23 Kindness Poems

Find a kindness poem to encourage and inspire acts of kindness. Being kind is a way of life, something that you do without even thinking about it. World Kindness Day is November 13, 2019. Our world needs more kindness displayed and what a different place it would be if people were more generous, compassionate, and kind.

Small acts of kindness can be done every day. It could be as simple as opening a door, a good morning, a smile, a kind word. Spread more kindness in your life and you will find it will come back to you.

Share one of these poems with others to remind them how kindness can change our world.

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Collections of Kindness Poems

1. Kind Words Are Like Honey  2. Planting Seeds Of Kindness
3. Be Kind To Animals  

Popular Short Kindness Poems:

  1. But When
    Poet: E. A. Brininstool

    We are going to do a kindly deed,
    Sometime, perhaps, but when?
    Our sympathy give in a time of need,
    Sometime, perhaps, but when?
    We will do so much in the coming years;
    We will banish the heartaches and doubts and fears,
    And we'll comfort the lonely and dry their tears,
    Sometime, perhaps, but when?

    We will give a smile to a saddened heart,
    Sometime, perhaps, but when?
    Of the heavy burdens we'll share a part,
    Sometime, perhaps, but when?
    Sometime we're going to right the wrong;
    Sometime the weak we will help make strong;
    Sometime we'll come with Love's old, sweet song,
    Sometime, perhaps, but when?

  2. A Habit To Embrace
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    Kindness is shown in many ways
    It can make someone's day
    It may be only a little thing
    But sunshine to others it will bring.

    Simple things, even a smile
    Can brighten a day for others, while
    It will come back to you
    Show kindness in all you do.

    Hold a door, help others
    You will soon discover
    Something that seems small to you
    Can have a huge impact that is true.

    Make kindness a habit today
    Spread love and kindness in every way
    You will find the world will be a better place
    It is a habit we should all embrace.

  3. Some Little Good
    Poet: Alice Cary

    True worth is in being, not seeming -
    In doing, each day that goes by,
    Some little good - not in dreaming
    Of great things to do by and by.

    For whatever men say in their blindness,
    And in spite of the fancies of youth,
    There's nothing so kingly as kindness,
    And nothing so royal at truth.

  4. Now
    Poet:  Chas. R. Skinner

    If you have kind words to say,
    Say them now.
    Tomorrow may not come your way
    Do a kindness while you may,
    Loved ones will not always stay;
    Say them now.

    If you have a smile to show,
    Show it now.
    Make hearts happy, roses grow,
    Let the friends around you know
    The love you have before they go,
    Show it now.

  5. kindness poem about how being kind helps

  6. Kindness and Honesty
    Poem written by Juanita Roach

    Kindness helps make you loving and good,
    Kindness helps make you do what you should.

    Honesty helps make you what you should be,
    From the time you're a baby until eternity.

    And if you are both honest and kind,
    You'll be welcomed and loved most all of the time.

  7. Little Things
    Poet: Unknown

    Little drops of water.
    Little grains of sand,
    Make the mighty ocean
    And the solid land.

    And the little moments,
    Humble though they be,
    Make the mighty ages
    Of eternity.

    So our little errors
    Lead the soul away
    From the paths of virtue
    Oft in sin to stray.

    Little deeds of kindness,
    Little words of love.
    Make our earth an Eden,
    Like the heaven above.

  8. Kindness Poem
    Poem by W.J.M.

    Scarce the honey-dew of kindness;
    Priceless is the balm of love;
    Life-long joy a look oft giveth;
    Endless pain when we reprove.

    Gentle words and kindly manners
    Cast no more than acts of scorn;
    Gain true friends and life is richer,
    Making men seem heaven-born.

  9. Kind Hearts
    Poem by Alice Cary
    also attributed to John Ruskin

    Kind hearts are the gardens,
    Kind thoughts are the roots,
    Kind words are the blossoms.
    Kind deeds are the fruits.

  10. Kindness
    Poet: Unknown

    Would you soon disdain a foe —
    Purge away his blindness?
    Do not give him blow for blow;
    Melt his heart with kindness!

    Searching out his want and will,
    Sympathy so touches,
    Gently as the drops distill
    Ere the spring outgushes!

    Let him find you manly, kind,
    Fighting wrong, and ever
    Serving all with, heart and mind —
    God crowns best endeavor.

  11. Deeds Of Kindness
    Poet: Unknown

    Suppose the little cowslip
    Should hang its little cup.
    And say, " I'm such a tiny flower,
    I'd better not grow up."
    How many a weary traveller
    Would miss its fragrant smell!
    How many a little child would grieve
    To lose it from the dell!

