Kind Words Never Die

A truly inspiring poem to remind us that kind words will always win and they never die! Be inspired by this poem by J. J. Thorne full of wisdom for everyday life.

Kind Words Never Die
Poet: J.J. Thorne

Harsh and imprudent words,
Makes many devoted cry.
Let our speech be kind and gentle
Kind words never die.

Absurd and profane language.
We should all deny.
And speak refined and mild language,
Kind words never die.

With careful thoughts and devoted hearts.
Our tongue we should defy.
Against a word of abuse or slander,
Kinds words never die.

Love is sweet to the heart.
Dignity is beautiful to the eye,
Pleasant words is friendship bliss,
Kinds words never die.

Abuse'r words often make.
Temptations in our bosom fly:
Wisdom reflects and ask forgiveness,
Kind words never die.

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