Poetry About Words

Let this poetry about words remind you that words do make a difference. What we say and how we say it can make a big difference in our own thinking and in the lives of others. Words do matter!

In addition to these poems you may also be encouraged by our collection of words have power quotes. These poems and quotes reinforce the thought that "words do matter".

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  1. Give Words
    Poet: Mrs. Sigourney

    Give words, kind words, to those who err;
    Remorse doth need a comforter.
    Though in temptation's wiles they fall,
    Condemn not we are sinners all.
    With the sweet charity of speech,
    Give words that heal, and words that teach.

  2. A Word
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    A little word in kindness spoken,
    A motion or a tear,
    Has often healed the heart that's broken,
    And made a friend sincere.

    A word, a look, has crushed to earth
    Full many a budding flower,
    Which, had a smile but owned its birth,
    Would bless life's darkest hour,

    Then deem it not an idle thing
    A pleasant word to speak;
    The face you wear, the thoughts you bring,
    A heart may heal or break.

  3. Words Make A Difference
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    The words you say,
    Can make or break a person's day.
    The tone that you use
    Is up to you to choose.

    You see words make a difference
    They can mean rejection or acceptance.
    They can hurt a person's feelings
    Or leave a person reeling.

    Think before you speak, is good advice
    Like our Moms have said, be nice.
    Words can offer support
    They don't need to be long, they can be short.

    Encourage others by the words you use
    And if you can't say something nice, then yourself excuse.
    In all situations in life, words do matter
    They are not just chatter!

  4. A Hasty Word
    Poet: Unknown

    We should go through life as the traveler
    Goes through the Swiss mountains;
    A hasty word may bring down an avalanche
    A misstep may plunge us over a precipice.

  5. The Power Of Words
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, the power of words, how they enchant!
    With each syllable, a world is born,
    Capable of both hurt and embrace,
    Criticism's sting or encouragement's embrace.

    They wield the strength to tear down or build,
    Blame's sharp sword or forgiveness distilled.
    Yet in this mighty force, hope lies to stay,
    For with our own words, we choose our way.

  6. Inspirational Words
    Inspirational Words

  7. An Idle Word
    by Chas. A. Dickey

    An idle word may be seemingly harmless in its utterance,
    But let it be fanned by passion,
    Let it be fed with the fuel of misconception,
    Of evil intention, of prejudice, and
    It will soon grow into a sweeping fire,
    That will melt the chains of human friendship,
    That will burn to ashes many cherished hopes,
    And blacken more fair names than one.

  8. words to live by
    Words To Live By

  9. One Simple Word
    Poet: James Russell Lowell

    It way be glorious to write
    Thoughts that shall glad the two or three
    High souls, like those far stare that come in sight
    Once in a century.

    But better far it is to speak
    One simple word, which now and then
    Shall waken their free nature in the weak
    And friendless sons of men.

    To write some earnest verse or line,
    Which, seeking not the praise of art,
    Shall make a clearer faith and manhood smile
    In the untutored heart.

    He that doth this, in verse or prose,
    May be forgotten in his day,
    But surely shall be crowned at last with those
    Who lire and speak for aye.

  10. The Pleasant Word
    by Unknown

    It is the pleasant word,
    The hearty word, that helps,
    And a man who has these at his command
    Is sure to be a helper to others in the highway of life,
    Along which so many are travelers.

  11. choose your words
    more choices quotes

  12. A Thing Of Joy To Memory
    Poet: Unknown

    Oh, let us carry hence, one,
    Some kindly word, some look, tone,
    Into his after-life, to be
    Treasured heart-deep and carried
    An echo from the distant sea,
    A thing of joy to memory,
    In all the years to come!

  13. These Are Not Lost
    Poet: Sarah Doudney

    The look of sympathy, the gentle word,
    Spoken so low that only angels heard;
    The secret art of pure self-sacrifice,
    Unseen by men, but marked by angels' eyes
    These are not lost.

  14. The Word Farewell
    Poet: Mrs. Southey

    I never cast a flower away,
    The gift of one who cared for me,
    A little flower - a faded flower,
    But it was done reluctantly.

    I never speak the word farewell
    But with an utterance faint and broken,
    An earth-sick longing for the time
    When it shall never more be spoken.

  15. Goodbye Poems
    Goodbye Poems

  16. People Liked Him
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    People liked him, not because
    He was rich or known to fame;
    He had never won applause
    As a star in any game.
    His was not a brilliant style.
    His was not a forceful way.
    But he had a gentle smile
    And a kindly word to say.

    Never arrogant or proud,
    On he went with manner mild;
    Never quarrelsome or loud,
    Just as simple as a child;
    Honest, patient, brave and true:
    Thus he lived from day to day.
    Doing what he found to do
    In a cheerful sort of way

    Wasn't one to boast of gold
    Or belittle it with sneers,
    Didn't change from hot to cold,
    Kept his friends throughout the years,
    Sort of man you like to meet
    Any time or any place.
    There was always something sweet
    And refreshing in his face.

    Sort of man you'd like to be:
    Balanced well and truly square;
    Patient in adversity.
    Generous when his skies were fair.
    Never lied to friend or foe.
    Never rash in word or deed,
    Quick to come and slow to go
    In a neighbor's time of need.

    Never rose to wealth or fame,
    Simply lived, and simply died,
    But the passing of his name
    Left a sorrow, far and wide.
    Not for glory he'd attained.
    Nor for what he had of pelf,
    Were the friends that he had gained,
    But for what he was himself.

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We hope after reading this poetry that you will carefully consider the words you use. Think about how people would describe you, do the words that you use fit that description?

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