You Don't Have To Be Rich - Thoughts To Consider

You Don't Have To Be Rich

How many people say you don't have to be rich. But what does being rich really mean. Does it mean wealth or does it mean having money? What makes life worthwhile? What gives people happiness, is it an abundance of stuff? Read these poems of encouragement for some answers and thoughts on what rich is; then you decide how rich you are.

You Are Richer Today

Poet: Unknown

You are richer today than you were yesterday
if you have laughed often,
given something,
forgiven even more,
made a new friend today, or
made stepping stones of stumbling-blocks;
if you have thought more in terms of “thyself" than of "myself" or
if you have succeeded in being cheerful even if you were weary.

You are richer tonight than you were this morning
if you have taken time to trace the handiwork of God in the commonplace things of life, or
if you have learned to count out things that really do not count, or
if you have been a little blinder to the faults of friend or foe.

You are richer if a little child has smiled at you,
and a stray dog has licked your hand, or
if you have looked for the best in others,
and have given others the best in you.

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Riches In Life
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

What brings riches in life you say
Is it money or just living every day?

Are riches gained by having wealth
Or is it just having your health?

Is it living in a really big house
Or is it a loving family and your spouse?

These questions are legit
Especially when you live on a budget.

But the answers are clear
Riches are gain and require you to hear:

Riches in life are the simple things
Like happiness that laughter brings.

Friends and family give you more
Then all the things you could buy at a store.

Your attitude plays a big role
How you look at life as a whole.

Appreciating the things you have
Rather than wishing for more and feeling sad.

Focus on feeling content
Rather than complaining, feeling lament.

You see riches in life boil down to only you
In what you say and what you do!

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Richer When You Share

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

You're richer when you share
It shows others how much you care.
You're richer when you help others
A stranger, friends, family, even your brother.

When you give your money away
You could change someone's life in a day
What you did yesterday
Comes back to you in so many ways.

When your stuff you do hoard
When you see others who can't afford
Don't close your eyes and be blind
Helping others helps mankind.

You will be richer in so many ways
You will be glad when you look back at your days
You will be richer in the end
You will make an impact and many a friend.

You see life is not about the stuff
Life can be phony and full of fluff
Be rich and find the rewards
When you get to heaven you will get your award.

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The Price of Riches

Poet: Edgar A. Guest

Nobody stops at the rich man's door to pass the time of day.
Nobody shouts a "hello!" to him in the good old-fashioned way.
Nobody comes to his porch at night and sits in that extra chair
And talks till it's time to go to bed. He's all by himself up there.

Nobody just happens in to call on the long, cold winter nights.
Nobody feels that he's welcome now, though the house is ablaze with lights.
And never an unexpected guest will tap at his massive door
And stay to tea as he used to do, for his neighborly days are o'er.

It's a distant life that the rich man leads and many an hour is glum,
For never the neighbors call on him save when they are asked to come.
At heart he is just as he used to be and he longs for his friends of old,
But they never will venture unbidden there. They're afraid of his wall of gold.

For silver and gold in a large amount there's a price that all men must pay,
And who will dwell in a rich man's house must live in a lonely way.
For once you have builded a fortune vast you will sigh for the friends you knew
But never they'll tap at your door again in the way that they used to do.

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