Give Every Day

It doesn't matter who you are, what you do, we all have something to give every day. A smile, a kind word, a helping hand, if we all just did one thing every day it would make this world a better place. Let the verses in this poem inspire and encourage you to give every day.

Give Every Day
Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

Let us give something every day
For one another's weal;
A word, to make the gloomy gay,
Or the crushed spirit heal;
A look, that to the heart will speak,
Of him that's poor and old;
A tear for her, o'er whose wan cheek
Full many a stream has rolled.

The objects of our love and care,
In every path we see,
And when they ask a simple prayer,
Oh, shall we selfish be,
And turn away with haughty trust,
As if the God above
Were partial to our pampered dust,
And only us did love?

Let us give something every day,
To comfort and to cheer;
'Tis not for gold alone they pray,
Whose cries fall on the ear;
They ask for kindness in our speech,
A tenderness of heart,
That to the inmost soul will reach,
And warmth and life impart.

Each one can give - the poor, the weak,
And be an angel guest;
How small a thing, to smile, to speak,
And make the wretched blest!
These favors let us all bestow,
And scatter joys abroad,
And make the vales of sorrow glow
With the sweet smiles of God!

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