    Suppose the glistening dew-drops
    Upon the grass should say,
    ''What can a little dew-drop do?
    I'd better roll away."
    The blade on which it rested.
    Before the day was done,
    Without a drop to moisten it
    Would wither in the sun.

    Suppose the little breezes,
    Upon a summer's day,
    Should think themselves too small to cool
    The traveller on his way;
    Who would not miss the smallest
    And softest ones that blow,
    And think they made a great mistake
    If they were talking so?

    How many deeds of kindness
    A little child may do.
    Although it has so little strength,
    And little wisdom too!
    It needs a loving spirit,
    Much more than strength, to prove,
    How many things a child may do
    For others by its love.

  12. Little Things
    Poet: Unknown

    A cup of water timely brought,
    An offered easy chair,
    A turning of the window-blind,
    That all may feel the air;

    An early flower bestowed unasked,
    A light and cautious tread,
    A voice to softest whispers hushed
    To spare an aching head -

    Oh, things like these, though little things,
    The purest love disclose,
    As fragrant atoms in the air
    Reveal the hidden rose.

  13. Little Deeds
    Poet: Unknown

    Not mighty deeds make up the sum
    Of happiness below;
    But little acts of kindliness,
    Which any child- may show.

    A merry sound to cheer the babe,
    And tell a friend is near;
    A word of ready sympathy
    To dry the childish tear;

    A glass of water timely brought;
    An offered easy-chair;
    A turning of the window-blind
    That all may feel the air;

    An early flower unasked bestowed;
    A light and cautious tread;
    A voice to gentlest whisper hushed
    To spare the aching head, -

    Oh! deeds like these, though little things,
    Yet purest love disclose,
    As fragrant perfume on the air
    Reveals the hidden rose.

    Our heavenly Father loves to see
    These precious fruits of love;
    And, if we only serve him here,
    We'll dwell with him above.

  14. Little Acts of Kindness
    Poet: Unknown

    Little acts of kindness
    Trifling though they are,
    How they serve to brighten
    This dark world of care!
    Little acts of kindness,
    Oh, how potent they,
    To dispel the shadows
    Of life’s cloudy day!

    Little acts of kindness,
    How they cheer the heart!
    What a world of gladness,
    Will a smile impart!
    How a gentle accent
    Calms the troubled soul,
    When the waves of passion
    O’er it wildly roll!

    You may have around you
    Sunshine if you will,
    Or a host of shadows,
    Gloomy, dreary, chill.
    If you want the sunshine,
    Smile, though sad at heart;
    To the poor and needy
    Kindly aid impart.

    To the soul-despairing
    Breathe a hopeful word;
    From your lips be only
    Tones of kindness heard.
    Even give for anger
    Love and tenderness;
    And in blessing others
    You yourself will bless.

    Little acts of kindness,
    Nothing do they cost;
    Yet, when they are wanting,
    Life’s best charm is lost.
    Little acts of kindness,
    Richest gems of earth,
    Though they seem but trifles,
    Priceless is their worth.

  15. Loving Kindness
    Poet: Martha S. Lippincott

    How can we ease another's pain
    Their sorrows e'er dispel?
    When they are sore depressed with gloom,
    How can we break the spell,
    And make their sad lives brighter seem,
    By driving grief away?
    'Tis only loving kindness can.
    Ah! love will find a way.

  16. A Deed And A Word
    Poet: Charles MacKay

    A little stream had lost its way
    Amid the grass and fern;
    A passing stranger scooped a well,
    Where weary men might turn;
    He walled it in, and hung with care
    A ladle at the brink;
    He thought not of the deed he did,
    But judged that all might drink.
    He passed again, and lo! the well.
    By summer never dried,
    Had cooled ten thousand parching tongues,
    And saved a life beside.

    A nameless man, amid a crowd
    That thronged the daily mart,
    Let fall a word of hope and love,
    Unstudied, from the heart;
    A whisper on the tumult thrown,
    A transitory breath
    It raised a brother from the dust,
    It saved a soul from death.
    O germ! O fount! O word of love!
    O thought at random cast!
    Ye were but little at the first,
    But mighty at the last.

  17. Live For Something
    Poet: Chalmers

    Live for something.
    Do good and leave behind you
    A monument of virtue that
    The storm of time can never destroy.

    Write your name in kindness, love and mercy
    On the hearts of thousands you come in
    Contact with, year by year. . . .
    Good deeds will shine
    As the stars of heaven.

Kindness Poems by Famous Poets:

  1. One Never Knows   by Edgar A. Guest

  2. The Greatest Gifts   by Strickland Gillilan

  3. Showing Kindness To Others   by Daniel C. Colesworthy

  4. Tis Only A Rosebud by Mary C. Ryan

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We hope you have found a kindness poem that expresses a thought or words that you will share with others.

Practice being kind and happiness you will find!

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