criticism's sting or encouragement's embrace. Catherine Pulsifer, The Power Of Words

  6. It is the pleasant word, the hearty word, that helps Unknown, The Pleasant Word

  7. If any little words of ours can make one life the brighter  Unknown, If Any
    You may not see the impact that your words can make in another person's life. But you can have a positive impact by the words you use. You can see reflections on how you can impact others in our collection of make a difference quotes. Yes, something as small as the words we choose can make a difference.

  8. Words like music can be a source of inspiration for us! Catherine Pulsifer

  9. Keep watch of your words, my darlings, for words are wonderful things Unknown, Watch Your Words

  10. Evil words cut worse than swords. Kind words bring back kind echoes. Author Unknown, Kind Words

  11. Whisper words of hope and comfort; give, and thy reward shall be joy unto thy soul returning Unknown, Live For Something

  12. Little words of love, help to make earth happy like the heaven above. Julie Fletcher Carney, Little Things

  13. My words can cheer, my words can bless, and bring someone new happiness. Unknown, My Words

  14. Inevitable words when once they're spoken. Nothing can heal the heart they've broken. Lillian E. Curtis, Guard Thy Lips

  15. Echo not an angry word; let it pass! Unknown, Let It Pass

  16. We might have done this, and we might have done that-idle words, for they haven't the power, to bring back again opportunities lost - or restore to us one little hour   Patience Strong, Opportunities
    Looking back and saying "what if" or "we might have done" changes nothing. We can't go back and change our words or our actions. Read these if poems and let them inspire you to live today and look forward not back.

  17. Words are containers for power, you choose what kind of power they carry. Joyce Meyer

  18. The words may be mild and fair, and the tones may pierce like a dart; the words may be soft as the summer air, and the tones may break the heart. Unknown, Words and Tones

  19. Oh, how words often ours have been idle words, and words of sin; words of anger, scorn, and pride, or desire our faults to hide; envious tales, or strife unkind, leaving bitter thoughts behind. John George Fleet, Words

  20. Give not anger for injustice, give a gentle word instead. Unknown, A Soft Answer

  21. In the little sphere we move, let kindness touch the heart; while every word shall lead to love and happiness impart. Daniel C. Colesworthy, Let Us Do Good

  22. Brightest links of life are broken by a single angry word. Unknown, Angry Words
    Angry words can do so much damage in a matter of seconds. When you are feeling angry pay attention to your words. Don't say something that you will later regret. Be encouraged by our collection of angry quotes, let these quotes encourage you to think twice before speaking in anger.

  23. A word of cheer upon your lips, a ready hand to give.....will help you well to live. Grenville Kleiser, Road To Happiness

  24. Never think words do not matter. What we say and sometimes more importantly how we say it can improve a situation or it can destroy a situation. Catherine Pulsifer

  25. For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. Audrey Hepburn

  26. Kind words are such a blessing to the needful, if one but knew the pleasure that they bring John McLeod, Kind Words

  27. I'm sorry for the things I said the words I said, now I dread please forgive me, this I ask Catherine Pulsifer, Looking Back

  28. Your best example is not your words, but your actions. So speak but then put actions behind those words. Catherine Pulsifer

  29. Harsh and imprudent words, make many devoted cry. Let our speech be kind and gentle kind words never die. J. J. Thorne, Kind Words Never Die

  30. I sometimes do some stupid things I don't stop and think of what it will bring I blurt out words that I soon regret Catherine Pulsifer, Do Stupid Things
    Oh, all of us sometimes blurt out words that we wish we could take back. Words that we have said, we wish we could reverse. We offer a collection of regret quotes that reinforce  this quote.

  31. The three simple words that make such an impact I am sorry, they can change everything, that is a fact. Catherine Pulsifer, Three Simple Words

  32. Empower others with your words and their own inner strength too Catherine Pulsifer, Help Build Confidence In Others

  33. One little word can change our life completely, and make our days as if of honey sweet William Brunton, One Little Word

  34. In careless words we riot, and life would be sore if tongues would but be quiet, and the heart say more. Walt Mason, Seeds of Kindness

  35. Let me no wrong or idle word unthinkingly say.  Samuel Wilberforce, Just For To-Day

  36. ... illuminate, grow, steady, run, light, recharge, strong, vitality, engagement, present, discerning, happy, incandescent, yes, flow, curiosity, change, meet, reliability, spontaneity, pleasure, simplicity … These words contain potential. Mina Samuels

  37. A smile may lighten a falling heart, a word may soften pain's keenest smart...how easily each is given! Unknown, Easily Given

  38. Never talk defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory.  Norman Vincent Peale
    When we verbalize or think in terms of defeat we are discouraging ourselves. Keep thinking positively and moving ahead. Don't dwell on the defeat, don't talk defeat, pick yourself up, learn what didn't work, and move forward. Be encouraged also by these poems about defeat, which offer suggestions on what to do when you feel defeated.

  39. Something each day - a word. We cannot know its power; it grows in fruitfulness as grows the gentle shower. Walt Mason, Seeds of Kindness

  40. Each thought that we think, each word that we say affects our tomorrows in some strange way. William Arthur Ward, The Choices

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