Think Before We Speak

What is one of the most powerful attributes possessed by every child, man, and woman? Is it their physical strength; is it their mental acuity; or is it that they are in possession of countless monetary assets? The truth is quite simple: it is none of the aforementioned. For thousands of years, this one attribute is available to each person. It is an attribute that can upset the greatest of nations, the strongest person, or a child. It is not something that one buys or is given. So, what could it be?

This particular attribute is the human tongue. Maybe this attribute isn't something that you think has tremendous power or can negatively affect the strongest or the greatest of people but you would be ill-advised to ignore it. Through the tongue can come words of encouragement, words of abuse, words of anger, or words of gossip. These imprudent words spoken before thinking of their consequences can take a stellar and good person to their knees through ill-conceived and harsh words of criticism. The words chosen out of haste can serve to damage a child's personal image well into their adult years. These cold, harsh words can ruin the careers of many when they comprise lies. These untruths spoken repeatedly to anyone who will listen can spread a lie that devastates families, and a whole society. In Thorne's own words, "Think twice with careful thought, Before we haste to speak."

On the other hand, words spoken with kindness, caring, and love can build up and encourage thousands upon thousands. Many periods in human history have been transformed through carefully chosen words like those uttered by Winston Churchill during World War II, or words chosen to represent the freedoms and responsibilities of a new nation as written in the United States Declaration of Independence.

Before we speak, we should think of what and how we are responding or what we are reacting towards. J.J. Thorne's poem, "Think Before We Speak", gives us words to reflect upon, counsel us, and hopefully will encourage us to be mindful of what we are saying.

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Think Before We Speak
Poet: J.J. Thorne

We often do not think in time,
Our words are cold and bleak;
Think twice with careful thought,
Before we haste to speak.

Thought is care, care is thought,
Both combined is wisdom's cheek;
Think twice with careful thought,
Before we haste to speak.

Do not allow a blissful tongue,
Imprudent words to leak;
Think twice with careful thought,
Before we haste to speak.

Passion rudely attempts the tongue,
But wisdom prevails and makes it meek;
Think twice with careful thought,
Before we haste to speak.

We all are indebted by gratitude,
From the briny wave to the mountain peak;
Think twice with careful thought,
Before we haste to speak.

We should with prudence lay the plan,
The best moral elements to seek;
Think twice with careful thought,
Before we haste to speak.

Love forgives and felicitates,
Envy abuse slander and sneak;
Think twice with careful thought,
Before we haste to speak.

Lies spoil and defiles Perfection,
They signify love and wisdom weak;
Think twice with careful thought.
Before we haste to speak.

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Another poem by J. J. Thorne to remind us to think about the words we are saying:

Think Carefully
Poet: J.J. Thorne

Let our words be calm and docile.
Our aims grand and high;
Think carefully before we speak,
Kind words never die.

Think a moment, kind friend,
The ease with you and I;
Rash words displease us both,
Kind words never die.

Speak the truth, live the truth.
Here our duty lie;
Satan's words is profane and slanderous.
Kind words never die.

Swearing words often make.
Bitterness in repl;
Prudent words pleases and content,
Kind words never die.

Knowledge, love and respect,
Comes from above the sky;
Wisdom's way is Handness,
Kind words never die.

Love is the world's bloom of time.
Sweeter than lilies and blooms of rye;
Affection is nature's ardor.
Kind words never die.

If by nature we have respect,
And in our hearts a tender tie.
Love will join us friends together,
With kind words that never die.

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