What So Wild As Words Are . . .

Words matter. You may not always think so but you would be wrong. No matter the time nor place, to whom you speak, the words that come out of your mouth either build up, destroy, ridicule, or hurt. There is no mileage in being the one who casts stones onto others in spite of whether they deserve it or not. To those who fling sour, sounding, and hurtful words, be very careful because what and how you say something may come back twofold onto you.

Take for example the supervisor who is so exasperated with an employee that they blow up and castigate them personally rather than try to positively criticize for an aspect of performed work. And, even more devastating to the person who receives this tongue lashing is if that same supervisor does so in front of other employees. Not only does this form of outlandish behavior affect the individual in receipt of such verbiage, but it also undermines the confidence and trust of those who are in earshot of hearing, and paints the supervisor as harsh rather than helpful. A thoughtful, caring and empathetic leader is much more effective in the long run when they choose phrases, words, and even body language to make their point with deliberate care. And, for those who think people in senior or authoritative positions can do as they please and treat you verbally as they please, they are to be faulted every time.

Words are powerful, they can encourage and support or they can tear down and destroy. They can make a relationship special or they can end a relationship. They are easy to say but impossible to take back. Once these unkind, hurtful, or spiteful words leave one's mouth, the damage has already been done.

The secret to all relationships whether that is with a spouse, a child, or a friend or colleague is to think clearly and thoughtfully before you speak. Ask yourself a simple question before you utter any words: how would you like to be addressed in a similar situation or circumstance?

Let this poem by Wilhelmina Stitch remind you of the importance of choosing your words carefully. As was just stated, think before you speak!

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What So Wild As Words Are . . .
by Wilhelmina Stitch

There's naught so wild as words that rise on temper's hot, uneven breath;
And, taking love by swift surprise, strike deep, like spears intent on death.
There's naught as wild as words that flow from lips that watch not what they say.
Oh, foolish Two, you surely know that love is scarce an inch away!

Those wild, wild, words, they cannot break the precious link that binds you fast.
Be silent now for love's sweet sake, for all the beauty of the past.
Be silent, though you suffer grief fearing that love has really fled.
When all is well - ah! what relief you breathed no word you wish unsaid.

There's naught so wild as words that spring from jealousy or injured pride,
From some unreined imaging - then may calm wisdom be the guide
And place up our lips a seal until the bitter mood departs
And joy's gay laughter comes to heal, and peace brings balm to two sore hearts.

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