Kind Words Are Like Honey

Never underestimate the power of words. Kind words are like honey is a proverb that has inspired many poets to write about the effects of kind words. Read the poems here and be encouraged to use more kind words each and every day. Kind words have the power to inspire, to encourage, and to make the world a better place.

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  1. Kind Words Never Die
    Poet:  J.J. Thorne

    Harsh and imprudent words,
    Makes many devoted cry.
    Let our speech be kind and gentle
    Kind words never die.

    Absurd and profane language.
    We should all deny.
    And speak refined and mild language,
    Kind words never die.

    With careful thoughts and devoted hearts.
    Our tongue we should defy.
    Against a word of abuse or slander,
    Kinds words never die.

    Love is sweet to the heart.
    Dignity is beautiful to the eye,
    Pleasant words is friendship bliss,
    Kinds words never die.

    Abuse'r words often make.
    Temptations in our bosom fly:
    Wisdom reflects and ask forgiveness,
    Kind words never die.

  2. Kind words are like honey - sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24

  3. Fond Words
    Poet Unknown

    Hearts need fond words to help them on their way;
    Need tender thoughts and gentle sympathy,
    Caresses, pleasant looks, to cheer each passing day,
    Then hoard them not until they useless be;
    In life — not death,
    Speak kindly, living hearts need sympathy.

  4. Words That Are Kind
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    There's pleasure in the sunshine
    That sleeps on the hill;
    In the fall of the water;
    In the leap of the rill;
    In the leaves that are stirring
    By the breath of the wind:
    But nowhere such pleasure
    As in words that are kind.

    The bright clouds that cover
    The cerulean skies,
    And th'e autumn's sweet sunset -
    How dear to the eyes!
    But brighter and dearer
    The affectionate mind,
    That scatters, like sunshine,
    The words that are kind.

    I love the calm waters,
    The sky and the earth:
    The morning that bringeth
    Creation to birth;
    Sweet bloom and rare beauty
    I everywhere find:
    But these are as phantoms
    To words that are kind.

    Oh! lift the dark mantle
    That shadows the heart;
    And the sunshine of pleasure
    To the wretched impart:
    When sorrow is pressing,
    Be ready to bind
    With the love of pure virtue,
    And words that are kind.

  5. Kind Words
    Author Unknown

    Kind words can never die.
    Fair words won’t feed a cat.
    Treachery lurks in honeyed words.
    Evil words cut worse than swords.
    Kind words bring back kind echoes.
    Kind words are the music of the world.
    Kind words cost no more than unkind ones.

    A good word is as soon said as an ill one.
    Words without thoughts never go to heaven.
    Kind words cost nothing but are worth much.
    Good words and no deeds are rushes and weeds.
    Better break your word than do worse in keeping it.
    We should be as careful of our words as of our actions.
    Soft words, warm friends; bitter words, lasting enemies.

  6. kind words are such a blessing

  7. Kind Words
    Poet: John McLeod ©

    Kind words are such a blessing to the needful,
    If one but knew the pleasure that they bring

    To turn the sadness of a dark day's Winter
    Into the glowing life and hope of Spring.

    A freely given smile is seed well planted
    For when the days of giving are quite gone,

    One reaps the ripened harvest of a life-time
    And smiling, steps to meet the bright new dawn!

  8. Loving Words
    Poet: M. T.

    Loving words will cost but little,
    Journeying up the hill of life;
    But they make the weak and weary
    Stronger, braver, for the strife.
    Do you count them only trifles?
    What to earth are sun and rain?
    Never was a kind word wasted;
    Never was one said in vain.

    When the cares of life are many,
    And its burdens heavy grow.
    For the ones who walk beside you,
    If you love them tell them so.
    What you count of little value
    Has an almost magic power,
    And beneath their cheering sunshine
    Hearts will blossom like a flower.

    So, as up life's hill we journey,
    Let us scatter all the way
    Kindly words, for they are sunshine
    In the dark and cloudy day,
    Grudge no loving word, my brother
    To the ones who journey with you
    If you love them, tell them so.

  9. Watch Your Words
    Poet: Unknown

    Keep watch of your words, my darlings,
    For words are wonderful things;
    They are sweet, like bees’ fresh honey -
    Like bees they have terrible stings.
    They can bless, like the warm glad sunshine,
    And brighten a lonely life;
    They can cut, in the bitter contest,
    Like an open, two-edged knife.

    Let them pass through the lips unchallenged,
    If their errand is true and kind -
    If they come to support the weary,
    To comfort and help the blind.
    If a bitter, revengeful spirit
    Prompt the words, let them be unsaid;
    They may flash through a brain like lightning,
    Or fall on a heart like lead.

    Keep them back, if they’re cold and cruel,
    Under bar and lock and seal;
    The wounds they make, my darlings,
    Are always slow to heal.
    May peace guard your lives, and ever,
    From the time of your early youth,
    May the words that you daily utter
    Be the words of beautiful truth!

  10. A Kind Word
    Poet Unknown

    How little it costs, if we give it a thought
    To make happy some heart each day;
    Just one kind word or a tender smile,
    As we go, our daily way.

    Perchance a look will suffice to clear
    The cloud from a neighbor's face,
    And the press of hand in sympathy
    A sorrowful tear efface.

    It costs so little, I wonder why
    We give it so little thought.
    A smile, kind words, a glance, a touch,
    What magic with them is wrought!

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