Little Things Poems

Be inspired by these poems about little things. When we think the little things in life are below us and we shouldn't have to do them, then read this poem by Patience Strong to remind you that we all should be happy to do the little things. Without the little things, we would not appreciate the larger things. She also reminds us that the Creator of the Universe, God, took the time and did the little things that make a big difference in our lives.

Also, be inspired by the other poems that point out that little things have a larger impact than we may realize. We sometimes don't realize or take the time to appreciate how much little things mean to others and to ourselves. Let these poems remind you that the little things in life are sometimes greater than the bigger events; they may have more meaning than we realize!

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  1. Little Things
    Poet: Patience Strong

    We sometimes get impatient doing simple little things,
    Like stitching, buttons, washing gloves - the trifling task life brings -
    We think we're wasting precious time and grumble terribly -
    Because we think we're fitted for a higher destiny . . .

    But God did not despise the doing of the tiny things -
    He must have spent a lot of time on making flowers and wings -
    He made the mountains and the seas, the whirling worlds on high -
    And yet He deigned to make the ant, the bee, the butterfly -
    The spider and the snowflake and the smallest bird that sings -
    So surely we with grace and care can do - the little things.

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  3. A Little Sonnet About Little Things
    Poet: S. W. Irvin

    The little, smoky vapors
    Produce the drops of rain;
    These little drops commingle,
    And form the boundless main.

    Then, drops compose the fountains;
    And little grains of sand
    Compose the mighty mountains,
    That high above us stand.

    The little atoms, it is said,
    Compose the solid earth;
    Such truths will show, if rightly read,
    What little things are worth.

    For, as the sea of drops is made,
    So it is Heaven's plan,
    That atoms should compose the globe,
    And actions mark the man.

    The little seconds soon pass by,
    And leave our time the less;
    And on these moments, as they fly,
    Hang woe or happiness.

    For, as the present hour is spent,
    So must the future be;
    Each action lives, in its effect,
    Through all eternity.

    The little sins and follies,
    That lead the soul astray,
    Leave stains, that tears of penitence,
    May never wash away.

    And little acts of charity,
    And little deeds of love,
    May make this world a paradise,
    Like to that world above.

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  5. Don't Ignore
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Little things in life we often ignore,
    The sunsets and the smiles of children's laughter.
    The friends that show us kindness,
    And the joy of a family dinner.

    In these simple moments lies the key to happiness,
    A lush garden and an old book's tales.
    We should appreciate them all - our moments small,
    For it is in these that life its meaning unveils.

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  7. But Of Little Things...
    Poet: Sir H. Davy

    Life is made up,
    not of great sacrifices or duties,
    but of little things,
    in which smiles and kindnesses,
    and small obligations given habitually,
    are what win and preserve
    the heart and secure comfort.

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  9. Small Beginnings
    Poet: Charles MacKay

    A traveler through a dusty road strewed acorns on the lea,
    And one took root and sprouted up, and grew into a tree.
    Love sought its shade, at evening time, to breathe its early vows;
    And age was pleased, in heats of noon, to bask beneath its boughs;
    The dormouse loved its dangling twigs, the birds sweet music bore;
    It stood a glory in its place, a blessing evermore.

    A little spring had lost its way amid the grass and fern;
    A passing stranger scooped a well, where weary men might turn;
    He walled it in, and hung with care a ladle at the brink;
    He thought not of the deed he did, but judged that toil might drink.
    He passed again, and lo! the well, by summers never dried,
    Had cooled ten thousand parching tongues, and saved a life beside,

    A dreamer dropped a random thought; 'twas old, and yet 'twas new;
    A simple fancy of the brain, but strong in being true.
    It shone upon a genial mind, and lo! its light became
    A lamp of life, a beacon ray, a monitory flame.
    The thought was small; its issue great; a watchfire on the hill,
    It sheds its radiance far adown, and cheers the valley still!

    A nameless man, amid a crowd that thronged the daily mart,
    Let fall a word of hope and love, unstudied, from the heart;
    A whisper on the tumult thrown, a transitory breath.
    It raised a brother from the dust; it saved a soul from death.
    O germ! O fount! O word of love! O thought at random cast!
    Ye were but little at the first, but mighty at the last.

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We hope these poems remind you that the little things in life are often the most meaningful and the most important!

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