Little Things, Patience Strong Poems

Little Things

When we think the little things in life are below us and we shouldn't have to do them, then read this poem by Patience Strong to remind you that we all should be happy to do the little things. Without the little things, we would not appreciate the larger things. She also reminds us that the Creator of the Universe, God, took the time and did the little things that make a big difference in our lives.

Little Things
by Patience Strong

We sometimes get impatient doing simple little things,
Like stitching, buttons, washing gloves - the trifling task life brings -
We think we're wasting precious time and grumble terribly -
Because we think we're fitted for a higher destiny . . .

But God did not despise the doing of the tiny things -
He must have spent a lot of time on making flowers and wings -
He made the mountains and the seas, the whirling worlds on high -
And yet He deigned to make the ant, the bee, the butterfly -
The spider and the snowflake and the smallest bird that sings -
So surely we with grace and care can do - the little things.

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